Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT Cartridge and Rifles

Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT Cartridge and Rifles

The Practical .30 Cal. AR-15 Solution

Wilson Combat
Wilson Combat

Berryville, AR -(Ammoland.com)- Available now from Wilson Combat – The 7.62×40 WT (Wilson Tactical) is an all new powerful .30 caliber cartridge solution for the standard AR-15 rifle platform that is inherently accurate, low recoil and only requires one unique part – a new barrel.

The 7.62×40 WT works with all other standard pattern 5.56 AR components and is completely reliable with the new Lancer® L5 AWM magazines as modified by Wilson Combat.

Wilson Combat AR15 Rifle
Wilson Combat AR15 Rifle

Ideal for Hunting and Tactical Use
The wide range of available .30 caliber hunting bullets makes the 7.62×40 WT an ideal choice for hunting of medium to large size game with the downrange ballistic performance only a .30 Caliber projectile can deliver. Experienced shooters will be pleased by the match grade accuracy and terminal effectiveness and energy easily exceeding the 7.62×39 Russian, while novice shooters will appreciate the mild recoil and low report. 
Tactical shooters looking for a hard hitting, fast handling, practical .30 Caliber AR-15 service carbine will find the 7.62×40 WT a viable alternative to the 5.56×45 for self defense and law enforcement applications. With 18/19 or 28/29 round capacity using Wilson Combat modified Lancer® L5 AWM 5.56 magazines, maximum firepower is retained.

Components, Loaded Ammunition and Complete Guns

7.62x40 WT cartridge
7.62x40 WT cartridge

The 7.62×40 WT cartridge is based on a standard Lake City 5.56×45 NATO/.223 cartridge case that goes through a simple shortening and reforming operation to achieve appropriate cartridge dimensions. Wilson Combat has reloading dies, case gages, cartridge cases, handload data and a variety of loaded ammunition to fully support this caliber.
A complete lineup of Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT rifles, uppers and match-grade barrels are also available now.

Ballistic Performance Comparison
7.62×40 WT (16” Barrel) 110 gr: 2450 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1466 Foot Pounds of Energy
125 gr: 2400 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1599 Foot Pounds of Energy
150 gr: 2200 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1612 Foot Pounds of Energy

5.56 Nato (16” Barrel) 55 gr: 3150 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1212 Foot Pounds of Energy
62 gr: 3000 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1239 Foot Pounds of Energy
77 gr: 2750 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1293 Foot Pounds of Energy

7.62×39 (16” Barrel) 123 gr: 2320 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1470 Foot Pounds of Energy
6.8 SPC (16” Barrel)
110 gr: 2550 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1594 Foot Pounds of Energy

300 BLACKOUT (16” Barrel) 125 gr: 2275 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1436 Foot Pounds of Energy

NOTE for Handloaders: Once a 7.62×40 WT case has been fired once it will be fire- formed and provide approximately 1 gr. additional powder capacity and the potential for approximately 25-50 FPS more velocity at comparable pressure levels.

Trajectory and Remaining Velocity
125 gr. Nosler Ballistic Hunter, 2375 FPS MV, Zero range 175 yards
100 yds +1.7” 2156 FPS
150 yds +1.1” 2052 FPS
200 yds -1.6” 1951 FPS
250 yds -6.6” 1854 FPS

Contact Information:
Wilson Combat

At Wilson Combat we’re proud of our position as the acknowledged leader in customer satisfaction and quality products. We work hard to maintain the reputation we’ve built over almost thirty years, and continue to invest in the human resources, training, capital equipment, research and development to stay on top. We have added new leadership personnel in engineering, manufacturing management, materials, research, design, operations, and business development. One of our goals is to be a little better every single day, and we work hard to meet that goal.

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Peter Rempkens

Thanks, after half hour serching internet found your article. great, all the info I was after,nice easy reading in less than a page.I will be looking to this page to answer any of my further questions.Peter Rempkens


I built a AAC 300 Blackout using a Wilson 16" recon barrel . I have loaded several different weight bullet loads form 110gr. to 220gr. and have not yet shot a 5 round group larger then 1/2" 100yrds.

Jay w/ Arms Post

I have been quite interested in both this round and the 300 BLK / 300 AAC BLACKOUT. I feel like the 300 BLK with the backing it has will probably be more successful, but who knows. I have seen the 300 BLK subsonic round under suppression and it was mind blowing. I was nearly on par with a .22LR suppressed.