Small Fixed Blade Knife Self Defense Option

Small Fixed Blade Knife Self Defense Option
By Chris Fry

Columbia River Knife & Tool Folts Minimalist
Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Folts Minimalist
Modern Defensive Training Systems
Modern Defensive Training Systems

Utica, NY –-( Considering how many companies will not ship folding knives anymore to NYS due to the New York City confiscation of folding knives from several retail stores and heavy fines levied against retailers I am more supportive than ever about carrying a small fixed blade knife (SFB).

There are several excellent small fixed blade knives available on the market with blade profiles less than 3 inches.

Most of these small knives have historically been considered “neck knives” or even back up knives however over the last 5 years these type of knives have seen a reintroduction as primary carry tools for every day utility and personal protection.

Based on training and extensive pressure testing, small fixed blade knives set up for centerline (close to the belt buckle) carry are consistently faster and easier to access and deploy than any folding knife that I have come across. The main reason is the simple the fact that with any folding knife the fine motor skills of indexing some type of opening mechanism and then deploying said mechanism takes time and focus.

Neither of these factors is usually available to us during a life threatening attack or incident.

Detractors of small fixed blade knife carry argue that such knives scream “intent” and may save you during a critical life or death incident yet harm you greatly during the legal aftermath. This may very well be the case, however it is my humble opinion that a sub 3 inch fixed blade knife is less ominous looking than a 4 inch “tactical folder”. If you can justify using a folding knife to protect yourself you probably have as good a chance justifying using a small fixed blade. This is of course, just my opinion and is not legal advice.

When it comes to the legal carry of any personal protection tool, the obligation falls on you to follow these guidelines:

  1. Check all local and state laws to verify that carry of a small fixed blade is in fact legal in your jurisdiction.
  2. Make sure you can articulate and justify carry of such tool. Carrying a handgun “Because it’s my right!” won’t and doesn’t fly anymore so if you can justify carry of your handgun you can probably justify and articulate reasons for carrying a folding or even a small fixed blade knife.

For the last few weeks I have been testing out a new small fixed blade for every day carry (EDC). The Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) Folts Minimalist. Originally designed for CRKT as a neck knife I modified the carry method with a small blade-tech tek-lok for belt carry (1.5 inch belt). The total price for both knife and tek-lok is a little over $30, very affordable. The wharncliffe blade design is 2 inches in length, hilt length of ~2.5 inches with the added paracord providing extra purchase when accessing/drawing.

This small fixed blade is enough to provide a distinct advantage as a last ditch personal protection tool yet mimimalist enough to not draw attention, a decent combination of attriubutes.

About Chris:
Chris Fry is the owner and director of training and curriculum development for Modern Defensive Training Systems in Utica, N.Y. where he conducts courses in reality driven practical combatives skills, extreme close quarters physical defense, tactical folding knife and edged weapon combatives and combative pistol, carbine and shotgun skills. MDTS offers a variety of courses for responsible citizens, corporations, law enforcement and the U.S. Military with a singular goal of providing up to date, realistic and practical personal protection training. Visit: