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Gun Culture Day Care

Gun Culture Day Care

Young children enjoy helping reload ammunition. The picture is an example of positive “Gun Culture Daycare”…

reloading bench

Motivations Why Some People Reload Their Own Ammo?

While today’s gun store shelves are filled with all manner of ammunition for every caliber and every type of shooting, many shooters are not content to go with over-the-counter production ammo…

Little Miss Reloader, Age Five

Little Miss Reloader, Age Five

A young girl helps her father reload cartridges. The activity teaches responsibility, attention to detail, and respect.

Feels Good Man

Reloading Ammo by Feel

There are many techniques discussed when talking about reloading ammo but I don’t see many articles suggesting that feel is very important to successful ammo making…

RCBS Bullet Puller W/O Collet

Bullet Pullers

It is not that hard to pull a bullet and it might save you a lot of grief. Here is a run down if common bullet pulling tools used by reloaders and shooters…

Black Powder Muzzleloaders

Advantages of Granular Powder in Muzzleloaders

Good shooters know that granular powder is the key to shot-to-shot consistency but many of today’s hunters have never experimented with Triple Seven powder in its smaller, granular FFFg configuration…

Ballistic Tools

Swage Gage Small Ammo Primer Pocket Gauge

Have you ever wondered if you are swaging or chamfering enough to fully remove a military primer crimp? Wondered if a primer pocket was too loose to hold a primer properly? Wonder no more…

Hornady 7mm Remington Mag

Hornady Ammo and Bullets Review

I have used Hornady bullets for quite a few years and have found them to perform well. One of my favorites is the 7 mm 175 grain either spitzer or round nose depending on circumstances…

MEC 600 Jr Mark V Shot Shell Press

ShotShell Reloading Basics

One thing that we haven’t covered yet is shotgun loading. The equipment is different and you need a reloading machine that is made for shotgun ammo for best results…

Once Fired Brass

Reloading Once Fired Brass Ammunition

Your first thing is you need some empty brass or Once Fired Brass as it is commonly referred to as, in order to get the operation started. Empty brass can be obtained from several sources…