KRISS Super V Carbine

KRISS Super V Carbine

KRISS Super V Carbine
KRISS Super V Carbine

Honeoye Falls, NY –( In late 2010, Swiss KRISS Arms Group acquired Sphinx, world leader in high-quality pistol production.

Their goal is to safeguard Switzerland’s respected tradition of technology and know-how in the small arms field.

Products from this consolidation include models and accessories specifically built for military and law enforcement and new commercial lines for the U.S. market. One of the products that will no doubt flourish in that market will be the Super V line.

According to their own literature, the Super V is “the first major breakthrough in weapons operating systems in more than 120 years! The patented KSVS actually works with the operator by helping deliver more rounds on-target, more of the time. By reducing felt recoil by as much as 60% and barrel elevation by 95%, the KSVS stays where you aim it and drastically reduces the need to re-acquire sight picture…even when firing full auto at 1000 rounds-per-minute!”

Traditional linear operating systems create forces that actually work against the operator’s ability to put rounds on-target. These forces create large amounts of felt recoil and muzzle climb; both of which impair the operator’s ability to keep his sight picture. The Kriss Super V design re-vectors these forces down and away from the operator and reduces felt recoil by as much as 60% and muzzle climb by as much as 95%! The KRISS Super V System works with the operator and actually enhances his ability to put more rounds on target, more of the time.

With simple rugged, moving parts, KRISS firearms represent industry- leading, state of the art design, engineering and construction. Because the KRISS Super V System absorbs the recoil, KRISS firearms are the lightest and most compact frame of any firearm in their class. (video showing comparison against various other firearms)

Designed for operation and tear-down in the most adverse environments, the KRISS field strips with the removal of 2 simple pushpins and completely disassembles with the use of 2 more pins, requiring no tools.

Of special interest to the non-mil/leo community are the semi-auto KRISS Super V Vector CRB/SO and the SBR/SO. Both are based upon the proven rugged milspec design and construction and are the “smallest, lightest, most controllable and accurate carbines in the world.”


  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Barrel Length: 16/5.5″
  • Total Capacity: 13 (optional 17rd extension available)
  • Weight (empty): 5.8/5.6lbs
  • Length (stock folded): 26.5/16″
  • Length (stock extended): 34.8/24.3″
  • Height: 6.9″

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