Nebraska Firearms Owners Association Lobby Day

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association Lobby Day
Monday February 28th, 2011 .

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association
Nebraska Firearms Owners Association

Lincoln, NE –-( This is a reminder that, thanks to the assistance of the staff of Senator Lautenbaugh, we have a room to meet up and to organize in the capital.

Through out the morning several Senators and our Attorney General Jon Bruning will be stopping in to say hello.

At the capital, we will present a summary of the firearms-related bills being discussed in the Legislature. We can also assist you in finding who your Senator is and where their office is located.

Then you can stop by to introduce yourself and to let them know how you feel about the bills currently being worked on by our elected officials.

In order for this event to be successful we need your participation, so please come out to see us next Monday, and bring a friend or family member if you can!

Room information:

  • Date: Monday February 28th, 2011
  • Time: From 9:00 to 11:00
  • Room 1113 Nebraska State Capital, Lincoln, NE

This is a very busy year for us in the Nebraska Legislature.  Most years we see a half dozen bills dealing with firearms issues and another half dozen that deal with our enjoyment of the outdoors.  This year, however, there are 12 bills and legislative resolutions that deal directly with firearms and another 25 that deal with the outdoors or other related issues.

The NFOA has been focusing our involvement on 24 of the bills that have been proposed.  A complete listing of the bills can be found in the members only section of the forum and we will soon have a bill breakdown available for download that we will also be distributing at the Lobby Day on February 28th.

Nebraska Firearms Owners Association (NFOA) is organized for the purpose of voicing the opinion of its membership to the Nebraska Legislature and other law making bodies within the state as well as Federal level, as it pertains to firearms. NFOA members will also make it a priority to educate residents on firearms related issues.

On the web: or email: [email protected] for more information.