St. Louis Second Amendment Rally

St. Louis Second Amendment Rally

St. Louis, Missouri – -(  If you haven't been on the forums lately, you may not know that St. Louis is having a huge Second Amendment Rally on Feb 27th.

And a couple hours later that day there will be a major Tea Party gathering at the same location.

  • Event Date: Feb. 27th
  • Event Time: 10:00 AM
  • Event Location: The St. Louis river front on the side walk north of the gateway arch.

We want to invite you to come join other concealed carry permit holders to this event. It is perfectly legal to be a CCW permit holder on National Park property and we expect many CCW permit holders will be there to join us!

This event and others like it every year give gun owners an opportunity to voice the importance of our Bill of Rights and to put our elected officials around the state on notice that we are watching them and how they vote on gun laws. 2010 will be a very important year for many elected officials in both parties and there are a number of them who will be showing up to speak at this event. Come out and meet them and hear what they have to say.

Speaking opportunities will only be available to invited guest of the event.

Those who have accepted an invitation are:

  • MO State Rep. Cynthia Davis District 19 (R)
  • MO State Rep. Linda Fischer District 107(D)
    Linda's MySpace Page
  • MO State Rep. Brian Nieves District 98 (R)
    Brian's Facebook Page
  • MO State Rep. Mark Parkinson District 16 (R)
  • 3rd District Candidate John Wayne Tucker (R)
  • Dr. Gina Loudon – Candidate for the Missouri Senate (R)
  • Dean Plocher Candidate for the Missouri Senate District 24 (R)

We hope to see many of our members there, as well as fellow members from the Missouri Sport Shooting Association and the Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance. Many of us will attending the 2nd Amendment Rally, then leave to have lunch before returning to attend the Tea Party event starting at 1:30 on the Arch Steps. We hope to see you all there!

All Pro Gun citizens are invited to come join us as we celebrate the 2nd Amendment to the Bill of Rights!

Special thanks to member Marc Perez for coordinating what will be a wonderful event.

About: supports the right for all peaceable citizens to own firearms while also supporting the federal background check program that ensures only peaceable citizens are able to purchase them. Your race, sex, religion, political party, or sexual orientation are of no concern to us. Anyone that requires you to disarm is not your friend, and not our friend. Visit:

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    1. The gateway arch is really an impressiv building. Especially the elevators are awesome. I really recommend everybody to check it out.

    2. On the subject of open carry on the Arch grounds. This is from them.
      Here is the reply I got.

      No open carry at the Arch. Conceal and don't be stupid!

      Because the City of Saint Louis has a law prohibiting the open carry of firearms (St, Louis City Revised Code Chapter 15.130) and because Jefferson National Expansion memorial is within the city limits of Saint Louis, only concealed carry firearms will be permissable on the grounds. Federal law continues to prohibit firearms from being carried inside Federal Facilities such as the Arch, Old Court House, or any other office building within JEFF.

      Pete Swisher, Chief Park Ranger
      Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
      11 North 4th Street
      St. Louis, Mo 63102

      There it is folks, from the head guy. concealed carry will be legal on the grounds, but not in the buildings

    3. Open Carry at 2nd amendment rally? Just got this from an NRA site.

      Is Missouri an open carry State? I don’t know.:

      Home » By ERICH HINER, Scripps Howard News Service

      End nears of 94-year-old ban on loaded guns in national parks
      Submitted by SHNS on Wed, 02/17/2010 – 16:04 By ERICH HINER, Scripps Howard News Service washington ShareThis WASHINGTON – A new law will lift the 94-year-old ban on carrying loaded firearms in national parks and wildlife refuges when it goes into effect Monday.
      The law, passed by Congress in May as an amendment to a credit-reform bill, will end the ability of the National Park Service to set its own gun-carry restrictions, making each park subject to the gun laws of its home state.
      While the law will not give park visitors blanket permission to possess firearms, it will allow visitors to carry guns into any park, provided they follow all federal, state and local laws.
      Current regulations allow park goers to possess firearms, but they must be unassembled, unloaded and stored away from ammunition. Starting Monday, specific rules will vary by location.
      The new law does not give visitors permission or fire their weapons — only to possess them.
      David Barna, chief spokesman for the NPS, said firearms will still be prohibited in federal buildings such as ranger stations and visitor centers. Firearms will be permitted in facilities not directly owned and operated by the NPS, including many campgrounds and hotels.
      “We will take the ‘firearms prohibited’ signs off at the front gate,” Barna said. “A lot of the burden is on the public to know the laws of your state.”
      In states that allow the open carrying of firearms, park guests will be permitted to keep loaded weapons on hand and in plain sight. Permit requirements for firearms will vary among parks.
      Regulations may also vary within some parks. Yellowstone covers land in three states, and the Appalachian Trail winds through nine.
      For example, Yellowstone visitors in Idaho will have to be at least 18 years old to openly carry a firearm, but those in Montana can do so at age 14. Permit-holding guests in Montana will be able to carry a concealed weapon at age 18, but those in Wyoming will have to be at least 21.
      In such cases, it will be up to the public to know where specific gun laws are in effect, Barna said. He said the NPS cannot post signs along every trail at every state border.
      To help ease the transition, the NPS will hand out informational cards at visitor centers. Every park will post specific information on its Web site before the law takes effect.
      The NPS is preparing park rangers for the law by briefing them on local and state gun regulations. The law will dramatically change the role of park rangers, said Scot McElveen, president of the Association of National Park Rangers.
      Under current regulations, rangers can stop any park visitor for carrying a firearm. That lets them spot poachers and illegal hunters because they are among the only ones carrying firearms.
      The new law will bar rangers in some parks from questioning visitors for carrying weapons. That will make rangers less able to prevent wildlife crimes because they will not be able tell poachers and guests apart, McElveen said. Rangers will soon have to catch poachers in the act to make an arrest, he said.
      The new law will also make gun regulations harder to enforce, McElveen said.
      “Some counties have laws,” McElveen said. “For all we know, there could be a park that sprawls across three or four counties in a state.”
      The law has drawn ire and praise.
      Bill Wade, chairman of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees, said more guns will put both parks and rangers at risk.
      “The more guns that are available in national parks … the more likely that we’re going to see shooting at wildlife, shooting at cultural resources,” Wade said.
      Even those with firearms training may not use guns wisely around animals, Wade said. For example, he said, if someone is startled by a large animal such as a grizzly bear, shooting at it is likely to provoke the bear to attack.
      Alexa Fritts, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, said the law will decrease confusion about state gun laws and allow park guests to defend themselves.
      Fritts said park visitors should be allowed to use guns in self-defense, even if the odds of an attack are low.
      “The chance is there, and one attack on a person by another person or an animal is too many,” she said.
      Although murders and robberies do occur in parks, national parks are safer on average than the rest of the country, Barna said.
      (Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service,

    4. Thanks for the info. I guess I'll be the token unarmed guy, because I'm not willing to be the test case while on vacation… :o)

    5. OC is illegal in the City of St. Louis period. I cannot site a source, but trust me, you cannot open carry in the City of St. Louis.

      There is not test case to OC of course on NPS property because CCW does not become legal on NPS property till Feb. 22nd 2010.

      YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE TEST CASE FOR OC ON NPS PROPERTY! Unless you do want to be the test case in which I recommend you have legal council and bail money immediately available.

      There is(to the best of my knowledge) no open carry on NPS property.

    6. Can anybody tell me what the general consensus is on open carrying to the event? I'm from the area but haven't lived there in some time, however I will be in St. Louis when the rally is held. I don't have a ccw because the Second Amendment still applies in Wyoming, but any guidance regarding St. Louis law would be appreciated.

    7. I went to the Missouri State Capitol today and had great results for the 2nd amendment rally at the arch.

      Representative Linda Fischer (D) 107th District and

      Representative Belinda Harris (D) 110th District will both speak at the rally!

      This is great news. Both of these fine Missouri State representatives have a great 2nd amendment track record. It will be an honor to introduce them at the Rally at the Arch Feb 27th.

      This is a rally! Protests will not be tollerated. If people want to protest some thing, get a permit and do it on your time!

      We all stand firm and together, Republicans and Democrats alike in the support of our Bill of Rights and the 2nd Amendment!

    8. I invited both Democrats and Republicans to this non-partisan event.

      Here is a list of Democrats invited:

      1st District U.S. Congressman Lacy Clay (D-MO) No response

      3rd District U. S. Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-MO) No response

      St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (D) No response

      County Executive Charlie A. Dooley (D) No response

      Missouri Governor Jeremiah (Jay) Nixon (D) No response

      Missouri Senator Frank Barnitz District 16 (D) No response

      Missouri State Representative Belinda Harris District 110 (D) No response

      I had one Democratic speaker "confirmed" for this event then I got this email. Very unfortunate!


      Thank you for your response and after looking over the list of speakers, our office has decided that since Representative Fischer is the only one representing her party, she will be taking her name off the list of speakers for this event.

      Thank you.

      Nancy Suthoff

      Legislative Assistant to

      Rep. Linda Fischer

      District 107

      (573) 751-2317

    9. Thanks for planning this Rally, Marc! See you there!

      The Second Amendment is not a Republican or a Democrat issue. It belongs to every US Citizen. It is a civil rights issue that can not be taken away.

    10. You must have told your therapist some crazy stuff.

      I always wondered why anyone would go to one of these quacks.

    11. While the support of is most welcome and most crucial to the logistics and support of this rally another group lent it's support, name, letterhead and endorsement to the event 9 months ago when it was first conceived. Please visit and join both of their web site and online stores and show your support for the 2nd amendment of our Bill of Rights!

      A special thanks to members of both Republicans and Democrats who support our 2nd Amendment rights. Let's support them as well so they can continue to protect our rights which we hold so dear and for which so many have given so much!

      Thank you,

      Marc Perez

      2nd Amendment Rally at the Arch

    12. I applied for a C.C.W. two and one half years ago. My F.B.I. background check was fine. But it seems that I am Too Crazy, and there for unfit to carry a gun because, I use to drink beer every day after work at home and I had tried pot as a teen. I have never been arrested or charged with a D.W.I. my driving record is clean. I am a law abiding tax payer.

      My big mistake; I talked to a therapist. Whatever you tell any medical provider is Not Private; Big Brother Will Hear About IT!!!

      My 2nd amendment right was taken away from me without any charges or even a trial. My own words were used against me! Words that the therapist promised me were never going to leave the room.

      NC. state law backs them up! So the 2nd amendment isn't Worth Wiping Your ASS With!!

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