Reported Sightings of Senator Dick Lugar

Reported Sightings of Senator Dick Lugar
Is he harder to find than bigfoot?

Indiana – -( Some of you have heard me refer to Indiana Senator Dick Lugar in the same manner in which people talk about “Big Foot”.

We’re told he exists and there have been reported sightings. Seriously, the only time I’ve ever seen the man person to person was back in 1976 while my family and I were at the Evansville Fall Festival.

During the parade this guy came by grabbing everyone’s hand he could latch onto and shake it and then slamming a flyer in it about running for US senate.

Back then I wasn’t all that much into politics, but if I’d had known then what I know now I’d of probably held onto that little two term mayor of Indianapolis hand a little longer and we’d had a serious discussion.

That was then, this is now. Sen. Lugar is scheduled to be in downtown Evansville this coming Tuesday at the Centre to speak to the EVSC employees.

The doors open at 7 am. There is a rally being organized and folks are asked to show up at that time with their posters and signs.

I’ve heard reports that Lugar is not going to seek another term. That may explain in some part why he has recently fell off the left side of the table by voting against gun owners in his vote against the Thune amendment a few weeks ago that would have provided for reciprocity between states for Americans who have a handgun license to travel with their firearms into other states with similar licenses.

Lugar seemed to be just as proud to vote for now US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Also, he along with Illinois Senator Dick Durbin sponsored the Dream Act bill that will assist illegal immigrants in becoming US citizens.

Lugar has never been a friend to gun owners and his liberal ideals have put him in the other corner of the ring on many occasions.

Whether Lugar decides to run again for office or not maybe while he has his thumb to his nose at us we can decide for him in 2012.

Make your posters and signs and show up.

Tuesday morning would be a good opportunity to let him and the media know how you rank Sen. Lugar.

Jim and Margie
2nd Amendment Patriots

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