Wingshooting USA Can’t Get Enough Of This Kind Of Reality TV

Wingshooting USA Can't Get Enough Of This Kind Of Reality TV

Wingshooting USA Hunting Reality TV
Wingshooting USA Hunting Reality TV

South Dakota – -( Wow, now that's a high compliment. And it was directed by a viewer at the first episode of Wingshooting USA as it aired Wednesday night.

Dozens of online discussions took place during and after our debut on In Country TV (and assuredly will also happen Saturday after our Sportsman Channel launch).

Perhaps it was to be expected. After all, Wingshooting USA is the most carefully-researched and authentic upland hunting show ever. Extensive surveys and polling, electronic “focus groups,” and just plain on-the-ground experience helped create a TV series that your target market would seek out … watch … and interact with!

As the show aired Wednesday, here were some of the earliest comments:

Keep up the good work Scott- if you're ever around Kansas I'd share a coffee with you.

Watched your show last night and liked it a lot. It showed pretty good dog work plus it was nice to see a lot of safe shooting situations being handled correctly.

With very few ‘true' upland shows on TV it is nice to have a good show like this one on the channels.

Some more viewer comments …

  • Watched the show today during lunch. Great show!
  • Think you have a winner on your hands Scott-impressive-focus was on the dogs and not the advertising.
  • Got it set to DVR every episode on my Dish Network and as soon as I can get the remote from my wife and the boys put to bed I am going to watch it.
  • Watching it now. So far it looks great !!
  • Very entertaining and I liked it. It showed real hunting conditions.
  • I liked it….and look who the old pro was….A BRITT!!
  • Think you've hit a winner Scott-“Take a Kid Hunting”
  • Nice program- first I've seen where it's more about the dog work than advertising.

Maybe that's one reason our current sponsors are enjoying unprecedented exposure to this key market we call the “Upland Nation.”

You will be assimilated …
Sure, some TV networks have lost massive audience numbers through contract dispute. We, on the other hand, are growing again. Our flagship network In Country TV goes live on DirecTV channel 344 in January and we'll be there. Wingshooting USA is already a staple on In Country's Dish Network channel 230. The DirecTV channel may change to fill the void created by DirecTV's dropping VERSUS, so stay tuned.

Supplementing In Country, Wingshooting USA also airs on DirecTV's Sportsman Channel on their channel 605 and many cable systems.

And now, we've got the “off-grid” crowd locked up with our brand-new affiliation with Untamed Sports, providing outdoor programming to 18 million homes via local TV stations' over-the-air signal. That's 66 million available households!

Why the show works?
It's the “good show that does good.” Every sponsor benefits from the massive outreach and public service done on Wingshooting USA. Take a kid hunting, win a ton of food for rescued gun dogs, win cash for your conservation group … publicize deserving organizations … learn safety, conservation and hunting skills … become a better dog trainer … it all happens organically on the show. Sponsors create a life-long, high quality personal relationship with this influential and enthusiastic group of dog lovers, upland hunters and conservationists.

Linden Media Mgt. LLC was founded in the personal experience of Scott Linden, a city slicker made good by fresh air and wild places. A mid-career epiphany/introduction to fly fishing pushed Scott off the edge, a tumble that now includes dog ownership, multiple shotgun purchases and fanatic bird hunting.

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