All Set for 2011 All Set for 2011

Honeoye Falls, NY –( Not only are we at another month, but we’re getting ready to close out another year and welcome 2011 in a couple of weeks.

We are ending this year by giving away a fantastic Daniel Defense rifle to one lucky winner, so congrats to the winner, thanks to Daniel Defense, and to all who entered for a chance to win it. I’m sure it will be the highlight of someone’s holiday season.

Daniel Defense Some details on this month’s giveaway: it was our highest entered so far, with 4,227 unique entries, and a total of 1,317,921 total clicks. Now don’t get me wrong, the $3,000 Larry Vickers Signature Series M4 is an awesome prize, but that’s an extremely high number of clicks! A little close investigation reveals that there are a few interesting points. For instance, two users managed 2,300-2,400 clicks each and another 3,380 clicks from his copy of the newsletter. But most interesting was our click-through winner with a staggering 1,302,743 clicks! Since we enter each user once regardless of the number of times they click the link, it was a good effort, but did not improve his chances. I certainly hope there was some sort of automated software used in that effort, otherwise that was a lot of time that could have been better used.

In December, our focus is on the Multitasker set of tools; three new tools that are purpose built field-kits for servicing your AR in the field, at the range, or back on the bench. As these kits have evolved, many improvements and additions have been made making these the best multi-purpose tools on the market for the AR shooter, and all fit in your pocket, on your belt, or in your shooting bag.

We’ve partnered with Midway to bring you more specials though the newsletters each month in 2011. (Be sure sign up for our newsletter) This month, we are featuring the Geissele Super-Dynamic Triggers. Since Midway has committed to be a sponsor for all of 2011, look for more specials, new products, and more giveaways starting in January. Speaking of January, next month’s newsletter will be sent out late in order to cover the SHOT Show; look for that no earlier than the 20th of the month and it will have a makeover to attempt to solve the problems a few of you are still having with various mail clients.

Follow the link to an event we’re putting on in August of 2011 partnering with Brownells, Sinclair,, and the Rockcastle Shooting Center. This will be the Pro Am 3Gun Championship, and we invite everyone to sign up and attend this event. Not only will there be spectator opportunities to watch some of the top shooters compete, but this will be a hands-on event for all of you to participate as well. We will be posting regular updates on this throughout the coming months, but consider this a heads-up so you can all mark your calendars.

UPDATES (from our COMING SOON section last month)
We sold out of the first item we brought out for our women very quickly, but managed to get a handful of the woman’s bags just recently, and just in time for the holidays! The remainder of the collection is being finalized, and we are actually visiting the warehouse the first week in January to pick everything up. While our goal was to have it all before this Newsletter went out, it’s being pushed back 30 days to make sure we can review everything in person.

T-Shirt Production: As we mentioned before, we have purchased a complete and top of the line system to allow us to produce custom shirts for sale in the store as well as to accommodate the numerous requests we get for events, hometown forums, and other special occasions. This equipment is almost completely set up, and we will be taking orders starting this weekend, or by Monday at the very latest. By shipping with Priority Mail 2-3 day service, we should be able to get these to you in time for gift-wrapping. Keeping our fingers crossed that there are no unforeseen issues with setup.

SHOT Show: With SHOT being almost 30 days away, it’s not too early to start making requests for what you want us to do for you during the show. This year we are partnering with Brownells to bring you the most information filled, interactive, and exciting show yet! We have a list of manufacturers that have signed up for the early product announcements, so we will be bringing those to you the night before the show opens. Post ideas, requests, and topics for discussion in the SHOT Show forum. For any manufacturers not yet signed up, please contact us asap as we’re already running out of slots! Store: On the software side, we’re finally getting close to completing the new store. We’ve been living with the store we have today for way too long, as that was meant as a temporary solution many years ago to enable users to pay for memberships online. The existing store is full of problems, most noticeably with the user interface, but it is also very limiting in how we enter products, accommodate for shipping, handle promotions, options, and many other handicaps on the back end. The new store will not only be a much more appealing place to shop, but it will be far more capable and allow us to bring you new and more diverse products. This will be a major upgrade in early 2011.

Office Space: Lastly, we have been busy moving into our new building where we are consolidating a number of our different functions, equipment, and offices. This means that shortly we will all be in one location, allowing us to be more efficient in all of our efforts, including but not limited to development, shipping, product development, and more. Once things are a bit more settled (and perhaps once the snow goes away) we will have an opportunity to get together with some of the locals in the area. In the meantime, we’ll continue to push through the red-tape, delays from vendors, and everything else we need to get us up and running.

So that’s it- a brief glimpse into some of the things we at are wrapping up for 2010, in order to bring you a much more exciting 2011! To each and every one, have a Happy Holiday Season, and Happy New Year!

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