San Francisco Bans Guns From Advertising Posters

San Francisco Bans Guns From Advertising Posters
San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency bans advertisements with guns in them as they continue their civil discrimination policy against gun owners.

National Rifle Association
National Rifle Association

Charlotte, NC –-( Francisco , CA –-( San Francisco is well known for its fog.

But while the sunshine sometimes cuts through fog in the atmosphere, one fog that rarely seems to lift is the fog of anti-gun thinking.

Twice, the city has tried to ban handguns, and been turned back by court challenges.

The city’s public housing authority also had to be sued to end its ban on gun possession by public housing residents.

And the NRA is currently backing a challenge to the city’s gun storage law, which requires city residents to store their handguns in locked containers or disabled with trigger locks.

But as if all that weren’t enough, SF Weekly blogs reported this week that the city of San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) doesn’t allow advertisements with guns in them.

Specifically, SFMTA advertising policy regarding firearms says, “Advertising on Municipal Transportation Agency (“MTA”) property, or as authorized under any contract with the MTA, constitutes a nonpublic forum. No such advertisement shall: . appear to promote the use of firearms.”

the other guys with guns poster
San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) doesn't allow advertisements with guns in them..?

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