Tred Barta & Family Update

Tred Barta & Family Update
Many of you have just heard of Tred's heath battles through the Best and Worst of Tred Bart on Versus.  Here is another update on our hero Tred.

Tred Barta & Family Update
Tred Barta & Family Update
Barta Boys & Girls Club
Barta Boys & Girls Club

Coastal Carolina – -( Tred Barta suffered a rare spinal stroke and while he fought for the next day, the tournament went on without him.

Recently I had the chance to speak with Tred and to obtain an update on his progress and how his health condition has affected his life. As one can imagine, Tred was eager to speak about his life now and where he is going in the future. However, he was most eager to speak about how this tournament is important to the kids and to the community and also for his emotional healing.

In Tred’s words:

“I sell airplanes every day from 6 am until 3 pm. I work out with a bungee cord and elastic bans tied around a post for one hour, each day. I shoot my bow each day and I am able to draw back to 50lbs now on the bow. I can drive my ATV and used truck with special controls and I am driving all over the state.

So far, I have ridden my horse, Badger, four times. Inside the barn I have a special harness system that lifts me to the horse and on the horse there is a high back seat that I can be strapped to when I ride. He is a specially trained horse and he is easily bridled.

My attitude is go, go, go and I feel as good as I have ever felt. I believe in my faith and I believe my faith carried me through very dark days in the hospital. And, I believe that God gave me a second chance to inspire people, I truly believe I am here to inspire and to motivate others.

On the day after Thanksgiving my wife and I are traveling to Guatemala to fish for billfish and to hunt blue wing teal. I am going to fish from the wheel chair and hopefully Annie will catch her first blue marlin and I want to release one on 2-lb test.

As for my paralysis I am healing very slowly. I receive electrical shocks in my legs to stimulate nerve growth. And while I am supposedly paralyzed from the waist down, I can pull back my bow and everyone says that I should not be able to and yet I can. My latest MRI shows that the infarction is healing slowly. And, actually, when I return form Guatemala, I am going to the Mayo Clinic for testing as they feel there is a drug available there that can help me.

I am working out everyday and there are days that I am frustrated and I have down moments. And, I want everyone to know that this tournament means more to me than any outdoor activity and I believe in what it stands for.

My whole life was changed and I am changed because of it. Yet, despite what I have been through I remain focused to this tournament and focused to getting back to being able to do the things I did before I was sick.

For me, nothing is more important now than helping this tournament grow and to raise money for the kids at the Boys & Girls Club.”

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    1. My father was half-paralyzed in battle in WWII. He passed on to me a love of the outdoors, hunting and fishing. He also passed on to me drive, a never quit attitude and a positive outlook on life. Consequently I have been modestly successful in life. I am 55 and I estimate I’ll need at least 100 more years to come close to being the all-around man he was. I admire the attitude you showed on the versus program I watched last night. I respect your drive and I hope you know that more people will look up to you and the example you set than might otherwise have.
      Best wishes, Lance Paulson

    2. Tred has been an inspiration to me and my boys as we took up archery hunting here in Montana 6 years ago. In October, I was in the back country with some friend when I was told about Tred’s condition, I had no idea. At first, I felt sorry for Tred but then I realized that is not what Tred would want or expect. Last week while archery hunting the Bitterroot River bottom I walked up on a herd of about 50+ cow elk. I was able to cut off the last half dozen elk before they all crossed the draw. I had a cow standing broadside at 50 yards across the draw but I held thinking she was going to cross the draw within a few yards to catch up to the rest of the herd as they were calling, she didn’t. She decided to run the opposite direction. I was a bit disappointed until I thought of Tred and what he had taught me over the years. It’s not about the harvest but the journey and experience. As I watch four river otters play in the river the sun began to shine through the clouds. It was a beautiful, cold, crisp Montana day when I got a great big smile on my face as I thought of Tred and thanked him for everything he had taught me. I did not harvest my elk that day and I had several more close encounters but it was a beautiful experience that I will never forget. Tred – thanks for making a difference in my life and the life of my two boys. Best wishes to you and your beautiful wife. Forever grateful – Todd Ferris – Missoula MT

    3. Although it was being an outdoorsman that attracted me to Tred’s TV show, I came to find the show and especially Tred an inspiration. In sports, the military and business, I’ve read and heard the messages of motivational speakers: Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Lou Holtz, Colin Powell, John Glenn, Rev Schuller…and I submit that Tred rates right up there with his inspiring message. And even more so for hunter, fishermen and conservationists. His most recent TV show dealing with his present challenge and his response to it was moving and caused this old soldier to tear up. He’ll continue to tell us 90% of Life is just showing up…Tred from a wheelchair would remind us of Theodore Roosevelt, Life is a great adventure and the greatest of all fears is the fear of living! And yes…we ask God to lift up Tred and his Family and help them through this.

    4. Tred is a great sportsman. I’m so glad that he is not only using this situation to motivate other people but to honor God, which is most important of all. Way to go Tred!

    5. I’ve watched Tred on Versus for years. While he is always entertaining, he has moments where he has crystal clear insight about sportsmanship. In particular, I’ve listened really closely to his comments on fair-chase hunting and other hunting attitudes and approaches. And I have to say he is a bright beacon of reason in a sport that is quickly becoming overrun with technology and is too focused on the kill, not the chase. I may not go as whole hog as Tred (home made wooden arrows????) but I applaud him and look forward to seeing him progress and hearing his words in the future.

    6. I’ve enjoyed watching Tred on VS for years. Tred always talked about doing it the hard way. If there is anyone that can overcome this misfortune it would be Tred. I just wanted to let Tred know that I am just one of many pulling for him and look forward to seeing him on VS doing what he does best.

    7. I am 68 yrs. old and have been hunting since age 12. Tred Barta”s show on VS has been inspiring to me and I really enjoy it. I just want to wish him well and I know he will overcome and continue to be an inspiration to all. God bless you Tred.

    8. I have enjoyed watching Tred on VS for a few years.He has always shown the never give up attitude.I can relate in a small way,I hurt my shoulders in a work related accident.I was told I would never be able to hunt again.But being stubborn and determind I shot a nice six point bull this year.Sure it hurts but like tred says NEVER GIVE UP!Way to go tred.My wife is a nurse and would like to say she is very proud of your wife for being there always.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    9. Hello Tred, Saw your show on the VS channel friday and fell out of my chair, How could this happen to such a good person as you..I watch your show every time it comes on and like the way you do your hunting and fishing, (The Tred Barta Way) The Lord test us all and he is really testing you.. I have the love of the sport just like you and hope I could do what your doing now. You mean so very much to alot of us hunters and fishers that I know we’re all praying for you and your family now and hoping only the best will come out of this. God Bless you Tred……..

    10. Tred the way you are dealing with your
      adversity is as a challenge and those of
      us who follow you know you relish the toughest.
      I look forward to you new adventure and
      wish you a complete recovery!

    11. Tred, your show, but more importantly your attitude about life and what is truly important and relevant in this journey has always been an inspiration. Like all of your viewers, my wife and I were shocked and saddened as we watch the documentary of your struggle in the Hospital. I know we haven’t heard the last from you, and I’m glad to hear of the progress you are making.

      My mother contracted Polio in 1950 shortly after I was born, and lost the use of both legs. She went on to bear and raise another son, and the two of us have spent many weeks chasing Elk and Deer around these Colorado Rockies, and doing it the hard way. My brother has succumbed to the compound bow, but I still rely on my Longbow. One of these days, maybe I’ll make my own wooden arrows, and find some stone points, and raise the quality of the adventure once more.

      God bless your work with the Boys and Girls clubs Fred, and may he guide your doctors and provide healing, in whatever form it may come. My Mother never walked again, but in 50 years I never once heard her complain, cry, or grumble about the cards she had been dealt. And I see you are not either. I didn’t think you would.

    12. Tred, Thank you. When you first came on the air you were interesting to watch. I had hunted since I was a child. However, I had lost interest. Unknowned to me I had also lost my qest for life. watching you has given me porpose. My wife and kids bought me a long bow for christmas. I was a teckie and had neve shot something so old and slow. I then found a hunt in Oregon that only allows triditional archery. For the past three years we have been doing it the Barta way. I have never met you but you have tought me much about life and my self. I can’t thank you enough. Every year my friend and I hunt these secrate mountains. You are always welcome to come. It would be wonderfull having our leader to share camp with.

      We wish you and your family the very best. You are in our prayers. Even my 7 year old son prays for you. I think even the lord will have trouble telling him no. 😉 so plan to be on your feet soon :}.

      PS You are welcome to our tradidional only mule deer hunt. We would work hard to get you in to posistion for a shot. We hunt the top of the world about 8000 ft. See lots of deer but don’t kill them often.

      Tred thanks again for your insight into my life. You don’t know me but have made me a better person. Thank you

    13. Tred let me start of with T H A N K Y O U….. because of you i am now a bow hunter and have been for the past two years your show has given me so much inspiration . every time i go on my adventures i do everything the barta way today i heard the news and if theres anybody in this world who can make it threw this its you tred you and your wife will be in me and my family’s prayres we wish the best for you remember NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP………………………………. THE BARTA WAY THE HARD WAY


    15. Hi Tred! My family,s prayers go out to you. I am sending you this message only in hope that it might help you.
      #3years ago I had the same symptoms that you had. Loss of feeling in one leg then the other. Then loss of feeling in both legs.
      My wife took me to the ER and they stabilized me and moved me to Barnes Hospital in St.Louis where they ran many tests to determine what was wrong. A neurologist finally diagnosed me with a Femoral artery blockage that was causing a lack og blood supply to my spine.
      A femoral artery by-pass was performed and thank God it corrected my condition.
      I doubt that this is your problem but in watching your program it brought back the vivid memories of how my problem first appeared.
      We will continue to pray for you and your family. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthly New Year. Terry and Gen.

    16. Tred, I have always admired your determination and integrity for our sport. I was recently watching your show on versus with my father when we found out about your illness; remember “a 190 lbs of blue twisted Steel” I know you will make the best of the stiuation good luck with the journey ahead. Have a Merry Christmas and a promising New Year!

    17. Howdy Tred,
      You have been an inspiration to me for several years.
      I love your drive , determination and fair chase.
      I wish a complete and speedy recovery
      for you ….never,never ,never give up….just another challenge.
      Our prayers are with you and the family.

    18. Tred,

      I was shocked to learn of the tragic events in your life, I pray for you daily, you are my brother, like many others who ethically take what the land has to offer. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and look forward to seeing you for many years doing what we all live for.

      Rick Snowden
      Niceville, Florida

    19. Hi Tred was hunting to night 24 inches of snow 19 degrees eight pointer missed was i pissed yes did i throw my hat yes did i think of you yes and smiled its not what you bring home its the joy of living the day and NEVER giving up. you have alot of new records to set and more tv shows i hope. Its good to know there are real men like us busten ass to hunt and fish and doing what we love from my family to yours GOD BLESS and happy Holidays. Brian South Jersey

    20. Tred
      Believe in the power of prayer! Miracles happen as I can share after walking a very similar path to yours as a stroke survivor at the age of 43. As the doctors were challenged to find the root cause of my stroke I felt your emotion through the TV watching your program on Versus this week.
      My passion to get back in the wild with my 2 sons and friends drove my recovery and we always think of you TRED…the BARTA WAY
      We appreciate everything you have given back and continue to give.
      THANK YOU……Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    21. Tred, Thank you! Thank you for not only putting together the greatest hunting show ever but being the greatest inspiration before and after your stroke. You are the epitome of perserverance.
      I know you will not let this hold you back. You are too strong!
      Can’t wait for the next episode.
      My prayers are with you.
      Jeff Hicklin

    22. Tred, after seeing your show last week I realized how important it is to cherish your friends and family. As you know, in the blink of an eye, life can get turned upside down. You are a HUGE insperation and role model to more people than you know. Keep up on the rehab,faith and shooting and I know before long you will be back in the field doing it YOUR way!
      Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you and yours 🙂
      Bangor Maine

    23. Tred, if there was anyone I could emulate for my son it would be you. He’s 14 and truly inspired by your thought, mental toughness, perserverance, and dedication to doing things in life that are truly meaningful. We both pray for you and hope for a speedy recovery. While we can not always control life and our ultimate destiny, we can live everyday to our fullest as you exemplify. My dream is to meet you someday, with my son, and see this great man of current history. You are in our thoughts daily.
      Madison, Wisconsin

    24. Tread if there is anyone who can pull through this with flying colors it’s you and with God on your side you have the greatest edge anyone could have. I just wanted to say hang in there and keep the faith. And i am looking foward to your come back. YOUR FRIEND WILLIAM SCRUDDER.

    25. Tred,
      You are an inspiration to all hunters and fisherman. May God and Saint Sebastian (patron saint of archers) push you to a speedy recovery.

      David Schlehuber

    26. dear tred, like most i have found out about your recent health issue via your television show which i religiously watch on versus, if i cant watch it i am sure to record it. you are my favorite t.v. personality, you give the common hunter who cant go to RANCHES hope that we can succeed on our own without a high priced hunt. i know that you will perservere with the aid of our great SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST, he is the great physician, maybe you will have a full recovery and return to the show, maybe this will open a new avenue to your already awesome career, may GOD BLESS

    27. Last week I was awaiting for opening day of Maryland’s Sika deer season to begin in my hotel room and was watching the sports channel on tv, what I got was the biggest kick in the gut one could ever receive. I was so overcome with emotion I could not sleep. The next day I sat in my stand and all I culd do is pray for you and your family, I kept asking”WHY”, why Tred? and the only answer I got back was God has a plan for Tred. Now we are about the same age and I always felt as though you were one of my hunting buddies because we share the same passion for the outdoors, it is not the kill that is important, it is all about you vrs. you and being out ejoying the outdoors that God has provided for us. I am a disabled hunter and like you have pushed myself to my fullest limits in persuit of a hunt.

      I am sure lots of fans of yours have expressed their shock and disapointment that they will miss seeing you out there doing what you do, and I have to admit I did to for about 5 short seconds, then I thought how selfish of me. I just cannot tell you in words the hours of ejoyment you have given to my 4 children and me, we all agree you represent the true sportsman, we do not any of the other vrs prgrams for the simple reason we can not relate to them, you fit right in as one of the family. Will continue to pray for you on a daily basis and am looking forward in seeing God’s plan for Tred.
      Richard Monroe and Family

    28. Happy New Year from Alaska Tred. I’m looking forward to seeing you miss an easy shot or break a line . Best of luck and Best Wishes

    29. Tred, you are a true sportsman and a great human being. Stay tough and you will get through this. Best wishes Michael Anderson

    30. Tred, your a true inspiration and have given me whole new way at looking at things, personally and afield. Hang in there buddy. You will overcome! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family..

    31. Dear Tred, I wish you the best.If anyone will recover fully,it will be you.I have read about you and your acomplishments long before your tv shows.I have always respected your skills.My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Drew Slousky

    32. Tred,
      You have been a huge part of our lives and i’m speaking on behalf of my self and my cousin Van. We started fishing with you at the ages of seven (7) and ten (10) off of Montauk in the canyons for big eye tuna. To this day when we tell people of our experiences with you they find it hard to believe! My Father brought you into my life at a very young age and I still thank him to this day. Because of you we with the help of my uncle Mark and my father Evans pursued the sport of offshore fishing and now have our own memories in the deep. There hasn’t been a trip that we have went on without talking about your tactics that you passed on to us.
      One thing I have learned from you is it’s not about the size or the amount that you boat, it’s the quality time you spend with the one’s you care for the most! Tred you are alway’s in our thoughts and our prayers here back in Westchester CO. New York. We wish you a speedy recovery Tred. Hang in there Brother you will get through this with us by your side. God Bless!

      George Poniros & Family

    33. I have watched your shows each time they are on. You have been an inspiration to me. Though I don’t shoot traditional bows I do shoot compoud, rifle, muzzleloader and love the shotgun. Since I moved to Colorado 4 years ago I have had a whole new look on life and the outdoors. I like to think I hunt to my extreme. My friends here will tell ya that I like to hunt the hard way. No guides just me and my friends and our gear. I am sorry to here about your paralisis. I believe that everything has a reason yours maybe to inspire others that think they can’t do it any more to not feel sorry for them selves and get back out and enjoy what the good lord has give us. If I can help you in anyway please email me, our prayers are with you and your family.

    34. Tred, as I updated my girlfriend on your condition this morning, I was overcomed with emotion. You see, Tred, I lost my father almost two years ago and when I see your show and passion for all you do, it reminds me of my father. Tred, I have no dought you WILL recover and will, once again, do it your way- the Barda way! You have been and remain an inspiration to many on this earth. Your love of life, family and the outdoors shines like a becon on a grand mountain. I look forward to you sharing more experiences on TV for many years to come. Rest assured, everyone is waiting for your next hunting/ fishing trip. I wish I could be there with you! Take care and may God Bless you and your wonderful wife, who made the right decision in bringing you home to recover. She loves you very much! We all do! PS: I know some geese that are happy you’re at home and not aiming your arrow at them! Ha! Ha!

    35. Tred, I heard about your condition from a good friend at Bass Pro. I was heart broken. I recently saw the VS special. I was brought to tears watching you fight. As a former Marine that was not easy.You inspired me even more than previously.I am currently recovering from a sever back injury that required a 6 hr. surgery.I have progressed from a walker,back brace and powerful pain killers. Starting to walk with out and help. I too asked God why? Seems working 60 hrs. a week in a factory is not what God wants me to for the rest of my life. I was not able to bow hunt for the first time since 1973. But I was able to take my 10 yr.old out for a couple of short afternoons of deer hunting. He now knows it is about the hunt not the amount of game is why we go.I will try to pull my bow again this spring.
      God brought you this far,he will bring us the rest of the way!
      Keep fighting,never give up,and enjoy what you can still do.
      God bless you and your family.

    36. Good luck Tred, I miss your show already. You definitely had something different than every other hunting show. You have a tough road ahead but that is the Motto to your show. If anybody can, you can. Look forward to seeing your next spot and stalk even if its a squirrel.

    37. Godspeed Tred. I recorded your show weekly and watched it with my three boys (thank you for that nice time with them). We loved the Bella Coola bear hunt and have planned a trip to BC and Alaska for a wonderful hunt….Your humble everyman persona is a breath of fresh air in a world of egos and attitude. keep your chin up, “Do the work” as you say on the show….and continue to inspire

    38. Dear Tred Barta,

      My name is DuPre Townsend I am 12 years old. My dad and I have watched almost all of your shows on Friday night in the wild.We both shoot traditional bows together. we really miss you and We are both praying
      for you. I hope you will have speeding recovery.

      Your Friend,

      DuPre Townsend

    39. I really enjoy your show and want to wish you best of luck on your recovery. You are allready inspiring people! god Bless.

    40. Tred I’ve read most all your letters. I send all the same wishes for you. I want to go one step farther…. I would crary you on my back to any pond to any feild through any swamp through any bog. Your way, is now many hunters or fishers way. It is my way. And the way of my three sons, age 10, 9, 9. I would pay my own way to cary you anywhere. You of corse woould’nt have it, its not your way. Please get well and keep us up to date. serious as hell…. pete and sons

    41. Tred way to go if anyone can beat this it’s you. We are praying for you I hope to see you in the woods, I know you will be there. – Greg B.

    42. Hi Tred and Annie,

      All I can say is GOD BLESS. I pray for the day that I can watch you hunt and fish in the wild again. If that does not happen, the stories that I get to watch will be embedded in my mind for life.
      Words cannot express how much I love you and your strength. You inspire me and a nation of hunters and fisher people.

      With great respect,

      Jeff Grzesiak
      Oconomowoc, WI

    43. After watching your outdoor shows for many years, I was very dismayed on the medical condition..that have been an inspiration to many people…As a retired State Trooper here in Colo., you have chosen a great place to live..All fellow Officers wish you well on your recovery..and expect to see you back on the TV soon..Keep us up-dated on your WEB site.. Thanks for many great shows..Good Luck Tony Zmijewski, Colo State Patrol (RET.) Aurora, Colo..

    44. Tred,
      When I first saw you on TV I have to admit I wasn’t a fan. But as I watched over the years, I realized you weren’t acting this is who you are. And who you are and what you stand for are truly inspirational. It’s great to here things are going, however slowly in the right direction. Tred, as the song says “Barta your the man”
      Good hunting,fishing and healing my man!

    45. ive been watching tred for a coulpe of years now and enjoy the fact that he hunts traditional. i also only bowhunt traditional and have much respect for tred. i was very shocked to hear about his illness. god bless you tred, and get well soon.

    46. Hi Tred,

      Read your update and hope things go well at the Mayo Clinic! I also hope that you make lots of money for the kids at your tournament. Keep plugging away.

      Jeff G.

    47. I love the fight in you!! We dont get to pick the hand we are delt, we just have to play it the best we can. Would love to hunt whitetails in Iowa with you when you are up to it. Gods speed!

    48. Hi Tred

      I have been a fan of your shows for several years, you make hunting real and fun. You shall return.
      God bless and get better soon, the hunting shows are not the same without you.
      Aloha from Hawaii

    49. Hi Tred,

      As most people have mentioned above, I am also a huge fan but maybe for a different reason. I fell ill about 4 years ago with Chronic Migraine disease which in non doctor speak means that I have had a dibilitating Migraine 24 hours per day, 7 day’s per week for the last 4 years. To date the doctors have not found a cure.

      Your outgoing personality teamed with a can do attitude has helped me get through the roughest of days and for that I thank you.

      I wish you the very best in your recovery and if you are ever in the Portland OR area, I would love to take you and your lovely wife Sturgeon fishing on the Columbia River.

      Best wishes

    50. I just learned of your condition and was truely shocked. I have enjoyed your show for sometime as well as your literary skills. What I’m not shocked by is your drive and determination to hit your condition head on and make the best of it both in your life and others. You’re in the public spotlight and it would be easy for the average person to just give up. You’re not average though. Thank you for your continued vigor in life. You’re commendable. Best wishes for you and your wonderful wife.

    51. Dear Tred,

      I really enjoy your show. I watch a lot of outdoor shows, but find myself always going back to watch yours consistently. Your humor and tenacity are always entertaining and inspirational. I know your situation is not easy and I’m praying for you. Keep up the good fight. Psalms 46:1

    52. Tred, Like everyone else I watch your show and love your passion.
      You are definitely a mans man. I fish more than I hunt because they have built houses all over my hunting grounds. I know a man of your charactor and determination will life to the fullest. You have wonderful family support and close friends and I know nothing but the best is in front of you. God Bless.

    53. Dear Tred,
      Hang in there guy. You have come a long way since your initial stroke. I know it is hard on you and the family, but you are strong people and have the prayers and support of your fans with you at all times.You are still #1 in my family’s book. And Annie we all know this has been extremely exhausting and painful on you and I am sure the success Tred has made in his health improvements could not have been accomplished without your constant support. You hand in there, too gal! You both have alot of friends out here pulling for you and know even though you are celebrities, you are still real people. Your friends, Wayne & Georgia Cunningham

    54. DEAR TREAD

    55. tred is an inspiration to us sportsman. his attitudes and drive in his hunts shines through these tough times. i will look forward to the next time he shoots his next griz with his bow. good luck

    56. It would be a great honor and a privlage to me to be able to shake the hand of Tred. From the very first show that I saw of him, I told my self “that man has a great heart inside and is someone that I wish I could be”. I am a Marine. And his image out shines me. We need more people in our lives or we need to be the people in others lives that Tred is. If more of us could be like him, the world would be a far better place to live in. Tred, my hats off to you and your family and I pray that you will be back up doin’ the work the hard way, the Barta way, again soon.

    57. When we saw your show,we were completly stunned.I’m sure like everyone else.My husband and i have been such fans of you, and your, show for years now.We can only pray for you and your family ,and believe that the lord has his reasons.You have been such a strong and influenchel force in all that you do.So i’m certain that there is a bigger picture we all can’t possibly know at this time. But what ever it may be? We know that you will give it 110 percent.

      The hard way the barta way!!!~~~God bless you and your family~~~

    58. I am a big fan. Because you have only hunting and fishing show. That say’s it ok to fail.
      If you know anything about hunt of fishing it that you fail 99% of the time. I like that you show that it’s just fine. Keep your head up. It’s hard way. It is the barta way.

    59. Hello Tred,

      Keep your head up and keep going just they way you did before. Don’t slow down! I love your show and how honest you are about our heritage and passing it on to the next generation of Americans.

      You can do it Tred!

      I know it is hard, but you have showed everyone before that’s where you succeed!

      The Barta Way!

      J. Litten
      Newark, OH

    60. Hello Tred,

      Yesterday (2/3/10) I was watching a NatGeo show about some UN Peacekeepers that were trapped by a group of militants. I believe this took place in South America. Long story short, they escaped and made it back home. Some time later, one of the men was sitting at his desk when he started experiencing numbness in his foot and ankle and it eventually travelled up to just below his ribcage. What he described reminded me of exactly what you had described. He ended up in the hospital, and went through a battery of tests. They never found out what caused his paralysis, but after several weeks he started to recover, they sent him home and several weeks later, he made a full recovery. They suspect that he contracted some kind of virus that affected his spinal column from either bad water, something they ate, bug bites, or something similar.

      I don’t know if your physicians have definitively found the cause of your paralysis, but wanted to at least make you aware of this case. Incredibly similar.

      Still hoping and praying for your full recovery. It ain’t over till He says it is.


    61. Tred Barta- My favorite TV person. My brother and I live 1000miles away yet hunt and fish many times a year. We love the outdoors and we love Tred Barta. We watch your show together and talk about them after every show. We waited and waited for you to get that dam Caribou lol!! He called me and said …richie richie…tred got a kill! I went straight to my TV and started watching(i record on DVR lol). Sure enough you bagged a good one! I work at RHI Rehab Hospital of Indiana. Spinal cord, brain and stroke rehab. I have seen complete transformation from patients with injuries and other problems. I have set up many visits and hunts for para’s from different organizations for Handicap. Life does get tough on not just you but your family as well, so go easy. Life is right there in front of you and I cant wait to watch the way you do it now from the chair. Hopefully with prayers and good medical you will prevail from this and show the ones in your place it can be done.

      If there is a blog that you frequent please email to the email address i left.

      Take Care Tred Barta

    62. Tred,
      I would like to say “Thank You”, You are an inspiration to all who enjoy the outdoors. I have always enjoyed watching your show. I was saddened while watching about your condition. I want to wish you my best on your recovery. My prayers to you and your family.

    63. Hi Tred , we read what happened to you, It must have been an aweful experience. We believe as well that God brought you though this and he will continute to do so our prayers are with you. Keep up the faith and remember God is always with us.

    64. Tred, I have always enjoyed your show and am going to watch one after this . I have some good friends who would love to have you fishing or hunting with them in Alaska. To enjoy hunting World Class Kodiak brown bears on Kodiak Island contact Alaska Trophy Safaris in Chgiak Ak. This is a 40yr established SFI affiliated business. They can adapt a hunt for your needs and have the experience to make the odds of success greatest. I have worked for these people and know that we can make the outdoors accessable for fishing or hunting. Please contact me if you need a valet to assist you. Sincerely, Neil S. Nelson

      KEN HONN

      & KEEP ME POSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    67. hi tred, I have always admired the stance you take on life, I felt a deep sorrow in my heart when the news hit. I asked myself why this happened to a great man who is so influential. I found no reason why. I then realized that everything is in gods hands and he had a reason. You are living proof that “you can’t keep a good man down.” I believe that you will give 150% to keep living life the way you preach. I will keep you in my prayers and hope for many years of great fishing and hunting. I love ya tred, fight, fight, and keep fighting.

    68. Hi Tred

      Because the way you hunt, the hard way.I too will hunt the hard way , the Brata way. So you too will be with me in the woods ,and the outdoors.I know with God you will be back out in woods hunting again on your owen two feet.Maybe the both of us will hunt sibe by side one day. Keep the faith.
      Thanks, Robert Hilliard

    69. Tred,

      I’m not a bow hunter. Long or compound. As a former member of the US Marine Corps Rifle Team, I prefer long guns to long bows. Your “can do” attitute motivates the hell out of me everytime I watch your show. You would have made a great Marine. And since Marines never give up, I know it’s only a matter of time until you kick that wheel chair to the curb, and you’re out in the woods hunting big game again. Hunters all over the world are rooting for you. Keep fighting Tred. Hopefully our trails will cross someday.

    70. Tred, you are one heck of a guy. You remined me of my Dad. Simple, to the point and a true sportmans. Hunted with iron sites since he was 13 with a 30-30 from his father. Like you he did it his way. You and your family are in our prayers. Looking forward to another caribou hunt with your bow.

    71. Tred,
      I own a 4300 acre ranch in Central California. Our hunting rules are “we do it the hard way” No food plots, no decoys, no artifical calls” just our hunting abilities against the animals instincts, fare chase all the way. My family has been doing this way for over 100 years. Every hunt is an adventure. I am proud to teach my grandson to hunt the same way.

      We have never met, but we both think alike. Take care my friend.

      Mike & Ben Gould

    72. Dear Tred,

      I did it my way and still do. First deer, 8 point by bow, learnt on my own with no direction.

      We experienced a heart attack with my 5 year old daughter and a severe stroke during a subsequent open heart surgery. She couldn’t speak, was in a wheel chair with head brace and couldn’t even lift her head.

      She did it her way and now at 17 years old with a heart transplant, is walking and thinking about what degree she wants to get in college.

      Time is only relevent to what we make of it.

      Some of us are not afforded with 70-80 years of time so we have to get in everything we can.

      Or as you say, “do it my way”.

      The glass is always half full.

      Cheers to you my friend!

    73. Hey tred
      wow! what a man amongst men you truley are.I am not much of a bow hunter, I can’t shoot them very well, I hunt with rifles, however I love to watch you do it the hard way, I lost my cable network a little while back and I just found out about your situation 2 min ago, you are an inspiration to us all my friend. praise God for you, my family and I will keep you in our prayers,keep up the good fight,go,go,go

    74. Mr. Barta,

      I’ve been watching your show since inception and it brought me to tears when I found out about your stroke. I’ve been a fisherman since I was 3 and I’m now about to turn 30 years old and have yet to fish blue water. Between getting landlocked and hard economic times I’ve just never been able to afford it. Seeing you fight back againt your ailment has inspired me. I’m working a 2nd job and all of the money made is going into a savings account for a blue water trip. Life is too short and although I’ve done plenty of freshwater angling it’s time for me to get out there and just do it! I hope you get to read this and it brings a smile to your face knowing you’ve inspired me and that you are my motivation! My prayers are with you and your family.

      Bo Whiteside

    75. Tred, when i heard of your accident i called my fiancee who is new to the outdoors & i couldnt help but shed tears as i read what happened to you…
      First let me start by saying at the age of 28 a 17yr old kid ran me over while i was on my motorcycle. that resulted in a right leg amputation below my right knee, and thus my hunting ended for several years while it was healing.
      I hunt as much as i can, and being on disability, i cant afford to go elk hunting or out for mule deer out west, let alone hire a guide, but when you showed me & the rest of your viewers it amazed me with information on how to hunt public land for elk in Colorado. i sat utterly amazed at what i saw.
      I have hopes of one day harvesting a white tail bigger then the 8 pointer on my wall now, or a muley or elk, but could never figure out how on earth i would ever be able to afford it until i seen your one episode on Versus.
      I know you will be back in the outdoors as soon as you can, I will tell you after i went and walked back to where i deer hunt at and i was watching this little hill side i always white tail deer hunt at, i sat & cried as i watched the sun rise up for the first time. I know i am truely blessed every time i see that sun rise while i am in a tree stand.
      I have taken several first time hunters out in the woods & i give them the same advise you have always said- a Trophy animal is one you work hard for, no matter what the size it is.
      I will be watching and god bless give hell & LIVE EVERY DAY AS IT IS YOUR LAST & MAYBE ONE DAY WE WILL MEAT IN THE SAME WOODS ON A ELK HUNT…

    76. Tred n Anni..praying for you..we love you..look into IV chelation therapy..has helped many regain function after alternative..medically used for cases of lead poisoning,,your spirit inspires many!

    77. Tred I don’t normally write to people. I personaly don’t know. However I just wanted to say man you are the cat’s meow in my book. You are the man , please never never give up man ,becuase you inspire me ,you are the best in my book number one man, I don’t know what to say to you I’m in total shock. Dam I’m screwing this up arn’t I . I just don’t know what to say except I look up to you so much I’m 50 years old and your show’s are the best, you are the best your family is great I just want you to stay around as long as I do , you inspire me so much. I wish you nothing but the best man dam I wish I fix this .


      Doug Dow

    78. Dear Tred, I’m a proud father of two girls. I also do things your way(the hard way). I never listen to what everyone says the does and don’t and have secess. I remember the first time I saw you on the versus channel and said to myself, who is this idiot? But the more I watched you the more I liked you! When you had gone to the hospital I was a wreck at home in disbelief. I had tears of something you gave me. Never give up! I watched you and learned that I wish I had never judged a book by its cover. You taught me to look into people instead at them. For that I give my prayers of a speedy recovery to you and my love! Hang in there my friend the sun enjoys you.

    79. I just saw the episode detailing what has been going on with your health tonight. That is a tough row to hoe but it looks like you are going at it with the same attitude we have always seen out of you. Keep it up!!

      Take good care of each other.

    80. Tred,
      You are the one and only “Blue Twisted Steel” man. Keep on fighting, I will keep on praying for you and your family.
      Semper Fi.

    81. Tred,
      I’m not sure if you read these or not but it is obvious that everyone wants to see you kicking ass again. You have the right frame of mind in taking things as they come and seeing a brighter side to everything. Its hard to say words of inspiration to a person who inspires others. You have been inspiring people right along the way to enjoy life and live it to the fullest. So many people on television these days say one thing and do another but thats not true in your case. You are sticking to your words and showing the world just how strong Tred Barta is. You are still the man in my book!I wish you a fufilling and happy life.

    82. Tred,I just saw the episode and couldn’t believe it both my wife and I where amazed. Since your show started I have watched and felt like you would be someone I would want to hunt or fish with.Your doing it the hard way is how I always tackled the outdoors,even when my buddies didn’t want to go, I went. Since December 2007 I was going thru a medical nightmare that put a big damper on my hunting and fishing. I was mis diagnosed for almost two years with a panic disorder, walking disorder,and night terrors.I finaly met the right doctor wit the answers and found out that I have epilepsy, all of this came out of the blue,no warning. This fall I hunted with more confidence than in years past, to the point of making my first solo trips in years to my old hunting grounds.I even took my oldest boy to show him what it means to hunt,the work that goes into a day of hunting, the bonuses that you enjoy just by being their. Like you say it’s not about the kill it’s about being their experiencing what nature has to show that day. The days I went solo I realized how much I missed being their by myself and enjoyng the show. Your words of wisdom are always their and I believe they helped inspire me to get back to the way I use to be. My condition will always be their but I wont let it keep me from doing the things I enjoy so much. Thank you Uncle Tred be strong and you will prevail!

    83. You I must say inspires the way I do things for a long time. Its not about the Trophy animal but the trophy hunt itself. I have 2 boys who I hunt and fish with and the time spent with them is very precious. I must thank you for that. I justed watch your show that showed your ordeal for the 5th time and still had to wipe away tears for you. But like the saying goes when the going gets tough, the Tred Barta from Longbow ranch will get going. I wish you well and maybe some day in the near future when hunting in Colorado, me and my boys can come by and say hi. Sincerely Don, Joey, and Tony Puccinelli

    84. Tred,
      I have been busy working my degree. I have not seen my favorite hunting shows. Now that I am done, I can watch again. Today I watched your show when you were in the hospital. I was in shock. It is funny how life throws us a curve sometimes. My friend is also in a wheel chair with limited use of his arms and hands. He has a zest for life that I admire. You seem to have that same zest for life. I will look forward to your next shows. My friend is a Marine and a former law enforcement officer. He stills buys firearms. I hope to help him shoot again. I know you will do it your way. Keep the faith and God bless.

    85. Tred,

      I just watched your show and was blown away.
      It brought tears to my eyes. I’m am amazed at your attitude and your willingness to keep working and never giving up. Keep up the hard work!I can’t wait to see the 192 lb blue twisted steel back on TV doing your hunting and fishing shows your way! You are truly a strong man. You will be in my prayers, Gob Bless

    86. Dear Tred, I am a soon to be retired professional baseball player and avid outdoorsman. Im inspired by your story due to the fact that Im having trouble with feeling in my legs due to the 13 years of playing this sport. I am a deticated TRED BARTA fan. I love your show! i love your intensity and dedication to the outdoors. I pray for you and your family every sit in the woods or on the water. GOD has given you a challenge. I know with your dedication and persistance in the woods and water will help you get back to doing what you love and cherish. GOD bless you and your family. Hope to see you back in your element soon and on your next show!

    87. Tred, G-D only would have done this if he felt you could handle it, if you could use it to show 1 other person that there is only one end to life and everything else before that is just a challange. G-D is surely a fan of your show. I just caught the last 10 mins of good/bad episode and was so upset I came to this site to find out more. What I found was the letter above that you wrote. What an amazing person you are. In a world where realty tv produces idols for our kids we need a few more Tred Barta’s. You are a statesman of the outdoors, a unique gift to us. I wish you a speedy recovery, and a continued ability to enjoy the ride wherever it takes you next.

    88. Dear Tred,
      I just saw your episode about your new ‘hard way’. I was truly devastated after hearing of this. We are about the same age. I grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA and always have been in love with the Ocean and the Mountains. I have spent my life backpacking the High Sierras. Now I simply enjoy the Canyons of San Diego. I don’t care for Series TV. I look for the outdoor adventure shows. Yours has been a huge inspiration to me, due to your extreme exuberating for ‘the love of life’. When you lose out, I understand that it was the experience that was fulfilling. When you missed all those hogs, oh well! When you had those lines all singing’ and giving orders to many and directing the boat Capt. all at once- whew that was fun! When you missed on another hunt – then acted like a crazy fool hoppin’ ’round rolling on the ground – loved it. It’s the best and worst – of life! And it’s how you teach to respect, accept, and love each other – good or bad – that counts. The good Lord took others from us unexpectedly, like Steven Reeves and Steve Erwin (Glad your not named Steve – lol). With His will you are an inspiration to others, and with our prayers you can recover. When you say you will beat this, I believe you. My prayers are with you. On two feet or two wheels, no matter, I hope one day to meet you. You are truly an inspiration. Bless you and your Family.

    89. Dear Tred-
      First let me say that I will remember you and you family in my prayers! You have an obvious love for life and a personal strength that it is not found in most of us, and worthy of admiration. (Without being preachy) Sometimes we are presented with challenges in our lives, not because we need the personal growth experience, but because others around us may require the benefit of the special example that only you can provide! I believe that you have the personal strength and that certain quality to turn this challenge into a triumph and positive exeperience for yourself and others around you!
      “You’re the man Barta, you’re the man…” All our hopes, all our prayers!

    90. Tred, I just caught the show last night. My wife and I are in our sixty’s and have always enjoyed watching you and your adventures. I, like you, consider my self a “man’s man” and an outdoorsman. But I am not ashamed to say that I cried through the entire show and still have a lump in my throat this morning. You are and always will be my guy “ONE TOUGH S.O.B.”. I bet you can still pull your moose, the guide and his boat out of that lake in one shot! I am truly inspired by your attitude and know that you “will close this deal”. You are in our hearts and prayers. God bless you Tred.

    91. Like others im sure. i just found out that one of the greatest, toughest, and inspirational persons of hunting has a slight set back. i finally got caught up on my dvr as it is set to record tred barta on vs. im a big tough guy not as hard as tred but my tears just came out. my father didnt teach me to hunt or the love. i just started doing it in my 20’s. ive relied on many hunting programs through the years. one that i have always watched was the barta. i didnt want to ruin a sport that i didnt know much about.hearing tred talk i understood the journey to train and push through. i now have a few memories that show my long hours at work, my eyes seeing things so majestic that cant be read in books, and my hands touching the fur of a great predator. my children will know mr bartas words on hunting. it does make me sad because watching the episode of your son shooting his elk so inspired me to one day see that face on my children. i have brothers disabled from their sacrifices in the war. when you fly into bragram there is a memorial on the wall. above the names read” live a life worth those who died for”. they get up everyday and do life. god bless you mr barta. i wish your health to you to return, but show this industry that hunting is to be shared with everyone.. legs or with wheels. Sir god bless

    92. Tred,you are truly inspirational and a man of God.He has a plan for you.Hang in there.My prayers are with you and your family.God speed.

    93. Hey Tred,

      Watched both of your shows twice last night as I do every Friday night. I can not tell you how sorry I am for this challenge God has presented . The doctor on your show said something last night that I believe to be true in that you have something special inside you and this something special I think will TRULY help u persevere and BEAT this thing !! I am a avid angler and hunter here in the Great Lakes state and I can not tell u how many times your words have echoed in my ears while faced with some type of challenge or adversity in the outdoors and day to day life . I want to thank you for always keeping your show REAL . It is so refreshing to watch a show that is not afraid to show the obstacles and failures that come with our pursuit of fish and game . My father and I are the best of friends due to our love of the outdoors and you couldn’t be more right when you say “it’s about the journey” . I lost my brother 2 years ago at the age of 29. He was a english teacher and a damn good football coach. The memories of him are usually brought up during fishing and hunting expeditions which keep his memory alive . A tragedy like this truly helps you appreciate the JOURNEY and not the final result. Whether we are steelheading the Rouge or hexing the PM river for slob brown trout your words will continue to echo through my head . Good Luck with your journey Tred our thoughts and prayers are with you !!!

      Tight Lines
      Rob Spurgis

    94. Hi Tred,

      I am an avid deer hunter and I thoroughly enjoy your shows. Keep up the fight against your affliction. You are truly an inspiration to me and you and your family are in my prayers. God bless you!

      Richie Hamilton

    95. Tred:
      I have been watching your shows for years and could not believe what I was watching last Friday night. I am glad to hear that your spirits are high and you are overcoming this terrible hand you have been dealt. I would love to see your show continue some day. Your humor and toughness make me laugh and I will always be a fan. Please keep your fans updated via your website or Verses TV. Good luck

    96. I have to say that when I first stated watching Tred I was less than impressed with him. I thought his name said it all. But you know what? I kept watching him. The guy is entertaining. The last show I saw him in was the one where he was trying to shoot a crane with a bow. When he was talking about how frustrated he was and that he could cry cause of it, and then they had animated tears falling from his eyes and a boo hoo sound track played. MAN!! My brother and I both started laughing out loud!! And the play with the warden who thought that they were either drunk or napping was just too cool!! That was the best show on vs. I have ever seen bar none! Tred, You the Man!! I wish you nothing but the best.
      Thanx and good luck,
      Chris Aanes

    97. Tred,

      It’s all been said by the 102 people before me. You are an inspiration and true American Hero. Hang in there and keep doing it “Your Way”. God Bless you and your family.

    98. “Tred On”

      He walked the woods and climbed the hills,
      He ran the oceans’ glories.
      He stalked the game that gave the thrills
      One only reads in stories.

      He went all out on every hunt,
      A man of true devotion.
      You often heard a puff and grunt,
      A man with high emotion.

      When he was out in ocean blue,
      You couldn’t help but focus.
      The method, not quite tried and true,
      But on he went with purpose.

      What’s special ’bout this man we know,
      This man who’s always ready?
      Is it the rod, the reel, the bow?
      The shooting arm that’s steady?

      Could be the hunt, the stalk, the fun,
      That we all wish to see.
      Or it could be the sea, the sun,
      The feeling of being free.

      No doubt, this man brought all of this,
      The show, so entertaining,
      A show that brings the outdoor bliss,
      In sun, or when it’s raining.

      But there was always something more,
      That Tred brought to the screen.
      You never knew what was in store,
      It’s more than we’ve all seen.

      The man brought forth a sense of strength,
      In all his days that turned.
      The journey stretches out a length,
      By watching, we’ve all learned.

      It’s not about the biggest deer,
      Nor ’bout the largest lunker,
      But rather it’s about our fear
      That we must face and conquer.

      This man, he’s faced the largest bears,
      He’s faced the biggest seas.
      And now a challenge no one dares,
      That brings most to their knees.

      But hearing him speak of the pain,
      It’s hardly ever heard.
      He’d rather talk of all the gain,
      One might thing he’s absurd!

      There is no doubt that Tred is here,
      To motivate the troubled.
      God put him here with little fear,
      And now… our strength is doubled.

      Tred On, my blessed friend. You have a gift of giving hope. Our prayers are with you. All the strength of all this country’s outdoorsmen is with you.

      And God is watching over you.

      Thanks for being strong and giving hope.

    99. After watching your show from Episode 1 and as I am reading all of these post while watching one of your espidoes. Thanksgving – Sailfish in Guatemala. You are one of the most sincere and true good hearted individuals I have seen on Television today and I believe that is how are are in life! I know you will walk again keep pushing and never give up!

    100. Tred,

      My wife and i were watching you on versus last night and were truly inspired. We both believe that God does not give you anything that you cannot handle. And we know that you will be able to handle this and be an inspiration to others. You and your family are in our prayers. GOD BLESS!

      Brian and Maryellen Forrest

    101. Tred,
      I’m a fan and I watch the show all the time and know you will find ways to keep hunting and fishing. I was paralyzed from the waist down on 12/21/09 and just got word of your’ condition today, you are in my thoughts and prayers Tred. I hope you will come up with ways to hunt and fish from a chair, I can’t wait to see them as they will be a great inspiration to me and my family as we try to figure out how to adapt to my injury. So don’t forget Tred, you’re made from twisted blue steel! Best, Kevin J.

    102. Tred
      I discovered your show about 4 months ago when I picked up the VS channel. It quickly became my favorite of all the hunting shows. I love your sense of humor and how you can make light of the toughest situations. It reminds me of when I hunt and fish with my friends. You could write the humor pages in the back of Outdoor Life or Field & Stream. I was shocked and saddened to see the show covering your spinal stroke. I was amazed at your courage and ability to joke about your situation even in your darkest hours. The way you hunt, the way you narrate your programs your audience feels like they are one of your hunting buddies. I wish you the best and if you ever want to bow hunt NH, give me a shout and I will find you a critter that you can hunt no matter your circumstances. I wish you the best.
      Duane Cross


    104. I truely thought, like others, that you were a TV gimmick! How wrong I was! After watching your TV show, I was stunned and almost cried. As a bowhunter I have wandered away from my traditional equipment, putting more emphasis on trying to kill the big buck rather than the spirit of hunting itself. You have truely inspired me and many other sportmen. I truely hope that the trail God lays in front of you, leads you to the another trophy.

    105. Tred, I have watched your show for many years and found it very inspirational. I know that you don’t want anyone’s pity but I want you to know that your story has been a huge boost for me. I have been an avid outdoorsmen since I was a young boy. I admire your “Tred Barta ways”. Now at 50 years old, I had emergency back surgery the day before bow season fall 2009. It has been a long hard road for this recovery. I’ve read your recent life accounts and use your story as a beacon for my own recovery journey. You have an open invite to hunt whitetails in Central New York anytime. (trapping and fishing too). God Bless you and your wife on your new life journey. Mike Kraus

    106. Tred, I’ve watched your shows for many years. I only found out about your paralysis just recently. My prayers, and thoughts have been with you and your family these past few day’s after I watched your show, where you were in the hospital. You sir are an inspiration to all of us.

      Your faith in God shows through you and inspires all around you. Your spirit is immense, and touches all around you, and all those who watch your shows. I will continue to pray for your recovery Tred.

      I know prayer works. It has worked in my life. August 7, 2003 I was in a motorcycle accident and run over by a Ford F150 pickup doing 65+mph. My right pelvis was split in half, my liver was lacerated, 26cm of my small intestine was destroyed beyond repair, both knee’s were destroyed, my left femur was broken in numerous places, and I had numerous bones broken in my right hand, along with lots of road rash. The doctors told my wife I had a 10% chance of making it through surgery. I thought I was going to meet my maker at the time. But, I didn’t let on to my 3 kids. I kissed each of them before I went into the first surgery to save my life.

      When I awoke, my wife and mom were there. The doctors came in and told me they wanted to amputate my legs. They said I would never walk again. But, I did. A young lady doctor put me back together, and I walk today. Throughout my ordeal, and today, prayer and my faith in God continues to help me through all the trials and tribulations.

      I wrote a poem after my accident. I wrote it shortly after I got home. I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to share it with you and everyone here. It’s called “His Whispers”

      His Whispers
      It was a cool autumn morn
      Riding with the wind blowing over me,
      life was good
      Up ahead, a turn to make
      No problem, I think. I’ve done this a dozen times befor
      Then vehicles crash
      Metal on metal, grinding on each other
      I lay on the ground for a moment
      Then a voice says “Get up, you are not hurt”
      I try to take my helmet off
      But, He whispers “No, leave it on, my son”
      I stand, because I am not hurt
      I look at what is left of my metal steed
      When He whispers again “Look out my son”

      I turn to meet my metal opponent
      I hear, and then I feel the impact
      Metal on flesh, what a test
      Who will win,
      Metal bends, flesh tears and bones crumble
      As I lay there, crumbled and broken
      I ask a friend to call my wife
      I don’t know whether I will live or die
      Then He whispers again
      “Lay there and rest my son, I will take care of you”
      I had to believe, the whispers were all I had

      They put me in an ambulance,
      No helicopter would fly
      Ride like the wind to the place where I’d be safe
      A place where they could put me back together
      The puzzle of flesh and bone that I now was
      What manner of doctor could put me back together
      How could they know what to do
      The questions that rolled through my mind
      Then, He whispered again
      “I will guide them, sleep now my son”
      I slept, the best sleep that I have ever had
      When I awoke, the face of two angels appeared
      My wife and mother were there

      I was glad to see them
      They stayed by me in that small cold room
      My home for 20 days

      And the day finally came to go home
      The EMT’s worked hard to get me up the stairs, but they did it
      I doubted whether I could ever get down the stairs by myself
      And, he whispered again
      “Do not worry, I will help you”
      It was good to be home
      My family together again
      I learned to do things on my own,
      With the help of Him
      His whispered messages so quiet and clear
      His promises kept, He continues to lay his helping hand
      On this flesh and broken bone
      I pray, and I listen with an eager ear
      For His whispered messages so quiet and clear
      Than You, Lord Jesus for Your love and healing,

      Marty Ley

      May we all listen for You and place our lives in Your hands.

    107. Tred,
      You said you believe in your faith, and you are 100% right. If one has faith the size of a mustard seed, they will move mountains. You are in my family’s prayers.


    108. Tred hang in there and I hope the best for you. I as well was an outdoorsman but recently lost my right leg and am currently trying to adjust to this new way of life.

      Capt. Ahab

    109. Tred I Like Watching Your Show, Your Inthusiasm Is Uplifting And You Have A Great Inner Spirit That Shines Through When You Talk About Your Hunts. I Was So Saddened When I Heard Of Your Health Problems. Your In My Thoughts And Prayers. Chin Up My Friend. Del

    110. Tred,
      I have a son with fragile X syndrome and many people put limitations on what he would be able to do. I never did and today he continues to astonish everyone with how far he has come. He even drives my truck now.

      Your an inspiration to anyone facing challenges of any kind and although it was probably a hard decision, thank you for sharing with all of us. Gage, my son, loves to fish, maybe someday we could all fish together.

    111. Mr. Barta,

      I can’t say anything more than what has already been said but, YOU ARE THE MAN Tred you the man. God Bless

      Marc Fisher

    112. I was totally struck by the fishing trip that I saw last night on VS. I had to take a doubletake because I saw you in a wheelchair….. I jad no Idea Mr. Barta that you had been inflicted with a problem such that you have. I have always enjoyed your showing and Humor, and use you as a mentor in my everyday life. Being older than you all I can say is don’t give up keep trying till your last breath that is what your fans would expect nothing less.

    113. Mr. Barta,
      So sorry to hear about your set back. I do belive that you have what it takes to overcome this. Keep the faith and Remember men of faith have courage.
      God Bless you

    114. Mr. & Ms. Tred Barta:

      From the great State of Louisiana – You guys always have a spot at our camp. We love you brother !

    115. mr barta i look up to you as a hunter you are a hero of mine. i will be praying for you god bless you and your loving wife mike earnest

    116. Glad you are doing better. You inspire me and my hunting buddy Clay. We do not kill a lot of animals but sure have fun while out in the woods. I still laugh hartily when I re-live watching you kill the moose with the long bow and watching it turn and run into the remote lake……. Time for the cold blue steel to go to work…. Ha Ha Ha

    117. Tred, I’m sorry to hear about the recent paralysis you’ve suffered. I was watching your show on VS. last week and was shocked to see the story. I’ve always appreciated your show and your way of doing things is amazing and amuzing too. I expected you to walk out of the Hospital at the end of the episode. It was quite a shock when you didn’t. Don’t give up… Don’t ever give up. I juist watched your show and was laughiung my butt off at ther episaode of Tuna and Sail fishing with Juan in Guatamala,. You’re a nut. I look forward to seeing you on your feet again soon. Keep fighting . All the Best to you Tred. You’ll be in my prayers. Gregg Fontana

    118. Tred,
      I love your shows, your personality and all the fair chase philosphy. I was shocked when I herd the news of your situation, but thats all it really is, just another situation, and life goes on. God speed! you are the best. I can never get enough of your shows. I cannot wait to see more Tred Barta.
      God Bless you and your family!

    119. Dear Tred and family,
      When i heard you where ill my emotions got the best of me. Im 53 years old and i have been hunting and fishing since i was 10 .Just when you thought you learned and seen everything in the sport,your tv show comes on the and teaches me a lot of life lesson.When i first saw you in the hospital you were moving your arms and hands and then you were shooting that little plastic bow and arrow at the tv set in the hospital ,you got most of the arrows in the kill zone to.I knew you would be back teaching us more life lessons.And there you are catching sailfish on 2 pound test line with annie in your wheelchair.WOW that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Guess what everybody. HESSSSSSSSS BACK, JUST want you to know that the lesson you thought me this time is that family is the best medicine.Tred Annie and Hunter thank you for letting me be a part of your family. God be with you and your family.Your friend Frank

    120. welcome back,
      the tred barta way!!! as usual, the man is a class by himself. unselfish and giving all the way. you have set the high standard for the outdoorsman to reach for. larger than life full of zest, rock and roll all the way. even in your deep life’s trials you show us how to do it with class. your family and friends and your countless fans all over the world support you. oh by the way tred, i named my eldest son after you.

    121. Tred,
      My eyes swelled up with tears as I watch the show with you catching the sail fish on 2lb test line. You have shown the epitome of battle! You have shown that drive is based on spirit. You can do anything if you mind is set. I can and will set up a elk hunt if you desire here in Colorado. I am also a bow hunter (long bow only) and fly fisherman. I will never know what you are going through but you shall always be welcome with me at my camp site. God Bless you Tred……..

      Michael A. Tucker

    122. Tred you remind me so much of my uncle. When he was about 45 he broke his neck diving into a swimming pool.After many long hours of therapy he was able to do the things he loved. Hunting was always #1 on his list,but he did not stop their he fished , and golfed also was able too do a lot more things that doctors told him he could not do. Tred keep up the good work,and your good friends will always be there to help you through the good and bad days. Good luck James Fritzinger

    123. Tred
      Real sorry, we all know you dont want sympathy, but dosent it seem like it happens to the best. Your a great man, great show, and all the things you have done for others with inspiration and with just head on get it done attitude,its unreal.
      When ever your in this neck of woods, or make a special trip.The
      team here at Wild Idea Game Ranch, invite you for European boar hunt at no cost.
      Vist us at
      Keep hunt’n

    124. I am very sorry to hear about the stroke , to tell the truth i did not care for Mr. Barta at first but just could not turn off his shows. I come to like him and also to respect him and what he stood for . I will keep him in my prayers and wait to see him fishing or hunting on tv again. If he ever comes near Ft. Walton Beach I would love to show him around and to shake his hand .

    125. Tred,

      I will say like others that you have driven me nuts at times, but you have always amazed me! The love, exctment and desire you continure to emotiomally express is second to none! You didnt need a helecopter ride, you knew what you wanted! I have see that you’re an extreemest! I like and love that, but would you ever consider fishing for some small mouth, northern and muskies is southern Wisonsin??

      I am a dozen time a year fisherman due to lack of equipment. I love getting some gills, and bass from shore in my home city of Middleton, but my real fishing is in Canada in June!

      Regardless of all, I hope you are doing well! Keep your 2# test tight buddy


      Casey Kakuske
      Middleton, WI

    126. Hi Ted!

      I was watching Versus this morning at 5:30 a.m. and saw you bill fishing from a wheel chair. At first I thought maybe you were goofing around but after a while I realized that you were not. I’ve always liked your fishing shows (especially the one where you hooked six tuna at once and managed to get them all in even when the lines crossed each other).

      You can be a little edgy, but as a nut fisherperson myself, I realize that the best of us can also be a little “quirky” (and I know you are one of the best).

      I am the Program Leader for Project Healing Waters at the Bedford Massachusetts VA hospital. Most the veterans I work with are wheel chairs. I’d like to get them out fishing on a boat and was wondering if you know any pontoon boat manufacturers that might help us rig a boat for handicapped access and fishing from wheelchairs. If you know of any, or if anyone in your organization might want to help me with this project, please let me know.

      By the way, my day job is in the computer business. If you are familiar with Artificial Intelligence or the movie 2001 a Space Odyssey they are both about transferring “intelligence” from a human to either a computer or to another person. I think of you and other like you as the “Library of Congress” of fishing and hunting information so keep on doing what your doing. I’ve still got a lot to learn.

      Capt. Steve Kirk

    127. I love your show. You are one of the great figures that hunting and conservation has because, when people watch your show they should walk away with the reality that 99% of the time we are enjoying the outdoors. On a lighter note, have you seen the line up on VS. The network is like a wounded pig, someone needs to take them out of their misery or nurse them back to health. They need your help over there. I hope you get better soon.
      I am a big fan. Literally 290 lbs.
      I wish you the best.

    128. i’VE looked at Treds’ shall we say “Adventure” through two different sets of eyes. One never facing anything that close to Treds and then the set of eyes of a 63 year old man who in December went code blue and was on life support for 3 days with his family being told that they should brace themselves for the worse. After several weeks in the hospital and three months of recovery I’m getting back to my routine. Now I see Tred on TV fishing with 2 lb test and having a blast. This cat is suprman and a huge inspiration to us regular dudes.
      God bless you brother and thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!


    129. Tred and Annie,
      Like millions of others, I e-mailed you when we all found out about your
      stroke. I am so happy to read of your success’s thus far. It’s great to be
      a fighter isn’t it? I know you won’t remember, but I had a stroke in 1996
      and fought back to bow hunt. I’ll pray for you and your family.
      keep that positive attitude,

    130. Tred, just watched your 2 pound sailfish show i hadnt until now heard of your accident. Yes my friend things do happen for a reason but i see you do beleive in god and yes he has all the answers. I enjoy deer hunting fishing and my best hunting wild hogs with dogs i saw your pig hunting show and i loved it you are truly a inspiration for all . i wanted to leave this with you and god bless. Hold Gods hand and he will walk with you through and over the many valleys and mountains of life and when you reach the oceans he will surely pic you up and carry you safely to the other side but just as surely as we le go of his hand he will let us stumble ,stumble to remind us that we need him in every aspect of our lives, but when we reach out our hand and call upon his name he will surely walk with us again god bless Ted to you and your family and don,t ever give up yours truly bill Wilson the ole when you get well e me and we will go catch a hog.

    131. Tred, I just wanted to tell you that you floored my husband. We had not known of your condition and when he saw you catch that 2 pound sailfish, he was amazed. You left such a shock to his system, that he hadd trouble sleeping that night. He couldn’t believe it. He had me looking on the internet trying to find out what had happened to you. we are glad to hear that you are doing better and that things are looking up for you. I am glad that you have not lost you faith after what had happened to you. I know that some people would and would wonder what they had done to deserve this situation. If God can see you through what you are going through, then I know that he can see us through the experiences that we have with our Autistic son, Matthew. He is one little boy that loves to fish. God Bless you and your family.

    132. Hey Tred I enjoy you cause you’re alittle nuts I enjoy nthat in aperson Your enthusiasm is contagious. If you enjoy reading I,ve got a few books I,d like to send donate give whatever. It’s called seamonsters love Stories and Lies- a Flatlanders Guide to the History humor and Lore Of the Adirondacks. I wrote It and selfpublished It ( all short stories) thought you or the place of your choice might enjoy them. I have em in Iraq, Newfoundland New Zealand across the Us From Post Katrina La. Where I fished for Reds and specs while working to restore St. Bernard Perish Las vegas where I worked for a while to key Largo and even Texas where ever that is/ Email or not it might make you laugh or groan All about north east Ny. tall tales love stories and bad jokes love to send em. hope they don’t add to your suffering . Best Drew

    133. Tred

      Was watching your show tonight, and I married again to the most wonderful fisherwoman that lives; other than Annie of course.

      I truly hope you can overcome your stroke.

      However, the upside when I heard about your health problems, I have been monitoring my blood pressure closely and have gotten some medical help since my BP was inching up.

      I decided that since I have been retired 9 years that I really would like to be retired another 15 years in good health. This I owe you!!

      Thank you for the great shows and I hope for you there are many more!!

      David Howard

    134. Mr. Barta,
      I was a scout sniper in the USMC. I suffered a sever spinal injury in somila. I cried the whole episode of you in the hospital. I’ve always loved your show because of your morals and beliefs!! I was paralyzed for a short time after surgery due to an infection that almost killed me. It has been my DREAM to meet you and I even called Dan Harrison and left a message to try to get in contact with you. Just like you my wife saved my life. She is a physical therapist and has taught me how to live with my condition. I wish you the best of luck and HOPE to hear from you by any means possible. Email, phone call etc. It would sincerly be a dream come true. Your loyal fan and supporter!! Good luck, hope to hear something soon.
      Kurt Roman

    135. tred,
      today is friday,april 2, 2010. I”ve been watching your shows for some time. i admire your moral ethics in hunting and fishing and am sometimes quite amazed at how some of your trips end up succesful. tonight the vs channel showed you fly fishing in colorado, in the middle of a snow blizzard and i was surprised to see you in a wheelchair. at first i thought it was too show people how anybody could cast a fly, no matter what the obsticle… however, as the show progressed, there was no mention as to why you were in the chair. i went online to find out the news… life can turn on a dime, my friend, with your spirit, heart, and gusto,,, giv”em hell… most importantly, GOD SPEED. with your recovery.

    136. Hey Tred…..I had no idea until i watched the show this evening. I always wondered why we haven’t seen any recent shows lately and thought the ‘Do-Gooders’ may have gotten in the way. Thanks for keeping it going through all these ups & downs…. I think it would be great if you and Kurt Roman #146 can meet and do a show together!!! Larry

    137. Tred, just like #148 I didn’t know. You just keep doing it your way,The Barta way.
      The best to you, and your family.
      You Are The Man!

    138. Hey Tred,

      I’ve follow and admired you for quite a while. I was compelled to write you. I was stunned when I saw you in a wheel chair while sailfishing. In typical Tred fashion I see your physical condition hasn’t slowed you down – just a new challenge for you. In just two days I’ve learned that you’re still fishing, shooting, skiing and horseback riding. What’s next?

      You have been and now more than ever are an inspiration to those that pursue our passions!

      It looks like you have a terrific wife and support network.

      If you’re ever in Detroit I’d love to meet you. I can hook you up on a duck shoot if you like. Puddlers and Divers we can find them…

      My best to you and your family,

      Ernie Everly

    139. Mr. Barta,
      I am a cancer survivor. I have lived through three types of cancer. Chemo & radiation. To see you in a wheel chair fishing in a blizzard is an ispiration to everyone. I have watched your show for years. I love your motto — Do it the hard way. Reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt. I pray for you to get well.
      Robert Turpin

    140. Tred,I have Watched your show for many years.The ethics that you use should be practiced by others.Im not going to talk about your misfortune because I dont think you want to hear about it.It is now the time to show people the Tred Barta we all know.You will be a symbol of strength to all physically challenged outdoors men and women.You will go on to make other huge accomplishments not only for wheelchair ridden but also perfectly healthy outdoors people.I will be looking for you and your wife on my outdoor channel,going hunting or fishing.Dont let this effect you a all.Do it the hard way,The Barta Way.
      Gary Justice

    141. Tred, Four years ago I took up deer hunting on my wife’s family farm here in Ohio. Two years ago I took my first deer with a crossbow. I had been watching you on Versus for a while and decided that the crossbow was not for me so I dug out my 1958 Bear Grizzly and started to practice. I have not taken a deer for the last two years but not because I couldn’t but because it didn’t feel right. Your message ” the Barta way” has meant a lot to me and I think you have hit pretty close to the mark on what hunting should feel like. I’ll get my deer next year if it feels right. I still have time I am only 66. I thank you and God bless and heal you. Randy

    142. I’m in high school and hunt public land in PA. I highly enjoy your show because it is real hunting. It’s not about harvesting game but it’s about the experience. In PA you don’t always kill your prey so you have to learn to enjoy the finer things. You’re a great role model Tred and very entertaining.

    143. Mr. Barta,
      I’m a 4 time army combat veteran and present roughneck in the oilfield in west Texas. I love watching your show on Versus and didn’t hear of your accident until a few months back. I came aware of it while watching your episode and saw you fishing during a blizzard in a wheel chair and watched as your feet were placed in buckets so you could get in the water. I was awe struck to find out what happened and then inspired and motivated to see that it hadn’t stopped your drive to enjoy your life. You have personally motivated me to drive on what every the situation is in my life. I am an avid outdoorsman that loves to fish. I am kinda the same way. I fish my way. I listen to every one else on what to fish with but I do it my way and majority of the time I catch more than the rest. Watching your show has led me to believe at times don’t follow the crowd and the outcome will better. I hope and pray for the best for you and your family and wish the best for you. Also that no matter what happens Tred drive on.

    144. Thank You for your Insperation! I’m 39 now and just started hunting, but been an avid fisherman since old enough to cast.
      I also have a medical condition with my spinal cord, but its in my neck. What I’ve seen on your show has helped me out in the field
      unlike the other shows onl showing new tech ways. Since I’m on disability Living on less then 200.00 a month theres no way I can afford that stuff, saving for the permit is tough enough. Showing old school hunt stalks rock. Thats for you encourage showing the show must go on!
      Gene S

    145. Mr Barta. I have watched your shows over the past years. I was very upset about the news of your recent illness. I know you can over come this . I had Polio as a child and had to work through the shit. Keep it up you will win out in one way or another. ( who say’s two feet are better than brains.

      Keep the faith

      Kirk Nelson

    146. I enjoy you show, I suffered an aneurysm bursting on my brain a few years back. I know full well the power of prayer, was told some time afterwards I was only given a 5% chance to live. My Dr. told me I was a miracle, so hang in there my prayers are for you.

    147. Dear Tred
      I used to be an assistant hunting guide in the Great State of Alaska. and just recently found out about you current health condition. for some reason in Gods big picture bad things happen to good people and I can only wish there will be an explanation when we get to the Perly Gates.

      I currently operate a Charter Vessel in Prince William Sound and would like to extend and Invitation to you and your Family to come to Valdez and Go on a fishing trip with me.

      If you think this would be somthing you would be interested in please contact me 907-255-8557 Cell

      The species we target Are: Halibut, Silver Salmon, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, and Salmon Shark. please let me know ifyou are interested fishing with me. I would be willing pay the fuel cost to be able to take you and your family fishing.

      Capt. Dana C Wood
      Lady Luck Charters
      Valdez, Alaska

    148. Dear Mr. Barta
      My prayers go out to you and your family. My daughter in 2003 became deathly ill, and we were told she wasn’t going to make it we never gave up hope . Mainmy point is it sounds like you haven’t either. My daughter was 29 she now lives in her own apartment doing very well. And so will you. God bless you. Your grass will also get greener once again.

    149. Hey there Tred
      I was shocked to see you fishing from a wheelchair! Man that sucks! Your attitude is impressive as I know it must be very difficult. I am 38 and just found out I have MD. My hands and feet are withering away. As a provider for my family and an avid outdoorsman, it is hard to accept that my body doesn’t do what I want it to anymore. That said, I’m with you. Suck it up and drive on…..The Barta Way! Keep the Faith!


    151. Tred just found out and i must say i am a little taken by this . My dad was in a accident and was parallized when i was thirteen . He was a quad my mom was a care giver for so many years my heart goes out to you and your wife . But what an opurtunity to show all those out there that feel sorry for themselfs its one thing to be hendered its another to do it to yourself . Attitude is everything after seeing my dad go threw that i hate to here people complain and wine dont waste this oppurtunity Barta you are the man . Please feel free to contact if your wife needs advice or some one who can relate mom is a phone call away. She is in that chair with you dont get to bossy lol .

    152. Hello Tred just watched 2 episodes today without knowing what has happened to you i work on the road a lot God bless you my friend your hunts are inspiring and you are even more inspiring now keep your faith keep working out amazing you can pull that 50# bow.go go go Tred

    153. I just watched your deer hunt in Texas with your best friend. that had to be the most inspiring show i have ever can be an inspiration to so many vets and day to day people that i cannot imagine. best wishes to you and your wonder family and friends.

    154. just found out about your stroke. you are in our have a great woman by your side. now ! lets you and me catch the largest tuna on rod and reel together ! a new goal to set ! ……………..BYRDMAN

    155. I just watched a show with Mr. Barta and I was shocked to see him in a wheel chair. I felt a great sence of loss for him and all that know him but as I throught about his present in this world, it reminded me of Christoper Reed and what he did for others and I know that Crazy Mr. Barta will have a Greater influence on others by never giving up,when the going gets Rough-Thank you Mr.Barta & God Bless

    156. Hello Tred, Please update. Foregive me if i’ve been missinformed. I have read many articles and have been searching many blogs trying to get an update of your condition to date. Some rumors have surfaced that you are not with us any more. That your disease has taken it’s toll. Based on the above comments i hope thats not the case. I started hunting late in life by some standards, in my early 20’s, i’m now 43 and have never taken the path of least resistance. All of my hunting/fishing experiences by my choice, have been hard unguided trips in many areas throughout this fine country we live in. I found the first time i saw your show, as someone who truly believes in fair chase and the size or length of any animal taken is most definetely not important as is the people you surround yourself with, the memories, adventures or the comaraderie. You are in inspiration to us all, don’t ever stop! I wish you and your family well in your recovery! Sincerely, Robert Wheeler N.J.

    157. Tred,

      I’ve enjoyed watching your show for several years and was sad to hear of your illness. I wish you a rapid recovery. Your enthusiasm for the outdoors and hunting have motivated me in so many ways. It’s refreshing to know that there are individuals like yourself with the drive and determination to keep the great hunting tradition alive. The real way, the Barta way! I know you will get better soon.

    158. Hey Tred,
      Your bear is GREAT! You truly are “The Man”. You have inspried all of us to do what other men only dream about….

      Keeping the Hunt going,
      Bob Boyd

    159. Tred I am a regular watcher of your show. This past weekend I saw the show when you were successful harvesting your first whitetail with a longbow. I must say I shared a tear with you. I am a member of the Michigan Longbow association and I would love to sponsor you as a member to a great organization. I order to accomplish that goal I need your mailing address so here I am searching the web fir that information. I you get this email please consider my offer of becoming a member of the Michigan Longbow Association. You can send information to my email [email protected].

      Lou Leavens

    160. I don’t know if Tred accualy reads these But to whom ever does, I’m a 50 year old from Florida. I have watched his tv showes for a long time on VS. I just saw his black bear hunt in his chair and…well I cried like a baby! I was so glad to see he never gave up. I lost my dad to cancer and he never gave up even thou he lost his battle. I was glad to see Tred had not given up either. You Go Man !!!!! Barta Your The Man !!

    161. Mr.Barta. seeing you catch that rainbow, was doing it your way. Ive watched you take on bear,moose and some of the roughest places to hunt. I have no doubt that this pot hole in your road will be over come. my thoughts and prayers to you and your family. Keep doing it your way.

    162. Hi Tred

      Heard of you through a family member in Vail who is involved with the us Olympic ski team. We have something in common in that also have had a spinal stroke. Very rare event indeed and not a good lottery to win. Mine was at the level of c6 to t1 leaving me with weak hands and partial paralysis below my nipple line. I cannot feel heat or cold or deep pain below this area. I also have a neurogenic bladder and bowel so I have to catherized every 4 hours to empty my bladder. Research revealed no known underlying cause and I was originally misdiagnosed by a local neurologist in Tucson.

      I am a veterinarian by trade and would love to practice again but would have a hard time doing so due to lack of hand strength and in ability to stand for long periods of time. I admire your courage in being able to get out and do what you do so well.

      I am currently a little over six months into this journey and know I have a huge hill to climb to get back. I am able to walk short distances with a cane. I hope to eventually get back to the profession I love so much and will try to use you as a roll model in doing so. Hopefully we both can beat the odds and the cards we have been dealt.


      Ken McMillan

    163. My prayers are with you throughout your recovery. YOU ARE AN IDEALISTIC MODEL FOR EVERYONE…ESPECIALLY THE INFIRMED! Keep your chin up and with trust in God-you will heal significantly back to good health!!! A true fishing admirer of you…John Castelluccio, Jr., Metairie, LA

    164. You are an inspiration to all of us and especially the infirmed. With God’s help and trust in the Lord-you will have a significant recovery! I am a true fishing admirer of you…John Castelluccio, Jr. Metairie, LA

    165. Hello Tred. I’m glad your doing better your the man the hard way the barta way this summer come to Whitewater on Lake Lorraine for panfish, Bass, and Pike fishing in July the second week. Let me know. your buddy, Chad

    166. Tred, I work most weekends (broadcast sports production freelancer) so I have missed a lot of fishing shows over the last few years. I just heard of your setback. If any one can make a comeback it has to be you. Like you always say, when preparing for a fishing trip and gearing up for the adventure, “you gotta do the WORK”! I am sure you will do the work or whatever it takes to take this new challenge as far as you can. I just saw the Sailfish on 2lb test show. Great to see you back in the saddle again. I live in NC and if the possibility exist this year I’ll try to make the NC tournament. So, good luck and as always “do the work”!

    167. Hello Tree.I’m sorry to hear that you are wheelchair bound at least for the moment. Its evident that you are a strong minded person as well as having a strong family behind keep your hands in Gods hands and keep on keeping are an inspiration to a lot of people with disabilities. Yes you are still here for a reason God is not through with you continue to be strong with God on your side there is nothing you can’t do.May God continue to bless you and your family my friend.
      good hunting and fishing

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    170. Fred, Keep a stiff upper lip as you and Bill Dance are The 2 greatest outdoor people I’ve ever seen on TV. You 2 tell it like it is and are willing to show the outtakes telling all your viewers that you are just like us all.

      Gene Clifford

    171. Hi Tred ,I have watched your shows for years. You have shown us that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.Wishing you the best in your recovery. Stay in the hunt.Thank you & God bless you.

    172. Yo Tred keep the faith i am alive awake from coma doctors tell me i should be on other side being a fan of you keeps me in the fight god bless you

    173. Tred,I admire your spirit and determination. One year ago I was fighting for my life . I had five ,usually fatal infections at the same time . They call me the miricle man at St.Josephs hospital here in Tucson. I know the power of prayer works. I will pray for your complete recovery. God bless you.

    174. I too have lived since my military days with severe injuries to my legs and back. It is humbling indeed to have to ask for help, but there are many things you can do around camp etc to help out that make you just as worthy as the wood choper or the weed whacker guy. And enjoyment of the outdoors is legitmate for all.

    175. Hi my name is hunter Thomas and I watched your show and I’m mad that it was cancelled because it was my favorite.I also hunt to and I want to know how are you tred barta.

    176. Hi Tred. You are a Living Legend. Im also pulling for you and your team, a Very Great one it is. 🙂 Keep Your eyes on the Great Healer Jesus. Blessings are on way im sure. 700 club works also. Miracles still happen even these days. You are so worthy. You are an amazing fisherman too. Keep Pushing On

    177. Just seen tred at world wide sportsman having lunch then borded his panga boat with twins he looked great wheeling around the docks.

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