Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!

Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans
Not your normal FBI agent – Retired agent turned author Jack Owens takes a light-hearted look at a serious and honored service.

History Publishing Company
History Publishing Company

Palisades, NY –-( In the FBI culture of wingtips and crew-cuts, field agent Jack Owens wore loafers and long hair. Yes, he was a dedicated career agent, but viewed some policies as unnecessary and enjoyed doing things his way.

“One night I sat alone in a tree during a rainstorm wearing a government-issue waterproof coat that wasn’t waterproof, waiting for a fugitive to walk into my handcuffs,” Owens says. “You can’t have that much fun being sensible.”

The title of his book, Don’t shoot! We’re Republicans!, refers to one of the many zany incidents that occurred during his pursuits, stakeouts, and arrests. Fun-loving and fearless, he considered each assignment an adventure, from chasing army deserters and bank robbers to putting down prison riots and working undercover in counterintelligence.

Owens combines his personal stories with an in-depth look at the workings of the FBI. He describes the rigid but effective management style of J. Edgar Hoover, critiques the methods of Hoover’s successors, and praises the Bureau’s move to recruit women and minorities.

Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!
Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!

He recounts in detail the handling of a number of nationally publicized crimes such as the Atlanta child murders. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he describes new directions for FBI activities, such as cooperative efforts to fight global crime and terrorism, and programs to train former communist police officers how to enforce laws in their new democracies.

What never changed in 30 years was Owens’ sense of humor, his deep respect for the Bureau, and his admiration for his competent fellow agents. While he writes that “the FBI lives on gripes and stale air” and acknowledges that mistakes are made, he asserts that “the Bureau is still the best equipped and trained law enforcement organization anywhere.”

Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!
Jack Owens
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Published by History Publishing Company
Trade Paperback, 247 pages
ISBN 978-1-933909-67-7

About the Author
Jack Owens spent 30 years in the FBI trenches, mostly in Birmingham, Alabama. After retiring from the Bureau, he took up writing and has written articles for a variety of magazines. In 2003 he appeared in the CBS reality TV show Big Brother (BB4). With his winning smile and charming disposition, he was voted the most popular cast member.

Owens was born in Texas and spent his youth in small towns in West Virginia. He has a BA in Public Administration from American University, and a law degree from the University of Alabama Law School. He joined the FBI in 1969, spent a year in Denver and 29 years in Birmingham, Alabama, where he investigated bank robberies, extortions, kidnappings, terrorism, and other crimes. He spent four years in counterintelligence, and served on Alabama’s first SWAT team.

He and his wife live in Birmingham. He has six children and eight grandchildren.