Tred Barta & Family Update

Tred Barta & Family Update
Many of you have just heard of Tred's heath battles through the Best and Worst of Tred Bart on Versus.  Here is another update on our hero Tred.

Tred Barta & Family Update
Tred Barta & Family Update
Barta Boys & Girls Club
Barta Boys & Girls Club

Coastal Carolina – -( Tred Barta suffered a rare spinal stroke and while he fought for the next day, the tournament went on without him.

Recently I had the chance to speak with Tred and to obtain an update on his progress and how his health condition has affected his life. As one can imagine, Tred was eager to speak about his life now and where he is going in the future. However, he was most eager to speak about how this tournament is important to the kids and to the community and also for his emotional healing.

In Tred’s words:

“I sell airplanes every day from 6 am until 3 pm. I work out with a bungee cord and elastic bans tied around a post for one hour, each day. I shoot my bow each day and I am able to draw back to 50lbs now on the bow. I can drive my ATV and used truck with special controls and I am driving all over the state.

So far, I have ridden my horse, Badger, four times. Inside the barn I have a special harness system that lifts me to the horse and on the horse there is a high back seat that I can be strapped to when I ride. He is a specially trained horse and he is easily bridled.

My attitude is go, go, go and I feel as good as I have ever felt. I believe in my faith and I believe my faith carried me through very dark days in the hospital. And, I believe that God gave me a second chance to inspire people, I truly believe I am here to inspire and to motivate others.

On the day after Thanksgiving my wife and I are traveling to Guatemala to fish for billfish and to hunt blue wing teal. I am going to fish from the wheel chair and hopefully Annie will catch her first blue marlin and I want to release one on 2-lb test.

As for my paralysis I am healing very slowly. I receive electrical shocks in my legs to stimulate nerve growth. And while I am supposedly paralyzed from the waist down, I can pull back my bow and everyone says that I should not be able to and yet I can. My latest MRI shows that the infarction is healing slowly. And, actually, when I return form Guatemala, I am going to the Mayo Clinic for testing as they feel there is a drug available there that can help me.

I am working out everyday and there are days that I am frustrated and I have down moments. And, I want everyone to know that this tournament means more to me than any outdoor activity and I believe in what it stands for.

My whole life was changed and I am changed because of it. Yet, despite what I have been through I remain focused to this tournament and focused to getting back to being able to do the things I did before I was sick.

For me, nothing is more important now than helping this tournament grow and to raise money for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club.”

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    1. Just seen tred at world wide sportsman having lunch then borded his panga boat with twins he looked great wheeling around the docks.

    2. Hi Tred. You are a Living Legend. Im also pulling for you and your team, a Very Great one it is. 🙂 Keep Your eyes on the Great Healer Jesus. Blessings are on way im sure. 700 club works also. Miracles still happen even these days. You are so worthy. You are an amazing fisherman too. Keep Pushing On

    3. Hi my name is hunter Thomas and I watched your show and I’m mad that it was cancelled because it was my favorite.I also hunt to and I want to know how are you tred barta.

    4. I too have lived since my military days with severe injuries to my legs and back. It is humbling indeed to have to ask for help, but there are many things you can do around camp etc to help out that make you just as worthy as the wood choper or the weed whacker guy. And enjoyment of the outdoors is legitmate for all.

    5. Tred,I admire your spirit and determination. One year ago I was fighting for my life . I had five ,usually fatal infections at the same time . They call me the miricle man at St.Josephs hospital here in Tucson. I know the power of prayer works. I will pray for your complete recovery. God bless you.

    6. Yo Tred keep the faith i am alive awake from coma doctors tell me i should be on other side being a fan of you keeps me in the fight god bless you

    7. Hi Tred ,I have watched your shows for years. You have shown us that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.Wishing you the best in your recovery. Stay in the hunt.Thank you & God bless you.

    8. Fred, Keep a stiff upper lip as you and Bill Dance are The 2 greatest outdoor people I've ever seen on TV. You 2 tell it like it is and are willing to show the outtakes telling all your viewers that you are just like us all.

      Gene Clifford

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    11. Hello Tree.I'm sorry to hear that you are wheelchair bound at least for the moment. Its evident that you are a strong minded person as well as having a strong family behind keep your hands in Gods hands and keep on keeping are an inspiration to a lot of people with disabilities. Yes you are still here for a reason God is not through with you continue to be strong with God on your side there is nothing you can't do.May God continue to bless you and your family my friend.

      good hunting and fishing

    12. Tred, I work most weekends (broadcast sports production freelancer) so I have missed a lot of fishing shows over the last few years. I just heard of your setback. If any one can make a comeback it has to be you. Like you always say, when preparing for a fishing trip and gearing up for the adventure, "you gotta do the WORK"! I am sure you will do the work or whatever it takes to take this new challenge as far as you can. I just saw the Sailfish on 2lb test show. Great to see you back in the saddle again. I live in NC and if the possibility exist this year I'll try to make the NC tournament. So, good luck and as always "do the work"!

    13. Hello Tred. I'm glad your doing better your the man the hard way the barta way this summer come to Whitewater on Lake Lorraine for panfish, Bass, and Pike fishing in July the second week. Let me know. your buddy, Chad

    14. Tred, best wishes for your recovery, your fans know you will succeed as you have in everything else you have done. You will do it te hard way , the Barta way, cause you the man.

    15. You are an inspiration to all of us and especially the infirmed. With God's help and trust in the Lord-you will have a significant recovery! I am a true fishing admirer of you…John Castelluccio, Jr. Metairie, LA

    16. My prayers are with you throughout your recovery. YOU ARE AN IDEALISTIC MODEL FOR EVERYONE…ESPECIALLY THE INFIRMED! Keep your chin up and with trust in God-you will heal significantly back to good health!!! A true fishing admirer of you…John Castelluccio, Jr., Metairie, LA

    17. Hi Tred

      Heard of you through a family member in Vail who is involved with the us Olympic ski team. We have something in common in that also have had a spinal stroke. Very rare event indeed and not a good lottery to win. Mine was at the level of c6 to t1 leaving me with weak hands and partial paralysis below my nipple line. I cannot feel heat or cold or deep pain below this area. I also have a neurogenic bladder and bowel so I have to catherized every 4 hours to empty my bladder. Research revealed no known underlying cause and I was originally misdiagnosed by a local neurologist in Tucson.

      I am a veterinarian by trade and would love to practice again but would have a hard time doing so due to lack of hand strength and in ability to stand for long periods of time. I admire your courage in being able to get out and do what you do so well.

      I am currently a little over six months into this journey and know I have a huge hill to climb to get back. I am able to walk short distances with a cane. I hope to eventually get back to the profession I love so much and will try to use you as a roll model in doing so. Hopefully we both can beat the odds and the cards we have been dealt.


      Ken McMillan

    18. Mr.Barta. seeing you catch that rainbow, was doing it your way. Ive watched you take on bear,moose and some of the roughest places to hunt. I have no doubt that this pot hole in your road will be over come. my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Keep doing it your way.


    20. I don't know if Tred accualy reads these But to whom ever does, I'm a 50 year old from Florida. I have watched his tv showes for a long time on VS. I just saw his black bear hunt in his chair and…well I cried like a baby! I was so glad to see he never gave up. I lost my dad to cancer and he never gave up even thou he lost his battle. I was glad to see Tred had not given up either. You Go Man !!!!! Barta Your The Man !!

    21. Tred I am a regular watcher of your show. This past weekend I saw the show when you were successful harvesting your first whitetail with a longbow. I must say I shared a tear with you. I am a member of the Michigan Longbow association and I would love to sponsor you as a member to a great organization. I order to accomplish that goal I need your mailing address so here I am searching the web fir that information. I you get this email please consider my offer of becoming a member of the Michigan Longbow Association. You can send information to my email [email protected].

      Lou Leavens

    22. Hey Tred,

      Your bear is GREAT! You truly are "The Man". You have inspried all of us to do what other men only dream about….

      Keeping the Hunt going,

      Bob Boyd


    23. Tred,

      I've enjoyed watching your show for several years and was sad to hear of your illness. I wish you a rapid recovery. Your enthusiasm for the outdoors and hunting have motivated me in so many ways. It's refreshing to know that there are individuals like yourself with the drive and determination to keep the great hunting tradition alive. The real way, the Barta way! I know you will get better soon.

    24. Hello Tred, Please update. Foregive me if i've been missinformed. I have read many articles and have been searching many blogs trying to get an update of your condition to date. Some rumors have surfaced that you are not with us any more. That your disease has taken it's toll. Based on the above comments i hope thats not the case. I started hunting late in life by some standards, in my early 20's, i'm now 43 and have never taken the path of least resistance. All of my hunting/fishing experiences by my choice, have been hard unguided trips in many areas throughout this fine country we live in. I found the first time i saw your show, as someone who truly believes in fair chase and the size or length of any animal taken is most definetely not important as is the people you surround yourself with, the memories, adventures or the comaraderie. You are in inspiration to us all, don't ever stop! I wish you and your family well in your recovery! Sincerely, Robert Wheeler N.J.

    25. I just watched a show with Mr. Barta and I was shocked to see him in a wheel chair. I felt a great sence of loss for him and all that know him but as I throught about his present in this world, it reminded me of Christoper Reed and what he did for others and I know that Crazy Mr. Barta will have a Greater influence on others by never giving up,when the going gets Rough-Thank you Mr.Barta & God Bless

    26. just found out about your stroke. you are in our have a great woman by your side. now ! lets you and me catch the largest tuna on rod and reel together ! a new goal to set ! ……………..BYRDMAN

    27. I just watched your deer hunt in Texas with your best friend. that had to be the most inspiring show i have ever can be an inspiration to so many vets and day to day people that i cannot imagine. best wishes to you and your wonder family and friends.

    28. Hello Tred just watched 2 episodes today without knowing what has happened to you i work on the road a lot God bless you my friend your hunts are inspiring and you are even more inspiring now keep your faith keep working out amazing you can pull that 50# bow.go go go Tred

    29. Tred just found out and i must say i am a little taken by this . My dad was in a accident and was parallized when i was thirteen . He was a quad my mom was a care giver for so many years my heart goes out to you and your wife . But what an opurtunity to show all those out there that feel sorry for themselfs its one thing to be hendered its another to do it to yourself . Attitude is everything after seeing my dad go threw that i hate to here people complain and wine dont waste this oppurtunity Barta you are the man . Please feel free to contact if your wife needs advice or some one who can relate mom is a phone call away. She is in that chair with you dont get to bossy lol .


    31. Hey there Tred

      I was shocked to see you fishing from a wheelchair! Man that sucks! Your attitude is impressive as I know it must be very difficult. I am 38 and just found out I have MD. My hands and feet are withering away. As a provider for my family and an avid outdoorsman, it is hard to accept that my body doesn't do what I want it to anymore. That said, I'm with you. Suck it up and drive on…..The Barta Way! Keep the Faith!


    32. Dear Mr. Barta

      My prayers go out to you and your family. My daughter in 2003 became deathly ill, and we were told she wasn't going to make it we never gave up hope . Mainmy point is it sounds like you haven't either. My daughter was 29 she now lives in her own apartment doing very well. And so will you. God bless you. Your grass will also get greener once again.

    33. Dear Tred

      I used to be an assistant hunting guide in the Great State of Alaska. and just recently found out about you current health condition. for some reason in Gods big picture bad things happen to good people and I can only wish there will be an explanation when we get to the Perly Gates.

      I currently operate a Charter Vessel in Prince William Sound and would like to extend and Invitation to you and your Family to come to Valdez and Go on a fishing trip with me.

      If you think this would be somthing you would be interested in please contact me 907-255-8557 Cell

      The species we target Are: Halibut, Silver Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, and Salmon Shark. please let me know ifyou are interested fishing with me. I would be willing pay the fuel cost to be able to take you and your family fishing.


      Capt. Dana C Wood

      Lady Luck Charters

      Valdez, Alaska

    34. I enjoy you show, I suffered an aneurysm bursting on my brain a few years back. I know full well the power of prayer, was told some time afterwards I was only given a 5% chance to live. My Dr. told me I was a miracle, so hang in there my prayers are for you.

    35. Mr Barta. I have watched your shows over the past years. I was very upset about the news of your recent illness. I know you can over come this . I had Polio as a child and had to work through the shit. Keep it up you will win out in one way or another. ( who say's two feet are better than brains.

      Keep the faith

      Kirk Nelson

    36. Thank You for your Insperation! I'm 39 now and just started hunting, but been an avid fisherman since old enough to cast.

      I also have a medical condition with my spinal cord, but its in my neck. What I've seen on your show has helped me out in the field

      unlike the other shows onl showing new tech ways. Since I'm on disability Living on less then 200.00 a month theres no way I can afford that stuff, saving for the permit is tough enough. Showing old school hunt stalks rock. Thats for you encourage showing the show must go on!

      Gene S

    37. Mr. Barta,

      I'm a 4 time army combat veteran and present roughneck in the oilfield in west Texas. I love watching your show on Versus and didn't hear of your accident until a few months back. I came aware of it while watching your episode and saw you fishing during a blizzard in a wheel chair and watched as your feet were placed in buckets so you could get in the water. I was awe struck to find out what happened and then inspired and motivated to see that it hadn't stopped your drive to enjoy your life. You have personally motivated me to drive on what every the situation is in my life. I am an avid outdoorsman that loves to fish. I am kinda the same way. I fish my way. I listen to every one else on what to fish with but I do it my way and majority of the time I catch more than the rest. Watching your show has led me to believe at times don't follow the crowd and the outcome will better. I hope and pray for the best for you and your family and wish the best for you. Also that no matter what happens Tred drive on.

    38. I'm in high school and hunt public land in PA. I highly enjoy your show because it is real hunting. It's not about harvesting game but it's about the experience. In PA you don't always kill your prey so you have to learn to enjoy the finer things. You're a great role model Tred and very entertaining.

    39. Tred, Four years ago I took up deer hunting on my wife's family farm here in Ohio. Two years ago I took my first deer with a crossbow. I had been watching you on Versus for a while and decided that the crossbow was not for me so I dug out my 1958 Bear Grizzly and started to practice. I have not taken a deer for the last two years but not because I couldn't but because it didn't feel right. Your message " the Barta way" has meant a lot to me and I think you have hit pretty close to the mark on what hunting should feel like. I'll get my deer next year if it feels right. I still have time I am only 66. I thank you and God bless and heal you. Randy

    40. Tred,I have Watched your show for many years.The ethics that you use should be practiced by others.Im not going to talk about your misfortune because I dont think you want to hear about it.It is now the time to show people the Tred Barta we all know.You will be a symbol of strength to all physically challenged outdoors men and women.You will go on to make other huge accomplishments not only for wheelchair ridden but also perfectly healthy outdoors people.I will be looking for you and your wife on my outdoor channel,going hunting or fishing.Dont let this effect you a all.Do it the hard way,The Barta Way.

      Gary Justice

    41. Mr. Barta,

      I am a cancer survivor. I have lived through three types of cancer. Chemo & radiation. To see you in a wheel chair fishing in a blizzard is an ispiration to everyone. I have watched your show for years. I love your motto — Do it the hard way. Reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt. I pray for you to get well.

      Robert Turpin

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