Where is Charter Arms Rimless Revolver?

So Where is Charter Arms New Rimless Revolver?

Charter Arms Rimless Revolver
Charter Arms Rimless Revolver
Charter Arms
Charter Arms

Charter Arms, Dayton, OH – -(AmmoLand.com)- Charter Arms discloses the facts behind why their new and revolutionary rimless revolver is not yet out.

Let’s talk facts and not rumors:

  1. The Charter Arms Rimless Revolver (CARR) is tested, patent checked, cleared and ready for production.
  2. Initially the first models in .40 caliber were to appear this past March with following models in .45ACP and 9mm later this year.
  3. BUT, since the 2008 election we don’t need to tell you what has happened with sales of firearms and ammunition in our country. Thanks to another terrific firearm salesman like President Clinton was in 1990, President Obama has pushed buying over the edge and companies are working like crazy just to keep up. This buying spree ramped firearm and ammunition demand up to astonishing levels in January 2009, and it has not slowed down.

And, that last entry is what is delaying things, here is why. Due to the incredible demand for firearms Charter is forced to stay the course by keeping dealers supplied with current model revolvers in order to meet current demand. In other words, the production line is pressed hard to fill the demand for current models. Therefore, it would be foolish to add more models at a time when just keeping up with current models is nearly impossible.

Second, it is unfair to consumers and dealers alike to come out with items you cannot produce in matching demand numbers. Currently, Charter just could not keep up if they added a whole new product line at this particular time.

Let’s be clear about what Charter Arms wanted to do initially. Needless to say, not producing the CARR this was NOT the plan when we first announced the new revolver. The 2008 election created this panic. Had the election results been different, firearm and ammunition demand and sales would not have exploded, and the new Charter Arms CARR revolvers would be in stores right now.

Bottom line, the CARR is not vaporware, there is simply no room in Charter Arm’s production line for new items. Additionally, Charter has several other new guns and models in addition to the CARR series, and those guns we won’t even discuss until things get back to normal.

We hope this helps you understand our current situation. Please spread the word and thanks to all of you for your support. By the way the NRA meetings in Phoenix expected 45,000 attendees and we heard got 64,000! Many people who never wanted or owned a firearm before are now gun owners and that all helps to support the Second Amendment specifically and protect our Constitution in general.

Charter Arms – Setting the American Standard for Reliable, Safe and Affordable Personal Protection.

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Ammoland is telling the truth. Guns and ammo are in a buying frenzy. Consider that Ruger just recently announced that they are NOT ACCEPTING ANY MORE ORDERS RIGHT NOW. Let that sink in. They are backlogged a million plus ordered guns and they can't handle any more orders.

Ted Law

@Scott, this article is from 2009, it has been we discussed at length that Charter had problems with production and with the design, then a change in distribution in the USA. Give them a break they make fine quality guns.

Your the same a-hole that would be bitchen if the design was not perfect, if they had released it.

scott thompson

a demand spike?? the shops i go to keep teh same stuff on the shelves and racks….and they always seem to have lots of guns.

you are a pathetic liar and fraud. i hope to make you pay for it.

scott thompson

so you are just now getting around to facts??

why the change??


Last fall, I called Charter Arms direct to ask about the CARR revolvers. They assured me they were coming. And I have continued to wait. Sorry folks, I'm guessing vaporware at this point. I'm not buying "sales surge following '08 election" anymore. SHOT Show 2011 is here. It will be interesting to see if the CARR is even promoted at the booth. What a disapponitment.



I decided to email charter arms about those rimless guns, here s their answer about the rimless revolver products :


Will not be available to late 2011

Thank You,

Lissa McCarthy

National Sales Manager

281 Canal Street

Shelton, CT 06484

Toll Free: 866-769-4867

Phone: 203-922-1652

Fax: 203-922-1469

[email protected]

Regular Joe

…. then maybe drop the big add on your webpage that says "available in early 2010." Credibility man.

floyd hulett

the explanation sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me



Rick Linneman

I appreciate the update, I was looking forward to seeing the forty cal and the nine mil.

Hopefully things will settle down and we will see them.

Keep up the good work