Afterburner 2000 is a Revolutionary Non-Lethal Defensive Product

Afterburner 2000 is a Revolutionary Non-Lethal Defensive Product
Capable Of Stopping Subjects No Shots Fired

MSI Delivery Systems Inc. unveils the Afterburner 2000® as the fastest, fully selfcontained, man-portable, multi-mission aerosol delivery system in the world.

MSI Delivery Systems
MSI Delivery Systems

ROCKY MOUNT, North Carolina –-( MSI Delivery Systems Inc completed the development of a revolutionary non-lethal defensive product, the Afterburner 2000®, and has commenced volume production and sales.

The product can be deployed in an extensive array of scenarios including training simulations for fire departments and first responders, disaster preparedness training, the military for battlefield obscuration, and with additional applicability in entertainment and special effects.

The non-toxic training smoke can be upgraded for uses that include less-lethal terrorist suppression, crowd control, riots, civil unrest, urban warfare (MOUT/COIN), tactical incursions, neutralizing chemical attacks and decontamination.

This fully self-contained, man-portable, multi-mission aerosol delivery system far
exceeds any similar products and is capable of rapidly blanketing large areas with dense smoke. A one second trigger burst releases over 1,500 cubic feet of smoke with a range greater than 100 feet under 400 PSI of pressure. The stand-alone version of the Afterburner 2000® expels 50,000 cubic feet of smoke on a single charge. The dependent version with high-capacity backpack expels 320,000 cubic feet of smoke.

Felix Batts, Chairman/CEO of MSI Delivery Systems, Inc. and the inventor of the product line, has successfully demonstrated and proven the world-class status of the Afterburner 2000® before invited military, law enforcement and private security industry audiences at non-disclosed test locations in North Carolina.

During a briefing to a private group of invitees, Mr. Batts explained that “The Afterburner 2000® design incorporates a high performance heat exchanger with proprietary shielding technology resulting in 95% of the heat generated by the system being retained within the barrel of the gun. This highly efficient design creates a unique Stealth-Mode capability.”

Stealth-Mode capability allows enforcement personnel to pre-heat the system and, when approaching a target area for a drug bust or other type of tactical incursion, can turn off the heat source to eliminate any noise produced by the product. The system can maintain operating temperature for 10 minutes with enough energy reserve for 3 trigger bursts before the heat source needs to be reengaged. In addition, the unique formulation of the smoke solution is such that the smoke leaves no residue and will not
contaminate crime scenes.

Donald Ryan, President of MSI Delivery Systems Inc, states “law enforcement and military personnel can use the product in conjunction with thermal imaging goggles to create new and revolutionary deployment scenarios not possible with existing technology. Our product’s neutralizing capabilities include hostage situations, pirate deterrent & capture, and crowd control without the need for shots being fired which reduces the likelihood of increasing mortality in highly charged situations.” The Afterburner 2000® is capable of dispensing many formulations in a high-density aerosol form. When the non-toxic smoke solution is mixed with irritants, such as OC/CS/Pepper, this upgrades the mission capabilities to include less-lethal terrorist suppression, urban warfare (MOUT/COIN), riot and crowd control, and ship protection to repel boarders by providing a less-lethal method to keep terrorists from approaching ships at sea.

The Afterburner 2000® is a versatile product suitable for a diversified set of markets. The product fully addresses the growing concerns in the global pursuits of non-lethal products to control, protect and secure high profile and valuable assets on land and at sea.

MSI Delivery Systems Inc. develops and markets a broad range of products for firefighters, law enforcement, military and homeland security. Products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 certified facilities. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Major Steps Inc. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, email [email protected] or visit