MagCount Because You Gotta Know

MagCount Because You Gotta Know

Mag Count
MagCount When your gotta know

Introducing MagCount, the biggest advance in magazine technology since they started putting ammunition in them.

Spring Hill, TN -( MagCount is a revolutionary new technology for magazine-fed weapons such as handguns, shotguns and assault rifles. This new invention displays the number of live rounds in the magazine in real time – and can warn the user when there are just a few rounds left.

Whether soldier, police officer or self-defense shooter, everyone using a firearm has an urgent need to track their ammunition, an advantage that can make a life or death difference in action. MagCount aims to offer the modern shooter the best possible information about his status in the field. MagCount technology measures the current load in any magazine hundreds of times each second, providing high-tech functionality even to weapons hundreds of years old.

MagCount replaces the bottom plate of any magazine and makes no changes to the firearm. It accurately counts and displays the number of rounds in the magazine – even when the magazine isn’t in the firearm. Through vibration or sound, it also provides a last shot warning.

No one should be surprised by that last round. Instead, MagCount makes for a smarter shooter who can monitor and anticipate ammo levels – at any time, in any situation.

MagCount began with a discussion between two brothers, John and Matt Kindt. Pursuing an ammunition counter for their handguns they wanted a system that wouldn’t impair the function of the gun in any way. They rejected mechanical options such as stringing a band of paper to the follower and displaying in a clear window, or using coiled strip-springs to measure a distance from top to bottom. These approaches are simply too invasive and too prone to interfering with handgun operation. Instead, the brothers concentrated on the difference in tension that every shooter experiences when he or she loads a magazine. MagCount treats this tactile element of handgun loading as a physical event that can be measured and reported to the shooter.

After developing the technology in a home metal-working shop, a partner was needed for further refinement. 3SAE Technologies Inc., headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, is a company with focus and expertise in developing new fiber optic tools and technologies for optical fiber fusion splicing and related applications. 3SAE holds multiple patents and awards related to optical fiber preparation and fiber optic stripping. Their products are used at many of the world’s leading photonics, aerospace, military research facilities, universities, municipalities and large fiber optic network providers, and include custom built high-reliability fiber optic cable assemblies.

The newly formed MagCount, LLC has refined the now patent-pending ammunition counting technology for small arms. Every futuristic movie has handguns with ammo counts. MagCount technology brings this into reality!