Sporting Guns Is Illegal? Find Out On This Weeks ATSN

Sporting Guns Is Illegal? Find Out On This Weeks ATSN

John Bagakis
Team Smith & Wesson Shooter John “Repeat” Bagakis
American Trigger Sports Network
American Trigger Sports Network

Ventura, CA – -( This week on the Trigger Sports Network, Have the Feds decide your sporting gun is illegal? David Codrea reports.

Then NRA Rachel Parsons warns us to watch for Obamas’ new gun laws.

Barbara Crown praises John Jackson for new award and a Cop makes traffic stop that turns into a gun fight.

Do you really understand the Pledge of Allegiance? Red Skelton explains.

Self-defense this week–a rear shirt grab and how does the turmoil in Egypt affect your 2nd Amendment rights? Mark Walters reports.

John Bagakis, live from CA, talks about his career and upcoming events. Then How to handle those late night phone calls.

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