Winchester Introduces Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition

Winchester Introduces Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition

Winchester Introduces Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition
Winchester Introduces Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition
Winchester Ammunition

East Alton, IL – -( Winchester Ammunition is introducing one of the most innovative shotshell loads in the brand’s 144-year history.

The new Blind Side ammunition combines ground-breaking, stacked HEX Shot technology and the new Diamond Cut Wad in the most deadly Winchester waterfowl load available.

Loaded with 100 percent HEX Shot, you get more pellets on target, a larger kill zone and more trauma inducing pellets than ever before, meaning quick kill shots.

“This is a superior duck and goose load that we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time designing and perfecting”, said Brett Flaugher, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Winchester Ammunition. “As the industry leader in innovative new products, this product is without question, a quality product that waterfowl hunters can shoot with confidence.”

Winchester Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition
Winchester Blind Side Waterfowl Ammunition

Key Features of Blind Side Ammunition

  • High Packing Density With the unique shape of HEX Shot, we can literally pack the shot into the wad shot cup more efficiently to give the hunter up to 15 percent more shot pellets per shell.
  • Hex Steel Shot Six-sided, multiple-edged shot provides increased trauma and wound channels, resulting in fast kills and 250 percent more trauma. The shot is designed to hit waterfowl like high-velocity tumbling bricks—preventing over penetration and maximizing energy deposit and knock-down shock within the bird.
  • Diamond Cut Wad The Blind Side Diamond Cut Wad is designed to maximize pattern performance of Hex Shot, resulting in consistent patterns that increase the kill zone up to 25 percent. Blind Side HEX Shot and the Diamond Cut Wad system is also choke responsive, providing consistent patterns through improved cylinder, modified or full choke systems.

Drylok Super Steel System Important to duck hunters is keeping your powder dry. This system seals out water and moisture and is corrosion resistant for improved patterning and consistent velocities.

Blind Side Product Offerings (AVAILABILITY, FALL, 2011)

Symbol Gauge Shell Length Shot Wt. Velocity Shot Size
SBS12LBB 12 3 ½ 1 5/8 1400 BB
SSBS12L2 12 3 ½ 1 5/8 1400 2
SBS123BB 12 3 1 3/8 1400 BB
SBS1232 12 3 1 3/8 1400 2

For more information about Winchester’s products, visit

Winchester Ammunition prides itself in being a leader of conservation
For more than 20 years Winchester has been a proud sponsor of Ducks Unlimited. During this partnership Winchester has generated generous funding to support Ducks Unlimited wetlands and waterfowl conservation projects. In addition Winchester is the exclusive sponsor of the Ducks Unlimited shooting program and supports many local and state chapters. For more information about Ducks Unlimited visit

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Have finished box number 6 of my first case of Blindside 3 1/2 inch # 2's. Over open water on mallard size ducks, I'm getting clean kills even at 45 yards. Shooting from the same blind, they out perform the fast steel #3's that I shot for the past several years. For me, Blindside shells are as good as 3" magnum Lead #4's.

john rainey

I just used the blindside ammunition today on Canada geese. I was pass shooting using an Sx3 using 3 inch 2 shot using an improved cylinder choke. I was busting geese to 60 yards. I found the blindside deadly with tight patterns. The shot is extremmely fast and I missed the first few shots by leading the birds a little to far. Once I adjusted I had 7 geese in less than a half hour. I hit one bird at 40 yards and when I picked the breast there were 8 pellet holes less than an inch apart. I would… Read more »

Robert Krawiec

If the birds have to be at 15 yards for it to be effective, why do I need a 15% increase in pellet count? Regular steel works fine if you limit shots to 35-40 yds. Practice with it, pattern your gun and stick to effective ranges and you dont need it.


Stay away from Blind Side. I used it this past weekend and I ended up wounding and losing more birds in one day than I did all last season. It seems to lose velocity too fast. I shoot ducks at a max range of 25-30 yards. I would hit them, they would stumble and then continue on or sail for hundreds of yards. I thought perhaps it was my shooting, but the person in the blind with me was using the same load and had the same results. This ammo is a great concent poorly concieved. Its likely most effective… Read more »

Kriss garcia

Poor results with blindsided. Very inconsisten and poor patterns. Does cause more trauma, often times more than is necessary. Gave rest of my case away and went back to 1550. Shells are loosely packed and rattle, shot seems to fly iratically and not as far nor fast. I would guess the increased increased friction loss from their shape drops their velocity drastically.. Was making shots with 1550 that minutes before could not have made with blindsided. My bad for buying hype.


How do these Blind Side shotshells preform with patternmaster chokes?