Shooting Media Personality Tred Barta Suffers Stroke

Shooting Media Personality Tred Barta Suffers Stroke

Shooting Media Personality Tred Barta
Shooting Media Personality Tred Barta

NEW YORK – -(Business Wire)- The highly rated television series “The Best & Worst of Tred Barta” has taken a tragic turn as its host Tred Barta was struck last week by a spinal cord stroke just before completing filming of the final episode of the series. The final episode, which will be aired on the Versus Network later this year, will be an up-front and personal account of Barta’s fight to regain the use of his lower extremities that were left paralyzed from the stroke and how this will now relate to his ability and desire to continue to participate in wilderness and high seas adventures.

Barta, the icon of sports fishing and hunting, suffered the spinal cord stroke in mid-May and is currently under the care of doctors at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, Colorado.

“I’ve fought to earn world records for some of the most challenging fish in the ocean and have hunted dangerous game in the wilderness with only my long bow, but nothing compares to the fight I am in now,” said Barta.

Spinal cord stroke is among the rarest forms of strokes – 1.2% of all strokes. The overall annual incidence of spinal cord strokes is estimated to be only 12 strokes in 100,000 people.

“Mr. Barta has suffered a spinal cord stroke which is a very uncommon condition. However, he has applied his uniquely vigorous and positive attitude in responding to his illness,” said Michael Earnest, M.D., neurologist, Denver Health. “Tred continues to do things the ‘Barta Way’ working hard and assisting in his daily recovery process. We look forward to his continued progress as he moves to the next level of care. He has earned the respect and admiration of all of us who are caring for him.”

Barta is a multiple world record holder in both sport fishing and hunting and hunts almost exclusively with a long-bow and home-made wooden arrows and fishes for marlin and tuna using only the lightest tackle. Fair chase and fair game are the hallmarks of his outdoor ethic. His Barta Blue Marlin Charity Tournaments, now held in Beaufort, North Carolina, are famous for its catch and release-honor system scoring format and have raised more than one million dollars for children’s causes.

“Tred has never done anything the easy way,” says Dean Travis Clarke, Barta’s editor of 20 years and fellow Versus Network TV host. “When he focuses on a goal, get out of the way or he’ll roll right over you! I believe with all my heart that Tred will approach walking again with that same drive and motivation.”

Barta, who is also a prolific author, writes for Sportfishing Magazine and Big Game Fishing Journal and is largely credited for his role in pioneering offshore “Canyon” fishing and how to fish, a North East Gulf Stream phenomena called warm core eddy formations.

Information about Tred Barta and his medical progress can be found at

  • 62 thoughts on “Shooting Media Personality Tred Barta Suffers Stroke

    1. Hi Tred:

      Just wanted you to know that we have received the recent news and the Board and members of MGC wish you a very speedy recovery and please know that you are in our thoughts throughout this new challenge and we know you will met this obstacle and be victorious.


    2. Tred,
      You keep your recovery up and do it your way and I have no doubt you will be successful. Good luck but I don’t think you need it! Thanks for everything you do for outdoorsman like me! I appriciate your hard work and dedication to our lifestyle! Please get better so we all can continue to enjoy the outdoors through your eyes! God speed sir.


    3. Tred,

      I was shocked to read of your recent health problems. Get well soon. You are in my prayers. You really are “THE MAN!”



    4. Tred,

      My wife and I are both fans of your show and your life attitude. We both know you will continue to face this obstacle with that traditional Tred Barta strength and can’t be stopped attitude.

      You are an inspiration to all of us whether we are outdoor enthusiasts as yourself or not. You are THE MAN! Keep making us proud! God’s speed to you and your family.


      Nick & Angie

    5. Dear Tred,
      My 16 year old son and I watch your show all the time.

      I was going to ask you a question about where to take him for Thanksgiving or Christmas Vacation for big game fishing!

      I had no idea that this happened! Get well Soon! You are indeed the role model, that I like to emulate with my son!Sincerely Charles and Miki

    6. Tred,

      You are the Man! I know with God’s grace and your determination you will recover from this. You have a lot of friends out here praying and wishing you the best.

      Take care, Rich

    7. Tred,
      My wife and I love your hunting shows. We just recently learned of your illness. Go at this setback like you do game in all your shows. Look forward to your next season. I wish you the best.

    8. Tred,

      I would like to thank you for having a show that entertained and educated. I hope only the best. You are one crazy man in the woods. I am sure you will not except mediocrity.

    9. Dear Tred,
      We were surprised & saddened to read about your recent stroke. We became big fans of yours over this past summer while running a campground in Northern B.C. My husband, Jon, and our son, Lance, who just turned 12, and myself are big outdoor enthusiasts. We loved watching your hunting DVDs & we absolutely love you! Tred–you are indeed larger than life & your passion for fishing & hunting is very much appreciated. You have inspired our son to take up cross-bow hunting in Alberta where we have just moved. Lance had started practicing with a homemade bow consisting of a carved stick with a feater @ the end & a plastic coat hanger that worked like a charm! Tred–you are the MAN & we have no doubt that you will meet this new challenge with strength, courage & determination–the Barta way!! You are in our thoughts & prayers–Love the Sauers

    10. Tred, words don’t convey the loss many of us feel.
      We can only hope the best for you and that your indomitable spirit for life can carry you thru this and back to us, somehow someway.
      Whatever you decide is your next goal, whatever you decide you will be capable of doing, whatever mountain is put before you to climb, please, Never Never Never Quit.
      You have been and are an inspiration to all of us.

      ?Can anyone tell me where to get current updates and or if there is anything we can do to help Tred.
      When i try to go to his website — — i get a ‘security certificate expired’ notice.

    11. Tred-
      I hate that this happened to you and really enjoy your show. Before I read this, I had heard about it and the first thing I thought is he will be fighting through this the hard way, The Barta Way!

    12. Tred,
      Our thoughts are with you.
      I just got back from a whitail deer hunt in Canada. The guides had told me what had happened to you. I have to say i was shocked.
      I will let you know, i did get a 160 buck, best whitail i have ever have gotten. I myself just got off of 8 months of a cancer treatment, 6 weeks before i left.
      Please keep positive thoughts. We certainly will be for you.
      I will be checking your site for your status. Our prayers are with you.

      Todd & Gloria

    13. Tred
      I watched your show’s for year’s .I learned so much from you and your hunting and fishing show’s.Are pray’s @ love are with you for a speedy recovery.
      [email protected] Martin Holley ,ny.

    14. Sir,… we have never met! However, I have prayed for you even during my most darkest hours.

      I have watched your show numerous times. I thank you for showing me that I shouldn’t give up hunting. Looking through optics or down the muzzle of a rifle at my target is no longer the same. It is difficult for me to even squeeze the trigger anymore. My best friend bought me a Fred Bear Recurve so I may hunt once again.

      I will continue to pray for your loved ones & you. It was an honor defending & fighting for your freedom. You have helped many of us through our difficult times while deployed! You are my hero!


    15. Capt,

      I just learned of your stroke while watching Versus. I was initially shocked and saddened to learn of your about this sudden event but then realized that if anyone can’t beat this it’s you!

      To take probably the most difficult challenge of your life and put it out here for all of us to see, understand, and learn from is one of most selfless acts I’ve ever witnessed. But it was definitely keeping in what I’ve learned to expect from the “Barta way” and style.

      Remain positive, work to stay strong, and remember that tomorrow is yet just another challenge to look forward to.


    16. Dear Mr. Barta, I just saw your show about your injury on Verses tonight. I am so sorry and hope you are recovering well. Your story hit home hard to me as my 17 year old son Ethan, this September either suffered a illness that attacked his inner ear or a concussion when he fell and hit the back of his head on the ice during hockey practice. The doctors can’t seem to figure it out. But he can no longer can stand or walk without help or a walker. Also his balance and vision is disrupted and everything is spinning around on him. He is a great outdoorsman and has missed all of this falls hunting and fishing, along with not being able to go back to school and play is favorite sport. He is a 3.8+ grade point student and this inactivity is really getting him down and depressed. Your show of strength and determination compelled and inspired me to contact you to see if you could please contact my son to help give him strength to push on. He watches your show all the time and has learned many great values in hunting, fishing and life by your example. He has great respect for you and what you stand for. If you could find the time, please drop him an e-mail to my above address and give him some words of hope and encouragement. Ethan would love to hear from you. I hope that you are recovering well. Best wishes. My family and I will put you and your family in our prayers. Sincerely ADT of Michigan.

    17. Mr. Barta,

      While watching Versus this evening as a family, as we normally do. We all looked at each other with that look of “what did they say”? We are deeply saddened about your current situation. We’ve watched our son overcome amazing obstacles in his short 17 years. He was born missing part of his right arm, being avid outdoor fans, we were shocked first; why did this happen and how on earth is he going to shoot a bow! By the time he was three, through the gratittude of the Shriners, our little “red-neck” was stalking our nearly deaf labrador with his little bow, and his prosthetic arm. We’ve come to learn the saying “when you loose one thing, you gain strength somewhere else” is true. Our son is a testament with determination (which you the two of you share) all obstacles can be overcome, you just have to figure out a way.

      We will pray for you and your wife Anni, and will keep up with your progress. Stay strong, you know “The Barta Way”!

      Fellow Bowhunters,

      Jack & Julie

    18. Attn: ADT

      Please have Ethan’s doctors contact Duke Medical University Hospital in NC. What you briefly describe is frighteningly similiar to symptoms realized by one of our son’s friends (coincidentally named Ethan) he had extreme headaches, partial loss of sight and hearing, and loss of balance. The last year has been rough but amazing as well, I am pleased to tell you that he returned to play football on his high school team this fall. Honestly last year at this time, we were fearful and became amazing prayer warriors. Please, please have your doctors contact Duke……..

    19. Jack & Julie, Thanks for the contact. I will pass this on to my son’s doctors ASAP. Also, I would like to wish the Bartas and everyone reading these messages, a Merry Christmas. God Bless you all. ADT

    20. The first time I seen one of your shows I was excited that someone besides myself shot traditional/primitive archery. Your a wild man. I’ve been hunting your way for 20 years now. I haven’t taken much game but, like you say it’s not how big or how many, it’s the thrill of being there and doing it the hard way and accomplishing something that not easy to do. A few months ago I tore my achilles tendon and needed surgery to repair it. I have had a painful recovery and still limp a little. You don’t know how much you have motivated me to keep at it and fight back. The long walk to and from my deer stand was tuff this year but worth it. I’m getting better. I am praying for you and your family for a full recovery and that God would “continue” to use you in a special way. Tred, keep on fighting I know there are many out there that you are inspiring to keep going. I’m one.

    21. Tred , While recovering from a spinal surgery myself, I just found out that you and I are in the same boat. I could have very easily left John Hopkins in a wheelchair, if not for my attitude and prayers from all of my family. I see the EXACT-SAME attitude in you and it inspires me.I sincerely hope that you have a full recovery. Being a very avid sportsman, I can feel your frustrations, but you have to believe that GOD is with and within you! LIVE IT UP! Gim Cipriano

    22. Tred,
      Just saw your show last night. My son and I have always enjoyed
      your show and your attitude. Keep fighting and know that you and
      your family will be in our thoughts this holiday season.
      Good luck to you.
      Ed Walsh


    24. Tred,
      After watching your show last night on Versus I was shocked to learn of your illness. However at the same time I am totally impressed with your determination and strength of character to cope with this problem, you truely are a great role model for everyone who loves to hunt or fish. You have helped me to keep the drive it takes to continue when the chips are down and things get tough. “Never Give Up” is the chant I follow and I pray that your recovery will come soon, as I know you will recover, because that is the “Barta Way”. God be with you and your family.

      Dave Curtis

    25. tread, sorry to hear about your condition, I know your a tuff nut.
      I just wanted to tell you my brother had what sounds like the exact same symptoms. Paralyzed then numbness moving into his chest. He went to the university of Pittsburgh Med center and they found it was a water borne virus. They treated him and he can walk again. Maybe it’s not the same thing? Just wanted to let you know and hope you check with them.
      Best wishes.

    26. Tred,
      I wish you the very best. You are someone who ‘gets it’. We need more sportsmen like you, who tell it like it is.
      You will be in my prayers and the prayers of my church family.
      Beat this. You can do it.
      Matt Michalicek

    27. Mr. Barta,
      This is just another rock in the path. I want to see you overcome this the way you do everything in your life. Please put the fight of your life into this. You have so fans praying for you and your family. May God bless you and your family during this Christmas season.

    28. Dear Tred,
      Two days ago I saw your video at Family Video and was glad to see a hunting video and snatched it up. For the past two nights, I’ve had the time of my life watching both discs, saying to myself, “I’d love to hunt with this guy!”. I live in central Wisconsin, don’t have cable, and had never seen your show. I also hunt the hard way ‘The Barta Way’ about half the time. I build and hunt Osage Native American bows with flemish twist strings, and homemade arrows with self noks and lashed on turkey feathers. A while back took a nice little 7 pt whitetail with it on the ground at 6 yards. What a thrill.
      I am visiting your website today for the first time. I have no words to describe my surprise. I wish you the very best in your recovery. You and your family will be in my prayers as well as in the prayers of my church family.
      Just from viewing that one video, I am so impressed with you, your determination, and character. You’re a potent voice for hunters and anglers everywhere. Keep up the good work and keep your spirits up. If anyone can beat this, I believe you are the one who can do it. Looking at these letters of support, I can see that you represent the best of all of us. All these letters represent just the tip of the iceberg of your supporters. I can see genuine love comes through in them. Of course, we’re all sportsmen. We ‘get it’. I like how you describe the outdoor experience. Maybe through your descriptions more people will ‘get it’.
      I will visit the website often to check on your progress.
      May God bless you and your family.
      Matt Michalicek, Wisconsin Rapids, Wi.

      Matt Michalicek on December 22nd, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    29. God Bless you and your family during this Holiday Season. Your wife getting you home was the first step. If you have your family you have everything. Make them proud and beat this thing, you know “The Barta Way”

    30. Dear Tred,

      My name is Phil and i am from Detroit,Mi. Just wanted to let you know that you are huge in Detroit.The only thing we have good is hunting and fishing and you on versus on the weekeneds!!Times have been pretty tough for all of us here and now times are tough for you!!!By watching your shows,you have givin me a different outlook on hunting and fishing.I thank you for all that you have done!!I hope and pray for a speedy recovery for you!!!Can’t wait to see you on versus!!My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!!God bless,love you tred get well soon.

    31. When I saw the Versus show my first reaction was sadness. However, by the end of the show I realized that you are an inspiration to all. You are truley blessed to be surrounded by a great family (especially your wife) and I know that I will be seeing you shortly on the tube doing what you do best.

    32. If anyone can adjust to changes it would be you. I was in a bicycle accident 1983 leaving me a para T6 complete, life changes that fast. I’ve learned immediately how to adjust with what I had to work with. I’ve fished for marlin in Venezuela, tuna in Cabo, tarpon in Key West muskies in Canada. I still go scuba diving, owe my own boat drive it and fish out of it Lake Erie Lake Michigan and my favorite Lake of the Woods Ontario. I’ve fallen out of my boat off the toilet i’ve crawled through snow banks to get into my house in fact I could have 29 years of my own Best and Worst of Craig Miller stories. There are challenges everyday we must face. It’s up to you stay strong.

    33. Tred. We sportsman need you so god speed in your healing. There-
      aren’t any other hunters on tv that I follow as much as you . Your a
      true inspiration on how I hunt so I know I am not the only one.

    34. Hi Tred, I put your name in our pays at church as soon as I found out about what happen to you. I am planing my first trip to Colorado to hunt elk this year 2010. in Hayden Colorado.

      It will Be neat to just know I am somewhere in your neck of the woods. You will be in my mind every step of the way. I cant wait to see you back and I just know you will fight this problem the TRED BARTA way and you will win.

      You are in my prayers. Rocky Siclari. Java village New York

    35. Tred, always have and will be a fan, still watching your shows, do it your way, and you can make a complete recovery. Keep your sights set high, and with your wife, freinds, and God by your side you will be on target.

    36. Tred,

      I’ve been a fan of your show for a long time. I’m living in Virgina, born and raised in New York City. I fished all over Long Island for many years. I just want to share that with God all things are possible. I’m praying for you and believing that God will heal you.

      Remember, that God is your strength!

    37. Tred,
      You are the only reason I stay up late on Friday nights to watch TV. My two favorite personalities on TV are “The Gunny” R. Lee Ermey, and Tred Barta”200 lbs of Blue Twisted Steel”. God Bless you and your family, we will pray for your speedy recovery.

    38. Tred, I have always admired your drive and determination to reach your goals. I have no doubt that will continue. I am an honored fan and fellow hunter who has enjoyed your show for many years and will continue praying for you. Tell Annie we are all proud of her too. She is one tough cookie.

    39. Tred,
      Your enthusiasm for life and God’s creation is intoxicating. It is that attitude and Zest you possess that will get you through what God has brought you to. You are a man of grit, a man of tenacity and a man of faith. I admire your drive and your attitude. Keep up the great work and good spirits. If you don’t I am sure Annie will smack you into check again!!? God bless and God’s Speed in your recovery my brother. The Outdoors will always be there for you!

    40. Even with this change of direction I’m sure things will still be done the Barta Way. The possibilites for a new show to encourage deveopment of adaptive equipment for sportsmen and women to continue to enjoy the outdoor life would follow your lead. Best wishes and May God bless you and yours.

    41. Tred,

      Stop allowing Doctors to “care” for you and bring you “to the next level of care”!!!

      Get out and continue to miss game with your long bow Brother!!!

      You’re abrasive but you’re REAL!!!

    42. Tred,

      I wish you the best! As a long-time viewer of your show, I was shocked to see you in a wheel chair. However, when you caught a fish on two pound test I told my wife that you were back.

      You are a leader and one amazing sportsman.

      Good luck and keep the shows coming!

    43. tred, glad to see your back in action. wishing you a full recovery. big fan i love your show, your humor and your go gettim attitude. god bless you and annie. your an inspiration to all. from one of your many fans from buffalo, ny

    44. When i saw your show today, i just learned today of your obstacle in life. Thanks for being an inspiritional leader for all, as well as a great fisherman.

      I love your show and have been watching it for years.
      Continue to live life to the fullest. God Bless.
      you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
      I remember on one of your shows you said a prayer for all of the blessings you have recieved and the beauty of the life you have experiences. we all have alot to be thankful for.

    45. Hi Mr. Barta
      I watch your show everyweek and I recently seen one with you in a wheelchair. You and your family are in my prayers. Stay strong and just do day by day. IF i can help in anyway please let me know and I’ll try my best to help. god bless

    46. Tred,

      Was saddened to hear of your unfortunate spinal paralysis …. I enjoy watching your show whenever I can…your positive enthusiastic passionate attitude twords the hunting “experience” no matter if you succeed or fail will no doubt help you through this challenge you now face. Looking forward to seeing you back in the field again no matter how you get there. You are an inspiration to myself and others. Keep the faith. Good luck and God Bless.

      Tom Riley
      Macomb, Mi

    47. Tred,
      I am a huge fan, after first seeing your show on versus i fell in love with traditional bow hunting, my friends all think i’m crazy for hunting whitetailed deer with a long bow but i know i will get it done, keep workin hard your an inspiration.

    48. Hey Capt. Tred. From one captain to another. KEEP ON FISHING. I fish Southwest Florida and you are welcome to come light tackle fishing with me anytime. I just hope that in the event I ever suffer an illness like yours, I would be half as strong and determined as you are to continue living life as if there was nothing wrong. I wish you well.

    49. Here We go .
      Are you going to be able to talk Big Dan into Backpacking you into the hills for another Exciting Elk Hunt. Im sure we have not seen the end of your outdoor hunting adventures. Maybe you will be backpacking Big Dan in. You have more drive than anybody I know so we will see you again soon. Annie its time to lace up the boots, somebody has to shoot the Camera. See Ya all again soon.
      God Bless
      Larry Sellers

    50. Tred,
      I received quit a shock this morning as I prepared myself for work. I caught the episode of you in the wheelchair and riding your horse. My wife Debbie and I went to your site to find out what had happened. I am deeply sorry for your setback. I know you like doing things the “hard way, the Barta way,” but seriously, this has to be the hardest Barta way yet!! You are an inspiration to all sportsmen and women, certainly to me. I know your not the kind of man that wants folks to feel sorry for you, so I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers for your speedy recovery. I look forward to the day when I can sling some arrows with you from my vintage Bear recurve bow with wooden arrows tipped with hand-honed two bladed fixed broadheads, filed to a razors edge! Tred, Keep your eye focused on the spot, have a smooth release and follow thru! I will keep looking for your show and eagerly wait for your next adventure.

      Ken Feiereisen
      North Pole, Alaska

    51. Wow! I just now saw you fishing in a high wind and deep cold — not to mention snow. I wouldn’t fish like that — you are tough! Good luck with all you do!

    52. i understand the mental part of a disability,i have stage 4 sarcoidosis and rhemutoid arthritis,i have a pace maker\diffibulator and the sarcoid is spreading,I AM NOT GOING TO GIVE UP, I BEEN IN THE WOODS TWICE THIS YEAR ,USUALLY I LIVE IN THE WOODS FROM SEPTEMBER TO THE END OF JANUARY,

    53. Tred,

      It’s December and just saw your show last night of your chair whitetail hunt in West Texas and learned then of your accident. I can not imagine how you have been feeling but I hope I have your strength in character in the event it ever happens to me. You will recover and we will be awed by your successes in the field once again.

      Humble, TX

    54. Tred, I knew you would be back out there again. Keep up the strength and push on champ. You are an inspiration to me and countless others. I just seen your black bear hunt from your new wheels. Awesome shot, but that’s nothing new.

      Muskegon, Mi

    55. Tred, god bless you for your spirit and grit. Man you make old fat men like me feel guilty for griping about our aches and pains. You are truly an inspiration.
      You have inspired me to live life to the fullest, no matter the difficulties.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I am sure all your fans wish you a complete recovery, as do I!!!
      william mickey jr

    56. Get well soon I’ve watched your for a long time now.
      I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and was told I could not hunt or ride horses again. They were wrong I was with my oldest grandson this year to watch him take his first deer. Never give up.
      Your the best out door host on tv.

    57. I have watched your show for a long time. I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and was told I could not hunt or ride horses again. They were wrong. I was with my oldest grandson of 9 years of age take his first deer this year. You are the best out door host on TV.
      Never give up IM with you al the way.

    58. I was shocked to see you in a wheel chair hunting bear,I immediately logged on to your web site to find out what had happened to you. I hope you get back to your old self soon. To see you hunting from your wheel chair was an inspiration to every one with a disability,I give you great credit for not giving up and not just laying down and giving up. In the last few years I have been hit with a bunch of set backs my self,I have had a hip replacement,the other one needs to come out two,I have spinal stenosis really bad ,fibromyalga,degenerate discs,arthritis in every joint,and bone spurs in just about every other joint ,but to see you not give up it gives me the courage to try and keep going. I would love to be able to hunt but I just can’t walk that far in the woods to go hunting,or go fishing .I just don’t have the financial means to do so.but I wish you the best of luck in your recovery.

    59. Hi Tred,

      I heard of your spinal infarct through a family member that lives in Vail who is involved with the Olympic ski team. I cam relate to your troubles as I suffered a spinal cord infarct 6 months ago during the middle of a move. I was original misdiagnosed as Guillian Barre at the local hospital and was denied appropriate treatment by the neurologist. I was treated and diagnosed at Mayo clinic in Arizona and have spent nearly 5 months in physical rehab.

      My right side is stronger than left side. I cannot sense heat or cold below my nipple line and do not sense pain below that line. I can sense light touch however. I have a neurogenic bowel and bladder so I have to catheterize myself at 4 hour intervals with a condom cath for sleeping at night. I am always concerned about infection due to catheterization.

      Your story has been an inspiration to me as I try to work my way back to functionality as a veterinary surgeon. I have a mountain to climb in front of me and it is good to know that I’m not alone with my disease. I wish you luck and if you have any advice, please share.


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