Innovative “FFLGuard” Legal Program Adds 3 New Expert Firearm Professionals

Innovative “FFLGuard” Legal Program Adds 3 New Expert Firearm Professionals

Co-operative legal program showcased at the Ellett Brothers 2011 Shooting Show, the SHOT SHOW, and the 2011 AcuSport Business Conference, gives independent retailers peace of mind when faced with BATF audits or civil lawsuits aimed at scrutinizing their business practices.


New York City, NY –-( FFLGuard, a cooperative legal program offered to Federal Firearms Licensees by The Chiafullo Group, LLP (“the Group”), a law firm based in New Jersey, provides cost-effective legal counsel to independent gun retailers in the event of a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (“BATF”) compliance inspection or in defense of civil litigation aimed at scrutinizing the retailer’s business practices.

FFLGuard has now expanded after increased demand and success, all in an effort to thoroughly protect the needs of clients across the nation who face similar but different obstacles in their marketplaces.

Christopher Chiafullo, Esq., created the FFLGuard program and currently serves as its National Coordinating Counsel and Director of Special Operations. Chiafullo previously teamed up with Scott Braum, Esq., FFLGuard’s Director of Field Operations, to develop FFLGuard’s “Law Plus Guidelines” and launch the unique legal program nationwide, affording cost-effective compliance solutions to nearly 200 FFL’s in 36 states. During this past year, Chiafullo asked Dr. Stephen Halbrook to provide his Constitutional perspective and insight to FFLGuard’s clients. At the same time, Chiafullo cultivated the new position of ‘FFLGuard Business Manager’ to help service the program’s administrative, marketing, advertising and promotional needs.

“In 2010, we focused on building FFLGuard’s infrastructure and exploring new relationships,” says Chiafullo, adding, “and now we’re happy to bring in some additional, like-minded, ‘gun law gurus’ to help us in 2011.”

Mr. Chiafullo has formed strategic alliances with 3 such “gurus,” each of whom brings his own expertise and experience to FFLGuard for 2011. The first of those is C.D. “Chuck” Michel, Esq., who is the Senior Counsel at Michel & Associates, P.C. in Long Beach, CA. Mr. Michel has one of the largest firearms law practices in the country, and has been representing the NRA and other self-defense civil rights associations, as well as firearms manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, for almost 20 years. He will serve as FFLGuard’s Counsel on California Legislation and Litigation, providing California-specific legal advice exclusively to FFLGuard clients. Next, Mark A. Barnes, Esq., is the principal of Mark Barnes & Associates, with offices in Washington, DC and Phoenix, AZ. Mr. Barnes also boasts one of the most comprehensive and wide-reaching firearms law practices in the country, and will serve as a Preferred Provider of Counsel to FFLGuard as it relates to his particular area of expertise: the National Firearms Act. FFLGuard clients will be afforded exclusive access to Mr. Barnes and his practice when dealing with NFA issues as they arise. Finally, James Zammillo is the founder of Ponte Nuovo Consulting, LLC, located in Ellicott City, MD. As the recently retired Deputy Assistant Director of Industry Operations for the BATF, Mr. Zammillo provides FFLGuard clients with elite insight into BATF practice and procedures, especially as it relates to FFL compliance inspections. Mr. Zammillo, through Ponte Nuovo, will serve as FFLGuard’s ATF Liaison and Special Projects Manager.

Mr. Chiafullo and the FFLGuard team will travel to the Ellett Brothers 2011 Shooting Show in Columbia, SC from January 5-8, 2011, then to the SHOT SHOW (Booth#15743) in Las Vegas, NV from January 18-21, 2011, and then to the AcuSport Business Conference in Fort Worth, TX on January 25-28, 2011. At the AcuSport Business Conference, FFLGuard professionals will meet with AcuSport retailers, which will include meetings with current FFLGuard clients and daily educational seminars for all attendees. FFLGuard educational sessions topics range from “ATF Compliance” to “Things to Know about California Gun Laws” to “Starting an NFA Sales Practice.” Independent retailers at the AcuSport Business Conference will learn first-hand how to protect the sanctity of their Federal Firearms License through techniques disclosed at this event, and will have exclusive access to the FFLGuard team.

For more information on FFLGuard, visit or call 1-888-FFL-GRD1 (1-888-335-4731) or visit their booth at SHOT SHOW (Booth #15743), the Ellett Brothers 2011 Shooting Show, or the AcuSport Business Conference.

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