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Honeoye Falls, NY –-( Welcome to the first ever News & Updates. This is a result of requests by both industry and our membership and is meant to bring monthly news and deals to regular AmmoLand readers as well as to those not yet a part of the community.

As has grown over the years, it has gotten harder and harder to keep up with everything that we have going on. As a result, we have been working on redesigning the homepage, providing newsletter, and a few other features to make sure that you don’t miss anything important.

In addition, this article will serve to update some of our users that don’t get to the site regularly about some of the most important topics, products, and industry news.

The first “limited edition” issue is being sent to active members of and serves as both an introduction as well as a platform for soliciting input about what we should bring you in future editions.

To get started, here are a few of the things we have in mind:

  • NEWS – from site news about new features (and there are a lot of new projects coming in the second half of 2010!) to political awareness, we’ll be reporting to you about what’s coming down the pipeline.
  • DEALS- our advertisers will be putting together special offers for. We have partnered with some of the best firearms companies and are proud to be working with them on this project.
  • PRODUCTS- we will be bringing you several new products each month, and will be working with manufacturers to get these products in front of you as soon as possible. One goal will be to introduce a new product via the newsletter and have a select few to give away to our readers.
  • GIVEAWAYS – each issue will have a number of giveaways. This month we will be featuring several prizes including ARFCOM-branded rifle cases from Galati. All registered users are automatically entered simply by clicking links from the newsletter back to the site or through advertisements.

Just like the rest of, this article is aimed at the end user and is no better than the input and suggestions provided by each and every reader. We look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and ideas about what you’d like to see covered. To this end, we’re creating a dedicated forum for newsletter discussions.

Recent Site Updates
The home page was updated this month to accommodate upcoming content and make it easier for our sponsors to provide you with up to the minute deals and news. While most people go directly into the forums, the home page is going to be the place to see what’s new and important; be sure to make a stop there before moving on into the forums at least once a day. Along with the home page came a few additional changes and fixes including mobile subscriptions and an updated WYSIWYG editor.

Upcoming home page content is going to include new product announcements, store promotions, NRA news, blog highlights, and videos along with the content and ads from each of our sponsors. Still outstanding update will include calendar system, mobile IM tool, and other new user and community tools; keep a look out for these upcoming changes.

A number of larger web site projects are in the works and we’re looking to release in the next 30-60 days. These will supplement a couple of other large announcements we hope to bring you in the same time-frame, so once again, check the home page for the latest news.

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