Heeding God’s Call Brings in Professional Anti-Gun Lobbyists

Heeding God’s Call Brings in Professional Anti-Gun Lobbyists

Maryland Shall Issue
Maryland Shall Issue

Maryland ––(Ammoland.com)- In an October article, the Baltimore Brew quotes Bryan Miller as being the Director of Public Advocacy for the supposedly grassroots interfaith group, Heeding God’s Call.

Some of you will know Bryan Miller as the director of Ceasefire New Jersey. His brother, FBI Agent Michael John Miller, was killed while inside of DC police headquarter in 1994. Yes, that’s right, an FBI Agent was killed in a gun free city while inside of a police facility by a gang member already suspected of having committed previous murders.

Mr. Miller has a long history in the circles of the anti-freedom, anti-rights movement and it appears that he has joined forces with those that have set their sights on Maryland gun owners and firearms retailers.

By no small coincidence, Mr. Miller’s sister, Lisa Miller Delity, is involved with the organization formerly known as Ceasefire MD (which is no longer owned by the anti-gun bigots) and is a fixture on the Maryland anti-gun circuit.

This further demonstrates what we have contended for years: That the anti-gun organizations are populated by an incredibly small group of individuals who constantly reinvent themselves with new names for their organizations and cite each others’ flawed studies to give the appearance of larger forces at work in the name of “preventing gun violence”. This is just another installment in this long saga, but thankfully we see through their charade.

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