Mako Group New Gl-Shock Is The Only AR-15 Stock With Integrated Recoil Compensation

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Mako Group Gl-Shock AR-15 Stock With Integrated Recoil Compensation
Mako Group Gl-Shock AR-15 Stock With Integrated Recoil Compensation

FARMINGDALE, NY –-( The Mako Group (“Mako”), a leader in manufacturing, marketing and distributing weapons accessories, announces the GL-Shock – the first and only recoil-compensating collapsible stock for the M4 and AR-15 on the market today!

The GL-Shock, manufactured by FAB Defense in Israel, effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise for better control when firing. The GL-Shock is also the perfect solution for AR-15s and AR-10s chambered in harder recoiling calibers, such as the 6.8 SPC, .308 Winchester, .450 Bushmaster, or .50 Beowulf. The Mako Group offers collapsible stock kits for the AK-47/74 and SA vz.58-style rifles and for Remington and Mossberg shotguns that can be combined with the GL-Shock to provide recoil reduction for these weapons.

The GL-Shock’s unique patented design allows it to be mounted on any standard MIL-SPEC or commercial carbine receiver extension (buffer tube). It is a drop-in replacement for the standard M4-style stock. The GL-Shock auto-adjusts to fit both commercial and MIL-SPEC buffer tubes with a tight, rattle-free fit. Unlike other recoil management systems for AR-15 carbines, the GL-Shock does not use expensive non-standard buffers or buffer springs which often affect the function of the weapon. With the GL-Shock, all factory buffer parts are retained, since recoil-reduction takes place in the stock itself.

The GL-Shock’s design is based on The Mako Group’s very successful GLR16 buttstock, a high-end M4/AR-15 stock with a two-battery storage compartment and a rubber buttpad. The tire tread-inspired, integrated rubber buttpad grips body armor or tactical vests, improving weapon control. The GL-Shock features slots for three sling attachment locations, as well as quick-detach sling swivel mounts on both the left and right sides of the stock.

Pushing a button allows the GL-Shock’s rubber buttpad to slide down, exposing a gasket-sealed waterproof battery compartment. The GL-Shock’s enlarged storage compartment fits a wider array of batteries and spare parts, such as extra firing pins, gas rings, springs, or extractors.

An optional and fully-adjustable cheek riser is available for the GL-Shock (GL-ShockCP). It provides the proper eye height for carry handle-mounted optics on M4/AR-15 carbines. The GL-ShockCP is ideal for the optic-equipped AK-47, vz.58, or any shotgun that has a low stock height designed for iron sight use.

As with all of The Mako Group’s products, the GL-Shock and GL-ShockCP come with a limited lifetime warranty.

“Many customers have been asking The Mako Group for a recoil-compensating AR-15 stock”, says Addy Sandler, The Mako Group’s CEO. “We expect the GL-Shock to redefine the handling characteristics of AR-15 carbines. The recoil-reducing design and modular cheek riser also make the GL-Shock the ideal solution for shotguns and larger caliber rifles.”

GL-Shock retail pricing is $108.80. GL-ShockCP retail pricing is $119.05. Additional information and pictures can be found here.

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