Police Ordered to Return NH Dealer’s Switchblade Inventory

Police Ordered to Return NH Dealer’s Switchblade Inventory

Abe's Awesome Armaments in New Hampton, NH
Abe's Awesome Armaments in New Hampton, NH

New Hampshire –-(Ammoland.com)- Abe Foote of Abe’s Awesome Armaments in New Hampton, NH, who was an unfairly prosecuted victim of New Hampshire’s former restrictions on switchblade sales, was reunited on Wednesday with some of the knives the police had seized.

Unfortunately, approximately one third of the knives seized by the police remain unaccounted for, having disappeared from the evidence room. An internal investigation has been launched by the County Prosecutor. Knife Rights attorney and Freedom’s Point award winner Evan Nappen got the court order for the knives’ return.

Nothing will ever truly compensate Abe for the miscarriage of justice he suffered between the unfair prosecution and a poor defense by his former attorney, but he can at least gain some satisfaction that he’ll have 2/3’s of his stock back just in time for Bike Week in New Hampshire and that the missing knives are being criminally investigated.

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As a long-time knife dealer/importer/wholesaler I've seen and experienced cops doing the most ridiculous things while hiding behind their badges. They know nothing will ever be done about their crimes, because police and prosecutors view the government employees as "us" and the citizenry as "them". It's well-known to anyone willing to open their eyes that the police have declared war on the people and are attacking incrementally, so as not to spook the masses into defending themselves en masse. It's easy to stomp on the rights of an individual and lie on all the paperwork, because nobody who hasn't had… Read more »


So basically many, if not all of the officers now have their own nifty switchblades. Or perhaps one or a small number who "liberated" them from the evidence room have been selling them. Police corruption… is anyone actually surprised?

Great that Abe got most of his inventory back… perhaps the officers in question would be willing to actually *pay* Abe for the missing merchandise. Will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this investigation.