SISK Rifles New Book Delves into the World of Custom Rifles

New Book Delves into the World of Custom Rifles

SISK Rifles
SISK Rifles

Dayton, Texas – -( After years of building custom hunting rifles and answering customers’ questions, noted custom rifle builder Charlie Sisk recognized the need for an in-depth source of information about custom rifles. He began to write notes on every aspect of custom hunting rifles with hopes that he could better prepare those interested in purchasing a custom rifle. From those notes, Sisk put together an outline for a book he hopes will answer the overlying question: What do I need to know before buying a custom hunting rifle? This forthcoming book Selecting and Ordering a Custom Hunting Rifle hopes to educate gun and hunting enthusiasts interested in what it takes to make a custom hunting rifle.

To round out this book, Sisk invited several top gun and hunting writers to elaborate on their hunting experiences and the rifle components within their realm of expertise. Chapters are dedicated to every critical component of a fine hunting rifle. Sisk’s years of experience building custom hunting rifles and dealing with people, combined with the input from experts that have used his and other custom rifles all over the world, will allow this book to unlock the mystery surrounding the selection of a gun-maker and the components involved in building a custom hunting rifle.

The book is scheduled for release summer of 2009 and will be the perfect addition to the library of anyone looking to order their first or fortieth custom hunting rifle.


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I can't wait for this book to come out……….please keep me posted!