Brownells – Frank Talk About Guns

Brownells – Frank Talk About Guns

Frank B:

Dear Folks
Make no doubt folks, our world is changing. We are not waiting until the 5th of November for change, its already changing today. Economically it’s changed, politically it could change and geopolitically it’s changed greatly. It seems the whole world is suffering from change.

What do you do in situations with drastic change? How much change can we accept before we reach a breaking point? First, take a look at what is in your control.

Politically, you can determine how much change you will accept by voting. March down to the voting booth today, if your state allows early voting, and make your political mark on how much change you are willing to accept. For the firearms industries, there is one clear option for limiting changes in individual ownership and use of firearms. We have given the links to the party platforms and the individual presidential candidate’s position statements below. If true commitment to supporting the Second Amendment is your top issue, and your heart is in the gun world, then you should vote for the pro-gun candidates at all levels of government. Vote – if you don’t, by your absence you’ve voted for the other side.

Economically we are in a bad spot right now as a country and as a world. There is one thing you can do and it has nothing to do with voting. Neither candidate has an economic policy strong enough to deal with the complications in today’s world. So what can you do? Get out and create exceptional value for your customers, your employers or your community. Recent studies from McKinsey and Corp. indicate economic value is created when new products, new services or new levels of productivity are obtained. What this means is there is no way to sit out this economic downturn and survive. You have to work your way out of it, you have to develop your way out of it, and you have to perform your way out of the economic problems we have by creating exceptional value to those around you. Don’t wait for the newly elected to work out the best economic plan . . . get out there and create your own change; something exceptional.

2008 Democratic National Platform
Obama/Biden issue statements
2008 Republican Platform
McCain/Palin issue statements

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