Northeast Wisconsin High Power Rifle League

Northeast Wisconsin High Power Rifle League
By Don Kemps

Northeast Wisconsin High Power Rifle League
Northeast Wisconsin High Power Rifle League

Wisconsin –-( A brief overview of the Northeast Wisconsin High Power Rifle League

This league had its beginnings in Sheboygan County back in the early ’80’s.

At that time it was known as the Sheboygan County Service Rifle League and consisted of teams from Kiel, Plymouth, Sheboygan, and Sheboygan Falls. We fired a standard 50-rnd NMC with three sighters right up front.

In those days a score of 450 was pretty impressive. Remember, the AR-15 was still just a blip on the horizon. The weapon of choice then was the M1.

After just a couple of years Plymouth dropped out of the league, but we them picked up Appleton. Then Valders came into the fold, and Waupaca was with us for a while, too. Valders, Sheboygan Falls, and Waupaca are now history but we’ve picked up Twin Cities (Neenah/Menasha) and Nicolet (Green Bay) over the years. This last year (2010) Kaukauna has joined forces with us as well. So our current roster stands at six teams.

During the summer months we shoot one match at each teams home facility. A competitor may shoot twice on any given day if he or she so chooses. At the end of the year, your three best scores are used to determine your rank in the over-all lineup. On any given match day, the three best scores in each stage of the match plus the aggregate are pitted against the three best from each other team. For example, Kiels three best offhand scores are matched against the three best offhand scores from Appleton, Twin Cities, Nicolet, etc. The high team gets 6 points for this with subsequent teams getting 5, 4, 3, and so on in the order of value from top to bottom. So if a team makes a “clean sweep” (6 points in each stage plus the aggregate) they can pick up a possible 30 points. At the end of the season, the team with the most accumulated points is declared the Winning Team for that year.

The cost of running this league is as follows. Each shooter must pay a once-per-year fee of $10.00 to get in. Then you pay a fee of $7.00 per match fired. The $10.00 entry fee gets you a T-Shirt with the league logo on it, and pays for your scores to be sent into the NRA. This is an NRA sanctioned league.

During February we have an annual awards banquet/business meeting to reap the fruits of our labor. There is a lot of camaraderie, and we have a pretty good time of it.

Scores have crept up over the years with better equipment coming on the market, and better talent. Today scores in the 480’s are not uncommon. We have even broached the 490’s on a few occasions. All shooting is done from 100-yds in this league.

If you live in an area where there are two or more neighboring teams within a reasonable driving distance you may wish to consider forming such a league. If you want any additional information, feel free to give me a call at 920-439-1253. Don J. Kemps or visit: