Stop United Nations Gun Control Efforts

Stop United Nations Gun Control Efforts

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
Virginia Gun Owners Coalition

Virginia –-( Now that President Obama is no longer preoccupied with his anti-gun Obama Care bill, he is free to deliver on his promises to the gun control lobby.

You and I have done everything we can to urge Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to protect our gun rights on a state level.

After the April 21st Veto Session in Richmond, there is very little that we can do until next year in Virginia.

But right now, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are pushing for passage of the United Nations Treaty on Small Arms.

If Obama and Clinton get their way, Americans could see an international gun control treaty imposing licensing restrictions, bans on most semi-automatic firearms, an end to private sales of guns, and much more.

That is why I hope you will call Senator Jim Webb at 202 224 4024 and urge him to filibuster the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.

And please make as generous a donation as possible at to help me mobilize gun owners all across Virginia.

For Liberty,
Mike McHugh
President, VGOC

Virginia Gun Owners Coalition is Virginia’s only no-compromise, non-partisan gun lobby patterned after Gun Owners of America on Capitol Hill. VGOC is a non-profit tax-exempt organization under 501(c)(4) of the IRS code. Because we lobby politicians to protect and defend the 2nd Amendment, contributions are not tax deductible for IRS purposes. Visit:

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200,000,000 guns or more are in the hands of US citizens… was said at the Alamo, I believe. I offer the same challenge the Alamo defenders did……COME AND TAKE IT, I predict a lot sad bloodshed in the streets. I hope it never comes to this. But we may sadly have to fight. As a recent Iraq War Vet. I don't think too many US Soldiers are gonna follow an illegal order. And if UN troops were deployed here to try to disarm the US citizens….they will face an ever bigger defeat then they have in the past. It's truly… Read more »

Bob Reynolds

As a gun owner and having a permit to carry on my person, I think putting your Senator on notice can't hurt.

J. Fish

Adding to Penny's comment, it is very concerning that so many people react to the headlines and don't take time to read and understand the text of the treaty. If you read the UN's 'programme of action' for this treaty, it reads like an abstract vision, crafted in such a way to be overtly flexible and lacking any teeth. I don't agree with the many aspects of the text, but in the end, nothing I've read leads me to believe that it contains any enforceable measures. Congress would still need to pass new legislation, something they could try with… Read more »


This is the kind of nonsensical fear mongering that gives our side a bad name. The treaty in question will never pass. You need 67 votes in the Senate to pass it, and Obama couldn't get 67 Senators to agree that the sky is blue. He has a hard enough time even keeping members of his own party in line, and you think he could get every Democrat plus seven Republicans to vote on what amounts to political suicide for many of them? Furthermore, the treaty specifically states that signatories may maintain their own gun laws within their country. Gun… Read more »

Penny Patterson

i am sick and tired os the anti-American-in-Chief and Hillary trying to disarm us! The man who calls himself President wants us defenseless against his administration's un-American polocies.