Is it Time to Buy an AR?

Is it Time to Buy an AR?


With Early Voting underway in a number of states, it may be time to adjust your gun buying plans to the politics of this election. Two things are possible that could set off panic gun buying: 1.) Obama Wins. 2.) McCain wins, but the Democrats get veto-proof majorities in congress. The Mainstream Press expects Obama AND a veto-proof congress.

In either case, we know the Democrats are going to come with another “assault weapon” ban. They’ve said that in their party platform that’s been posted at for a number of weeks.

I’ll predict there will be massive buying of ARs, AKs, and all kinds of high-cap guns and magazines, shortly after the election. We saw this before with Clinton’s first ban in 1994. We’ll see it happen again as millions of us try to get under the wire with “grandfathered”, pre-ban, guns and magazines.

Problem is, there may not be enough guns and magazines to satisfy the demand. I have not heard that any manufacturer is stockpiling guns to supply the likely rush to buy.

A smart guy might want to be in the gun store this week, doing some Christmas shopping, before the folks who aren’t paying attention see the new ban coming.

Think about it and then go vote for the people who don’t want to ban your guns.

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