Robert Vogel Wins High Overall at the 2010 Smith & Wesson Indoor Championship

Robert Vogel Wins High Overall at the 2010 Smith & Wesson Indoor Championship

Robert Vogel wins High Overall at the 2010 Smith & Wesson Indoor Championship.
Robert Vogel wins High Overall at the 2010 Smith & Wesson Indoor Championship.

Team Smith & Wesson wins High Industry Award. Here are the winners of each division. Complete results can be found at

Action Shooting Podcast
Action Shooting Podcast

Springfield, MA –-(  It’s a wrap! Over 250 competitors fired on 12 stages of fire at this year’s IDPA Indoor Nationals hosted by the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, MA. Weather proved to be a challenge for competitors this year with the winter storms pummeling the northeast. Several weren’t able to attend, but the rest successfully braved the conditions to vie for national titles at the three day event.

Was the match challenging?
Consider the results. The spread between the top scores in the divisions was significant. 354 Procedural Errors were issued, 158 Failures to Neutralize and 161 hits on Non-Threats. In a sport that stresses accuracy, penalizing for improper use of cover and failure to follow stage procedures, competitors earned a whopping total 26,997 points down. Average that over the total number of shooters who completed the match, that’s over 100 points per shooter!

Complete photo coverage provided by Yamil Sued from can be seen at

Top names in the shooting sports battled for titles in each of the five divisions.

EOTAC’s Bob Vogel, a dominating presence in IDPA, posted the fastest the fastest time of 144.85 seconds. He also won Enhanced Service Pistol and High Law Enforcement. Team Smith & Wesson’s Dave Olhasso was next in posting the fastest overall time.

Even though a favorite to win the Custom Defensive Pistol division, Olhasso won the coveted High Industry title besting Dave Sevigny (Glock). Todd Jarrett (StrikeForce) and Phil Strader (S&W) to name just a few. Sevigny’s score of 167.17 earned him the Stock Service Pistol Division title overDan Burwell (Burwell Gunsmithing).

Burwell proved that being Most Accurate in the match had it’s benefits as he was just 3.31 seconds away from the Division Title.

No surprise, the legendary Jerry Miculek of Team Smith & Wesson added yet another IDPA National Title to his list, easily capturing Enhanced Service Revolver. Josh Lentz posted a commanding lead of nearly 13 seconds over defending champion, Craig Buckland for the Stock Service Revolver National Title.

  • CDP Champion: David Olhasso CDP – Master 158.35 (31)
  • ESP Champion: Robert Vogel ESP – Master 144.85 (29)
  • SSP Champion: Dave Sevigny SSP – Master 167.17 (68)
  • ESR Champion: Jerry Miculek ESR – Master 188.18 (44)
  • SSR Champion: Josh Lentz SSR – Master 201.24 (55)
  • High Senior: Scott Warren ESP – Master 197.47 (95)
  • High Lady: Randi Rogers SSP – Master 200.33 (63)
  • High Law Enforcement: Robert Vogel ESP – Master 144.85 (29)
  • High Press: Bryce Towsley CDP – Marksman 404.68(125)
  • High Industry: David Olhasso CDP – Master 158.35 (31)
  • High International: Hans Silbitzer SSP – Master 239.28(104)
  • High Military: Elliott Peterson SSP – Master 199.87 (75)
  • Most Accurate: Dan Burwell SSP – Master 170.48 (27)

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