Gun Owners Lets Help Steer the Political Course – Register at

Gun Owners Lets Help Steer the Political Course – Register at

Its a New Dawn – As all Gun Owners should know by now it is a new dawn for Gun Control Groups who believe they have the new president in their back pocket. It is time to stop crying in our drinks and do something positive to prevent our new president from presiding over a completely one sided stance on Gun Rights in the USA.

I have come up with a short list of things you can do right now to help stem the rising tide of anti gun polices that are looming on the horizon.

A. The first step is Join The NRA. We need to grow our NRA membership to 10,000,000. If you are reading this and you are not a current NRA member then you are a disgrace as a gun owner if you can not cough up the measly $25.00 for a years membership. Read our recent post on Joining the NRA and follow the links and receive a discount during sign up.
If you already a member then make it your goal to sign up 5 more people each. the easiest way to do this is give the gift of membership to the NRA this holiday season.

NRA Institute for Legislative Action

B. Speak your mind! The NRA has a great service called Action Alerts that will notify you of government changes to guns laws, pending laws and more. Call your state and local representative and tell them to protect your dwindling gun rights. If you have a local bill that effects your right to gun owner ship get in touch with them and make your voice heard. Click the banner above and sign up for NRA Action Alerts, now!

If your Pro Gun Register at

C. As Tom Gresham of Gun Talk Radio says “If your burying your guns in the back yard, then the Anti Gunners have already won. ”
Just like President Elect Obama says “Believe in your ability to make real change.” Lets take the argument straight to the source. Click the banner above and go right now and register on and make your point of view known. Create a blog under your profile or comment on the one we made, just get your pro gun point of view out there. Do this politely and with good arguments supporting increased gun ownership. Name calling and worse will not help our cause, but an overwhelming voice of Gun supporters will help drown out the anti gun voice.

Three easy steps that can make a difference…right? So stop right now and get it done. What are you waiting for, because you can bet the other side is not waiting.

Ammoland supports the 2nd amendment and we do all we can to support a safe and healthy environment for expansion of gun rights and hold these truths to be self evident! –

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