AntiGun Politics in Your Doctors Office

AntiGun Politics in Your Doctor’s Office
By Dr. Timothy Wheeler

AntiGun Politics in Your Doctor's Office
AntiGun Politics in Your Doctor's Office
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Upland, California –-( Do you own a gun? How many guns do you have? Do your children have access to guns in your home?

Did you know that having a gun in your home triples your risk of becoming a homicide victim?

These are questions your doctor may ask you or your children as part of routine physical examinations or questionnaires. These are ethical boundary violations that violate privacy rights of patients and families.

Gun-related questions in doctors’ offices are based on a medical political movement against gun owners. That movement is led by the American Academy of Pediatrics, although the AMA and other physician groups have launched similar efforts against gun owners.

With a few rare exceptions, such questions about guns do not reflect a physician’s concern about gun safety. Rather, they are intended to prejudice impressionable and trusting children and their parents into thinking that guns are somehow bad.

That political motive makes these questions ethically wrong. Any doctor who asks them is committing a form of unethical conduct known as an ethical boundary violation. And any doctor who commits an ethical boundary violation should be disciplined.

Patients who file written complaints with respective state consumer agencies are rare, compared to the number patients whose rights are abused. Patients fear retaliation from their doctors and medial staffs. Those fears are not unfounded.

Patients/families have been verbally abused and chastised by doctors and medical staffs for refusing to answer gun questions.

Doctors have even denied care to children whose parents have refused to be submissive to these ethical boundary privacy violations. In reality, state agencies rarely do anything other than notifying a doctor of a complaint — creating an even more hostile environment.

Patients and families shouldn’t have to suffer in silence. They shouldn’t be intimidated or coerced into disclosing personal information about their gun ownership to politically motivated doctors.

Unethical doctors who abuse your trust to advance a political agenda against law-abiding gun owning families must be stopped.

Firearms Accident Facts

Dr. Timothy Wheeler
Dr. Timothy Wheeler

For more information contact:

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

A Project of The Claremont Institute
PO Box 1931, Upland, California 91785-1931
Phone (909) 949-0648

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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2011: "Homicide is the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10 to 24, and 82% of homicides are firearm-related. As a nation, the United States has a higher firearm mortality rate among children and youth than the next highest 25 industrialized nations of the world combined."

It is not an anti-gun document, just a public health research report.

It's a public health issue.


BULL—-, Doctors kill more people than guns, and that’s a fact


Here's a form to take to any Doctor who thinks he's qualified to counsel you on gun owdership:


simply reply NO….this is not a test under oath of perjury……