American Technologies Network Introduces OTIS-14 Thermal Imaging Device

American Technologies Network Introduces the OTIS-14 Thermal Imaging Device
A multi-mission monocular that brings the darkness to light.

OTIS-14 Thermal Imaging device
American Technologies Network

South San Francisco, CA –-( American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) proudly introduces the latest in thermal imaging technology with the OTIS-14 Thermal Imaging device. OTIS stands for Optical Thermal Imaging System–System being the key word. The ATN OTIS-14 is a multi-mission capable monocular designed for optimum use by military operators, law enforcement personnel, private contractors and security conscience civilians desiring to convert the darkness into a tactical advantage. The ATN OTIS-14 offers maximum versatility being capable of handheld, head/helmet mounted, as well as, weapon mounted use.

The ATN OTIS-14 bears many hallmark ATN features such ergonomic design, simple to operate controls, and ruggedness ensuring reliability even when exposed to the harshest conditions. The ATN OTIS-14 contains miniature thermal imaging technology enabling the highest quality stable image in the most compact package. Thermal imaging capability has great utility for both night and day operations. The ATN OTIS-14’s versatility and compact size guarantees its usefulness across the full spectrum of operations both night and day.

The ATN OTIS-14 features simple user friendly operating controls, one year warranty, quick detach rail system for attaching accessories or mounting the OTIS-14 to a weapon, hands-free adaptability, compatible with 3x Afocal lens for increased magnification, light weight yet rugged design, and the latest digital thermal technology. The ATN OTIS 14 will serve as a benchmark for thermal imaging devices. With the OTIS-14, ATN stands poised to do for the thermal imaging what ATN did for night vision optics; develop and manufacture high-quality state-of-the-art products at competitive prices, backed by ATN’s industry leading customer support. Numerous other accessories are available ATN that are compatible with the ATN OTIS-14 Thermal Imaging device. Contact ATN at for more information. MSRP is $10,995.00

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