Concealed Handgun License Privacy Bill Passes House But Senate Democrats Conspire To Kill It

Concealed Handgun License Privacy Bill Passes House But Senate Democrats Conspire To Kill It

Oregon Firearms Federation
Oregon Firearms Federation

Salem, Oregon –-( House Bill 2787, a bill that will protect the private information of concealed handgun license holders, passed the Oregon House today with a 42 to 18 vote.

The single Republican who voted to keep this sensitive information available to any and all was Vicki Berger. While not unexpected, it was still inexplicable. Why anyone would insist that this info be made available to any criminal, newspaper, or junk mail firm defies reason. But that’s politics.

Berger’s comment after the vote… “I had to do it.” It remains to be seen why she “had to do it.” But the bill has now passed another hurdle and moves on to the Senate where things promise to be more interesting.

An identical bill * was due to be voted on in the Senate Judiciary Committee today. (*This link does not show the proposed amendments that would have mirrored the House amendments, but they had been introduced.)

The bill had had already received a hearing and today’s “work session ” was being held to include the same amendments the House bill had and vote the bill out of committee. But the bill was yanked off the schedule by the Committee Chair, who, while supportive or the bill himself, had been pressured by the Senate Democratic Caucus to spike the bill.

This means that when HB 2787 is assigned to that same committee, the Chairman will be strong- armed by the Senate Democrats to kill it.

So clearly, we have our work cut out . This bill is so commonsense that it is hard to imagine what excuse the Senate Democrats have to try to kill it, except for pure vindictiveness. But things are, by no means, over.

The bill has passed the House. It will now be assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee where, without a strong demand by gun owners, it will never get a hearing and it will die. So let’s get to work.

Every Oregon Sheriff we know is behind this bill. Eleven House Democrats (including co-speaker Arnie Roblan) voted in favor. Clearly the idea of protecting CHL holder’s private data is something most people understand. We now have to turn our attention to the Senate.

If your state Senator is a Democrat, you need to inform them in the most urgent terms that you want HB 2787 to get a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee. If you don’t know who your Senator is, it’s easy to find out. Use this link. Your STATE Senator will be the second to last person listed.

The message is simple and to-the-point.

Dear Senator, House Bill 2787 is very important to me. I urge you to do all you can to assure it gets a hearing and passes the Senate.

You can find easy contact info for ALL Senate Dems here.

Senator Peter Courtney is the Senate President and a Democrat. In the end, it is his responsibility to move this bill. The threatened hold-up could not take place without his approval. He needs to hear from you as well.

We are as committed as ever to see this bill pass. Please make sure your voice is heard.

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