Smith & Wesson Begins Shipping Walther PK380 Pistols

Smith & Wesson Begins Shipping Walther PK380 Pistols
New .380 Auto Pistol Built on Popular P22 Platform.

Walther PK380 Pistol
Walther PK380 Pistol
Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson

SPRINGFIELD, Mass — -( & Wesson Corp., the legendary 157-year old firearms maker, announced that it has begun shipping the new Walther PK380 pistol. The design of the PK380 is engineered on one of Walther’s most popular platforms, the P22. The new Walther semi-automatic pistol delivers the power of a .380 in a lightweight, ambidextrous firearm. Versatile, comfortable and nearly the same size as the P22, the PK380 carries on Walther’s longstanding tradition of innovation and technical expertise.

“The new PK380 was specifically designed to offer consumers a lightweight yet durable pistol that is equipped with all of the features needed for personal defense situations,” said Tom Kelly, Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson. “Since the introduction of the popular P22 rimfire pistol, consumers have asked for an upgrade of the same design in a self-defense appropriate caliber. The PK380 fully answers these requests while delivering a fit and finish that firearms enthusiasts have come to expect from Walther firearms.”

Combining proven technology with familiar operating features, the PK380 is a versatile firearm suitable for personal protection or recreational shooting, and is available in four unique models.

  • · PK380 First Edition Model – The First Edition Model is available as a limited series of 2,000 units (serial numbers 1 – 2,000) and
    will be manufactured with the “First Edition” marking on the left side of the slide. Each First Edition Model will be shipped with
    a nylon holster, two magazines and is complete with a matte black finish to help reduce glare.
  • · Two-Tone Model – The new two-tone model is standard with a nickel-plated slide, black frame and is shipped with one magazine.
  • · Standard Black Model – The Walther PK380 is also available as a standard black model with a matte black slide and frame.
  • · PK380 Set – The black PK380 set comes complete with a rail-mounted laser.

All four models, with the exception of the First Edition, are shipped with one magazine, and share common features including an 8+1 magazine capacity, polymer grip along with a steel frame, slide and barrel. The PK380 is manufactured with a 3.66-inch barrel that contributes to an overall length of 6.5 inches. Additionally, all four models are standard with a Picatinny-style accessory rail for optional lights and lasers, external hammer, ambidextrous magazine release and an ambidextrous manual safety.

To aid in precise shot placement, the PK380 features a solid steel white dot front sight and a drift-adjustable steel two-dot rear sight. The PK380 has an unloaded weight of 19.4 ounces and a narrow width of 1.2 inches. All four models of the Walther PK380 are manufactured in Germany.

About Walther
Since 1999, Smith & Wesson has been the exclusive distributor of Walther firearms in the United States. The traditions of both companies surpass 260 combined years of quality workmanship and leadership in the firearms industry. For additional information on Walther products or to find the location of the nearest Walther retail outlet, write to Walther at 2100 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield, MA 01102-2208, call toll free 1-800-372-6454 or visit the Walther website at For more information on Smith & Wesson, log on to

About Smith & Wesson
Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation, a global leader in safety, security, protection and sport, is parent company to Smith & Wesson Corp., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality firearms and firearm safety/security products and parent company to Universal Safety Response, a full-service perimeter security integrator, barrier manufacturer and installer, as well as parent company to Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc., a premier designer and manufacturer of premium hunting rifles, black powder rifles, interchangeable firearms systems and accessories under the Thompson/Center brand. Smith & Wesson licenses shooter protection, knives, apparel, and other accessory lines. Smith & Wesson is based in Springfield, Massachusetts with manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Tennessee. The Smith & Wesson Academy is America’s longest running firearms training facility for law enforcement, military and security professionals. For more information on Smith & Wesson, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to For more information on Universal Safety Response, log on to For more information on Thompson/Center Arms, log on to

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Mr.Terrence J Kobza

In a e-mail I got dated 10/09/12 it talked about the waltherpk380 with serial numbers PK101201 to PK112155.Is this problem been rectified.What is the cost of this weapon and is there something better but same in size and grip design.I have a baby glock .45.I also have had a "Stroke" and don't have the same strength.Can you recomend a good weapon? I don't like rueger.Send reply to web mail Please.Also cost..


I purchased my PK380 from Olde English Outfitters in Dayton, OH and had to send it back twice. Out of the box it failed-to-feed repeatedly. 8-10 of 50 rounds. First return, slide replaced. After a week, and only dry-cycling some rounds through, the breech block was horribly pitting and rusted. I again sent it back and got the barrel assembly replaced. When I got it back it looked as if someone chewed on the feed ramp. I said to hell with it and polisged the feed ramp, guide rails, and inside of the slide where the breech comes in contact… Read more »

jim stocker

I purchased a new PK380. The recoil spring went tits up @80 rounds. I am pissed.

George Patten

Well I have not been so lucky with the new PK380. I purchased mine at Academy. It was defective out of the box. Fired three out of thirty rounds. Called Smith and Wesson. Call line always too busy to answer. Notified S&W by email and they sent me a FEDEX return for service PP mailer. I sent the gun in and received it back in about a week. The comment from the S&W gunsmith was that the extractor and spring was changed and the gun brought up to S&W standards. Hmm, brand new gun and it had to be brought… Read more »

Ronald C.Choat

I had my Pk380 serial number pk039803 shipped to your company 8/26/2010 for repairs but I can not find out anything about where or what is going on with it.The gun is only approx.3 months old.It jammed and the gun shop in Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio so they shipped it to you.I can not get any informatio about what is going on.Please see what you can do.Thank You.Ron


Nice weapon wish the sights were as adjustable as the P22 needs to have the same front sight switch as the P22 but is still dependable.


It's a sweet little pocket rocket!!! Just right for giving the Bad Guys a .380 cal ENEMA if the situation arises! Also I bought mine in early march at Fort Liberty gun supply in Avon Indiana, for $329.00


I have owned a p-99 9mm 5 years and i love it,you can shoot it all day.very comfortable and user friendly

jaymes wesley

I'd like to up grade to the pk380/BLK. My PPK/S is nice, and I would like to compare the two !

David Holland

Just purchased a Walter PK380 today. Have a Glock Model 19 but also needed something smaller to carry concealed. Perman Police carry the Walter 9mm and they have been doing so for many years. Hope this weapon will be OK.


Bought one for my wife last night. We shot 100 rounds with zero problems. She LOVES IT! Slight recoil, molded grips are a perfect fit for her hands, great for self-defense, accurate, no hiccups at all. Easy to strip and clean afterwards. Zero regrets for the purchase price of $399 at Shoot Straight in Lakeland, FL.

Jersey Dave

S&W has worked with Walther a while. The SW99 had Walter P99 elements to it. They also distribute Walther guns in the US.

Looks nice, but I already have the previous Walther .380 – I think it will be around a while, even as this new design comes out and gets around. My happiness with the PPK/S can't be shaken by these new developments or, for that matter, stirred….


Just a few years ago, Smith and Wesson were ion the verge of bankruptcy. Now, they own the company that produces the gun made famous by James Bond, the Walther PPK?