Canadian Gun Grabbers

Canadian Gun Grabbers – Bunch of hosers doon't cha knoow?
By Steve Lee Parsons, Director

Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association
Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association

Butler, PA –-( I just returned from visiting a relative in Canada. Since we were traveling to a remote part of Canada, I decided, as in the past, to bring along a rifle and ammo.

I filled out the appropriate one page Canadian Customs Firearms Declaration form. When I told the agent at the border crossing that I was bringing in a rifle, he looked alarmed and asked “what for?” “Protection from wildlife” was my response, which is one of the stated purposes on their Customs form.

“Well”, he replied. “They probably won’t let you in, because you have no need, but drive over to the Customs office”.

When I presented my Customs form I had to undergo a third degree questioning. Then the Customs agent asked to see the rifle (never experienced that before, but certainly a reasonable request).

He must have measured the barrel 3 times, and finally stamped the form and let us proceed into Canada with my rifle.

If you try to smuggle a handgun into Canada, you face arrest and confiscation of your vehicle.

Canadian residents are not legally allowed to own or carry any handguns, tasers, etc. for personal defense, or any business purpose. Canadian police officials in most localities have to check out and turn back in their handguns at a shift change.

You can own a rifle or shotgun, with severe limitations, although there is currently legislation on the books requiring registration of same.

Remember, in 1929 all German citizens were required to register their firearms, then in 1935, the Gestapo came and confiscated firearms, then a few years later, they came back, arrested some of the prior owners, and killed them, because they figured, once a gun owner, always a gun owner!

You cannot purchase any ammo in Canada, down to .22 caliber, without a license. This is European, Progressive, UN type gun grabbing at its finest, and it’s just a few few hours away from us.

Thank God, James Madison, and the Supreme Court for our 2nd Amendment rights.

Pennsylvania Rifle and Pistol Association: Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Article I, Section 21, “The right of the citi-zens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” We uphold, promote and support the right to keep and bear arms. Visit:

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please cite the authority under which Canadian residents can lawfully keep and own handguns. I have lived there, and I know others who currently do, and last I knew NO civilians can own handguns. I'd like to see proof, as when I go there I would certainly like to bring my personal protection. Particularly since being denied that would also mean travelling from my home into Canada and back unarmed… something I an mot keen to do.


Do you really believe that the Canadian government is going to come and round up all the guns and kill the owners one day? I mean really, what nonsense. The nazis built up a giant military and killed millions of people too, maybe we shouldn't have a national defense system. I also hear they were good at building roads and bridges.. lets go back to walking. People can own handguns in Canada, and it's dishonest of you not to mention that. You have to register them, but you can have them. I sure hope you don't have a Home Depot… Read more »