Constitutional Carry Moving Forward Across USA

Constitutional Carry Moving Forward Across USA

Constitutional Carry State Map 3-14-11
Constitutional Carry Moving Forward Across USA
National Association for Gun Rights
National Association for Gun Rights

Colorado ––( Constitutional Carry is advancing through state legislatures across the country. I’m proud to say that your activism has made this possible.

National Association for Gun Rights’ staff is actively working with grassroots gun rights groups across the country to secure passage of these important pieces of legislation.

As you know, Constitutional Carry is a simple, straight forward idea.

If passed, it simply permits anyone who is eligible to own a firearm to carry a firearm concealed without a permit.

This legislation would not get rid of the current permit system, but it would merely give gun owners another option for exercising their right to bear arms. For reciprocity between states, citizens might still want a permit, but that’s their choice under the Constitutional Carry system.

Constitutional Carry is currently law in Alaska, Arizona, Vermont and now Wyoming.

State Representative Chris Holbert — a Constitutional Carry bill sponsor from Colorado — says we’re simply abolishing the “coat tax.” In states where open carry is legal, you put your coat on, and you have to pay the permit “tax.”

Constitutional Carry would make that permit “tax” voluntary, since you could carry a concealed weapon without acquiring a permit.

In Wyoming, the Jennings-Jaggi Constitutional Carry Bill was signed into law by Governor Matt Mead on March 2. The law will take effect on July 1, 2011.

National Association for Gun Rights’ staff worked extensively with Wyoming Gun Owners to ensure passage of the bill, including killing several attempts to poison the bill with anti-gun amendments.

HB-271, Representative Kerns’ Constitutional Carry Bill passed the State House 54-41 in late February and is now in the Montana State Senate.

Kerns’ Constitutional Carry Bill will be heard in the Montana Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday March 16 at 8:00am in Room 303.

HB-1205, the Holbert-Brophy Constitutional Carry Bill, passed out of the State House on a 40-25 vote. The measure garnered the support of 7 Democrats. It faces an uphill battle in the State Senate, which is controlled by anti-gun Democrats.

Both Representative Holbert and Senator Greg Brophy are long-time supporters of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners and the National Association for Gun Rights.

New Hampshire
The National Association for Gun Rights has been working with the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition and HB-536 has been introduced in the New Hampshire legislature and is awaiting a hearing.

South Carolina
In South Carolina, the National Association for Gun Rights and GrassRoots GunRights South Carolina have been fighting attempts by anti-gun Republican Thad Viers to poison H. 3292 (Comprehensive Concealed Carry Reform).

National Association for Gun Rights’ members in South Carolina have been instrumental in keeping the heat on South Carolina legislators to adopt H. 3292 with GrassRoots GunRights South Carolina amendments.

House Republicans in Iowa have bowed to pressure from Iowa Gun Owners and National Association for Gun Rights’ members in Iowa and have pledged to pass the Sorenson-Pearson Constitutional Carry bill this session.

Iowa Gun Owners has worked with us to expose backroom deals to kill Constitutional Carry. You can rest assured, we will continue to keep the pressure on House Republicans to pass Iowa Gun Owners’ real Constitutional Carry Bill. A committee hearing on the bill is expected early next week.

It’s truly an exciting time for gun rights at the state level.

You can help us continue to fight for Constitutional Carry and true firearms freedom in state legislatures across the country by getting involved today.

For liberty,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director
National Association for Gun Rights

The National Association for Gun Rights was founded in 2001 to serve as a grassroots gun rights group focusing on building state-level gun rights groups and lobbying for pro-gun federal legislation. Brown has been a gun lobbyist for more than 17 years. Visit:

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@Brock Showing up for a photo op isn't the same thing as actually doing something to actually pass the bill. NAGR may have sent some email from Colorado but that's about it, aside from showing up for a photo. If you check the lobbyist registration for Wyoming you will see that Dudley nor anyone from his group appears to have registered to lobby in the state in 2010 or 2011 as required by law.… Interestingly, no one from his organization is registered to lobby in Congress either, despite their claim to have been in existence for a decade.…… Read more »


I hope they get similar legislation passed in commiefornia. This state is about to do some major cuts on public services, to include police, fire, schools. The brain dead politicians here wont go after the true leeches of this state. Endless welfare for the world and free handouts to everyone here illegally.

Brock Manson

Mike, You left the same comment on another site and it was shot down there, as well. To paraphrase the same response you got, were you there when the Wyoming law was signed? Of course you weren't, because if you were you would have seen the governor acknowledge Dudley Brown — who was standing a few feet behind him — as he signed Constitutional Carry into law. But, as I said, you wouldn't know that because you weren't there and were not involved. So do your homework before copying and pasting the same response in different gun blog comment sections.… Read more »


Of course Dudley Brown and NAGR have had nothing to do with any of this. NAGR is a fundraing mechanism to enrich Dudley Brown. They have no lobbyist and are not registered to lobby in thes states or in Congress. In fact, Dudley Brown claims to be the top lobbyist for Rocky Mt Gun Owners for the last 17 years but was unregistered to lobby in Colorado where they are headquartered for the last 6 years. Since they claim to have been in existence since 2001, why have they spent zero money lobbying Congress and why aren't they registered to… Read more »

Ted Law

I see it progressing just like concealed carry has over the last 10 years. The free states taking the first steps and the rest being dragged kicking and screaming.

Gary Binder

I am really excited to see this movement spreading! More guns on more hands is good.