THOR Global Defense Group Donates TR-15 Rifles to CLEET

THOR Global Defense Group Donates TR-15 Rifles to Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training

THOR Global Defense Group Donates TR-15 Rifles to CLEET
THOR Global Defense Group Donates TR-15 Rifles to CLEET
THOR Global Defense Group
THOR Global Defense Group

Southeastern Oklahoma –-( Oklahoma based LOKI Weapon Systems, a subsidiary of THOR Global Defense Group, recently donated the first of ten custom built TR-15 rifles to the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) in Ada, Oklahoma. LOKI manufactures the THOR TR-15, an AR-15 rifle – and produces a variety of parts and accessories based on THOR designs. This donation (10 rifles) has a retail value over $15,000 but the real value is in the training opportunities it provides for Oklahoma’s peace officers.

When Larry Knesek, President & CEO of THOR Global Defense Group was asked why they made this donation he said, “The individuals who train here are the same men and women who are putting their lives on the line every day to ensure a safer society for all of us, it is truly an honor for us to provide them with the support and equipment they need.”

CLEET is the state agency, which is responsible for training the majority of Oklahoma’s peace officers. This donation will expand CLEET’s armory, which did not include any AR-15 tactical rifles until now. The TR-15’s will allow CLEET to offer an Advanced Rifle course to Oklahoma’s peace officers. CLEET Director, Dr. Larry Birney noted that “By expanding the armory at CLEET to include AR-15 rifles, we will be able to provide Oklahoma’s peace officers with advanced rifle training that was previously unavailable. By expanding our training opportunities, CLEET is preparing officers for all types of situations, thus increasing the level of safety statewide.”

The TR-15 rifle is used frequently by law enforcement agencies nationwide, and as part of this donation THOR has agreed to allow communities with graduates from the CLEET Advanced Rifle course to purchase this firearm at a significantly reduced cost.

Senator Susan Paddack was one of those in attendance for the donation.

She stated, “This donation comes at a time when all state agencies are experiencing budget cuts and scaling back operations. Oklahoma is fortunate to have businesses that recognize the needs of state agencies and take steps to help them better serve our citizens.”

All those in attendance were not only impressed by the generosity of THOR/LOKI but by the superior quality of the firearms.

LOKI Weapon Systems is part of the growing firearms industry in Southeastern Oklahoma. For the past seven years, members from various organizations in southeastern Oklahoma have made the annual trek to the SHOT Show, the world largest shooting, hunting, and outdoor trade show, to attract new businesses to the area. Southeastern Oklahoma’s hunting industry is only a small portion of what makes the area an attractive location for firearms manufacturers. The gunsmith school at Murray State College provides quality employees for these manufacturers and CLEET’s training programs and East Central University’s Criminal Justice program provides access to key customers.

In addition to access to customers and trained employees, Southeastern Oklahoma provides unique opportunities to forge partnerships that allow numerous businesses to thrive.

Michael Southard, President & CEO of the Ada Jobs Foundation noted that “[THOR Global Defense Group] is an excellent example of how the businesses can partner with each other and improve the economic climate of the area. A&W Machine Shop in Coalgate supplies LOKI with parts, and Freedom Graphix in Ada customizes firearms for THOR’s customers. This is just the tip of the iceberg of partnerships that will be formed as the firearms industry continues to grow in the area.”

In January, members from Oklahoma Southeast, a regional economic development marketing group, the Ada Jobs Foundation, Murray State College, THOR Global Defense Group and Freedom Graphix will all travel to the SHOT Show in Las Vegas. By working together, these entities will not only promote Oklahoma- made products but showcase how Southeastern Oklahoma is a viable business location for this industry.

For more info on the TR-15, visit THOR’s website at or call 479-474-3434