GRNC Gets Harris Teeter to Pull ‘No Guns’ Signs

GRNC Gets Harris Teeter to Pull ‘No Guns’ Signs

GRNC, Gets Harris Teeter, to Pull, No Guns Signs
GRNC, Gets Harris Teeter, to Pull, No Guns Signs
Grass Roots North Carolina for Firearms Education
Grass Roots North Carolina for Firearms Education

North Carolina – -( Over the weekend, numerous reports came into GRNC that Harris Teeter supermarkets across the state were posting against firearms, including those carried by lawful concealed handgun permit-holders.

Happily, a single phone call by GRNC president Paul Valone to Harris Teeter Communications Director, Jennifer Townsend, seems to have resolved the problem, as Ms. Townsend assures us signs will be removed immediately.

About GRNC ‘Don’t Buy List’
Recall that in 1995, after GRNC passed North Carolina’s concealed handgun law, then-Governor Hunt’s “Crime Commission” printed up 3,000 “no firearms” signs and began encouraging merchants to post.

Anticipating the problem, we created the “GRNC Don’t Buy List” through which gun rights supporters reported posted merchants, which were contacted and informed that their business would be transmitted to tens of thousands of gun owners via gun shows, gun shops, concealed handgun classes, and the Internet.

As a result, hundreds of stores removed signs — including major chains such as Lowes Home Improvement Centers, Wilco Convenience stores and others — breaking the trend toward posting. Given the success of the project, GRNC wrapped it up in the late 90s to focus on gun legislation.

Thank Harris Teeter
When the realities of the Don’t Buy project were explained to Harris Teeter executives on Monday morning, they wasted little time, calling back two hours later to inform GRNC that signs would be removed. As it turns out, the explanation for this situation was a misinterpretation of the law at the corporate level. We have heard from members that their local store managers have reported being contacted by the corporate office to remove the signs.

As a North Carolina company with 132 of its 189 supermarkets in this state, let’s all offer a big “thank you” for being a responsible corporate citizen and supporting the ability of its customers to protect themselves. Visit:

Please offer your thanks to: [email protected]

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