Virginia Gun Owners Forum Celebrates One Year

Virginia Gun Owners Forum Celebrates One Year
Rick Sandlin began VGOF with the vision of creating a one stop shop for all information relating to firearm ownership in Virginia.

Virginia Gun Owners Forum
Virginia Gun Owners Forum
Virginia Gun Owners Forum
Virginia Gun Owners Forum

Virginia – -( March 1st, 2010 marked the one year anniversary of Virginia Gun Owners Forum (VGOF), an online forum community at

After the 2008 elections and the democrat controlled senate many gun owners feared that their ability to purchase and own firearms would be legislatively restricted, so Rick Sandlin began work on VGOF – with the vision of creating a one stop shop for all information relating to firearm ownership in Virginia.

Over 1200 individual users frequent VGOF, a bulletin board based forum to discuss anything from the latest Bushmaster rifle to state & national gun politics. As you browse through the forums you’ll find a general discussion section, range & gunsmith reviews, as well as eager young marksmen looking for advice and war veterans eager to give it. As a user you can profit from many experts in gun law, gun safety, reloading, and general gun knowledge.

Most of the information is pertinent to gun owners local to Virginia and VGOF even includes a calendar of local gun shows and gun-related events.

VGOF also serves as a first rate warning center for any infringement on your gun rights under the Second Amendment. Members will report in warnings from the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), and from main stream media outlets. In any given day at the VGOF, several articles will be posted, digested and discussed amongst the members.

The members are what really makes the VGOF community something special. There are members from all walks of life; democrats, independents, republicans, veterans, soldiers, gun store owners, gunsmiths, safety instructors, business owners and individuals. These members band together to create a place to grow their knowledge base and share experiences regarding firearms and firearm ownership.

Finally, if you were thinking this was just an online community you would be quite mistaken. VGOF features a healthy roster of community events, such as meet & greets, open carry picnics, and other outings for members and their friends. Additionally, the online marketplace allows for members to connect with each other to buy sell & trade firearms through the sites marketplace.

So consider stopping by and saying hello to Rick & the members, diving into the generous amount of online content, and learning a few new tricks from the fellow gun owners on the site.

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    1. I went to this place to find out about a handgun I had purchased at a flea market in newport news va. I didn’t really know what kind of gun it was(it had no markings) I only knew it was a 9mm. After I asked some basic questions, I was amazed at the volume of people who “came out of the woodwork” to answer my questions. The weird part was almost all of them had some really good things to say, I posted a picture of the gun, and in no time at all, I knew exactly what the gun was, what caliber(it was slightly different from what I thought) I even have a pretty good idea of when the gun was manufactured, and its original use at time of production(which was very interesting to me)…. I have to say I was really shocked at the quality of people there , and all of whom responded in very friendly fashion, and made me feel like I really belonged in their midst. I don’t even live in Va, but I really like what they do at the, Bravo!!

    2. I have visited this site, and it is absolutely a unique and entertaining pro-gun stop on the world wide web. It has something for everyone, whether you are a novice shooter, or hardened veteran. The individuals who make up this place are top notch, from the gun knowledge to the political bantor, its a very enjoyable stop along the way to increased knowledge of gun sports, reloading, self defense, and politics and even humor. Its a very welcoming bunch of pro- American citizens . It has everything anyone who is interested in the 2nd amendment would want , and all the information on Virginia Law as it pertains to the rights of the individual to “keep and bare arms”….kudos to the owner, and his faithful staff of educated moderators.

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