Announces Very Own Line of Customizable AR-15 Rifles Announces Very Own Line of Customizable AR-15 Rifles
Del-Ton Proud to Finally Boast Very Own Products After Becoming Popular Online Dealer AR-15 Rifles

Elizabethtown, North Carolina – -( After a long and successful stint of serving as an online dealer of AR-15 parts and accessories, Del-Ton has made the leap into creating and selling their very own line of AR-15 rifles, with matched success.

Del-Ton initially started out selling AR-15 parts on the popular E-Bay website about 8 and half years ago. Their immediate success and responsiveness led to the creation of their own personal website from which to sell AR-15 parts and accessories within six months. Since that humble online beginning, Del-Ton has grown from working out of the back room of their house into a brand new 11,000 square foot building.

Del-Ton sells a wide variety of AR-15 parts and accessories, but has had noticeable success with their made-to-order rifle kits. Based on such good results with their online sales, they decided to create their own line of rifles, and introduced their first line of Del-Ton, Inc. rifles in January of 2008. Their customizable rifles are now being distributed through American Tactical Imports.

“We are just keeping the same ideas we’ve always had and carrying that into our very own line of rifles-Building exactly what you want with quality parts at an affordable price,” said owner Tony Autry.

For more information about Del-ton, Inc. and to view the full range of products offered, please visit or contact Dana Ruff, PR Director, Blue August.

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