STI International – SkinnErgram #120

STI International, Inc. – SkinnErgram #120
By Dave Skinner
STI’s Commander-In-Chief, has been blogging before the term became popular, in his SkinnErgrams. Take a peek and find out what’s going on at STI, the shooting community, and once in a while, you might find a good deal you’ll want to take advantage of.

STI 20th Anniversary Pistol
STI 20th Anniversary Pistol
STI International Guns
STI International Guns

Georgetown, TX – -(  The “STI 20th Anniversary” pistol is BEAUTIFUL! About eighty (80) of the limited run of 200 are spoken for already, sight unseen. Remember, serial #’s will be assigned to customers in the order that the requirement is entered.

We’re taking orders now.

The new 2010 price list is complete as far as guns are concerned. The possibility of selected parts price changes still exists. New catalogs will be available at SHOT! Due to a last minute flurry of new products, some of the pages will have silhouette shots of the new guns with very accurate descriptions but you’ll have to wait for the first day of the SHOT show (and the unveiling of our BRAND NEW, KICK A** WEBSITE) to see how splendiferous the new products are.

Mark your calendars, January 19, 2010 for the unveiling on the website, or be at the show and be the first to fondle at least ten (10) new pistols as well as new pistol calibers and options. Also expect to see several new NO CHARGE options for the rifle including compensator and fore grip choices and collapsible stocks. See ‘em all in Booth # 3221 in Vegas. Booth 3-138 in Nuremberg.

As predicted, the fourth quarter ended up as a total “bummer” but, also as predicted, we finished 2009 with another record year, both for number of guns built in house (up almost 8%) and total revenue (up over 22%). Partnered guns, O.E.M. products, and parts sales all more than pulled their own weight. In spite of the U.S. economy, I’m forecasting another 11% increase for 2010. Stay with us to see how close we come.

As most of you know, STI has been an Employee Owned (ESOP) Company since 2005. (New logo in the works.) If you weren’t aware, and are a long term customer, you can’t help but have noticed the decrease in lead times, continued increase in quality, increase in product innovation, increase in breadth of product, and increase in Sales, Customer Service, and Warrantee responsiveness. As a result and as previously stated: Another record year! When you see one of our Employee Owners, shake their hand. They’re working hard for YOU!

Be sure and get a look at the latest issue “Shooting Illustrated”! GREAT article on the “Sentinel Premier”!

It’s the end of the year so it’s also time to recognize those who are working hard for US!

Where, historically, our Domestic and Export Departments have run neck and neck in the sales race, this year it was no contest. Once we pull Sponsorships, Contingencies and Employee Owners purchases out of the figures, Export Sales wins by almost 55%-45%. Pauletta, Jose, and Mike are still taking victory laps around the Sales office “high-fiveing” everybody who comes close.

Congratulate ‘em; they earned the right. Rabbit, Jay, and Don swear they were outnumbered, or the figures got crossed in translation, or the exchange rate worked against them, or, or,……………………………

Speaking of “Top Dog: In our “World Regional” competition where Europe (2008=43.5%) normally edges out Austral/Asia (2008=41.9%) and Canada/So. America/Other (2008=14.6%), Austral/Asia done jumped up for 2009 and cleaned Europe’s clock 60% to 24% with Canada/So.America/Other at 16%.  It’s not that our European friends dropped off dramatically, because they didn’t; our Asian friends have simply found their stride and picked up the pace.

Buchsenmachrei Prommersberger of Germany swapped places with Bignami S.P.A. of Italy for first place in Europe again with Borchers S.A. of Spain right on their tail. Freedom Ventures LTD. of Canada was right in the middle of that fray in a good race with Tiro Practico of Guatemala for Canada/So.America/Other champ.

But folks, the fist fight for position in Asia was a battle royal, both between countries and between companies. Thailand and the Philippines split our Austral/Asian market almost dead on with each others, each capturing about 25% of that A/A market. Our top 2 “top guns” in the P.I.’s, Armscor and Magnus Sports, came within 0.08% of each other. (I’ll call that a tie.) In Thailand, there were no ties. Old timer Paisith Firearms LTD. beat out new contender Erawan Firearms LTD. to take first place by a decent, but diminishing, margin.

We have historically been the U.S.A.’s third or fourth largest exporter of pistols. This should keep us in third (3rd) for another year.

In the U.S., Dawson Precision takes first place again but Shooters Connection has narrowed the gap and Brazos Custom has moved right up behind S.C. for 3rd. We may need to put on a couple more Domestic Distributors if these folks can’t catch back up with their Asian and European counterparts.

In the “Dealer” category, American Shooters of Las Vegas has leapt from third to first with Shooters of Jacksonville moving into 2nd and Austin Gun Liquidators squeezing into 3rd. Good folks, all!

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all those folks mentioned above and all of our other friends and partners who helped make this, again, another record year!

Since it IS, again, the end of the year, here’s a few more statistics: For the first time since 2006, Double stacks have out paced Single stacks 55/45% in 2009.

Single Stacks by caliber: 45ACP=48.85%

Double Stacks by caliber: .40ACP=55.06%
9mm=17.34% .45ACP=18.60%
Other= 9.00%

Combined guns by caliber: .40ACP=34.01%

Other= 5.88%

None of the caliber or double/single stack statistics above take into consideration any of the, almost, 2,500 “partnered” guns that moved through here in 2009. The pistol portion of those split almost equally between single/double stack and 9mm/.45ACP.

Again, many thanks to all of you who helped make this another great year! With a little luck, we’ll see ya’ on the circuit in 2010 on our way to ANOTHER great year

Come see us at the SHOT Show – Booth #3221

Sell a bunch. Have fun. Do good. Not necessarily in that order!

Dave Skinner

About STI:
STI International is a leading firearms manufacturer and the pioneer of the modular frame system for the 1911. A favorite of both top competitors and custom gunsmiths, STI pistols are widely regarded as the gold standard in the sport of Practical Shooting. Visit:

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