Doug Koenig Wins 13th National Action Pistol Title

Doug Koenig Wins 13Th National Action Pistol Title

Doug Koenig raises his thirteenth Bianchi Cup
Doug Koenig raises his thirteenth Bianchi Cup while standing with (L to R), Larry Potterfield, Brenda Potterfield and event founder John Bianchi
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Columbia, Missouri –-( Doug Koenig won his 13th National Action Pistol Championship (Bianchi Cup) at the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club. In doing so, Koenig defended his 2010 title and set a new championship record with a score of 1920-187x.

Action shooting consists of four stages. A practical stage, a barricade stage, a falling plate stage, and a moving target stage. The four stages do not follow a specific order but the national and world championships usually schedule the “super squad” to finish the match at the moving target event – on the last day. The “mover” is a challenging event and often separates the very tight group of competitors that compete on the final day.

Koenig entered the last of his four events, the moving target event, with a perfect match score – no dropped points and a perfect “x” count. After a week of tornado warnings, cold weather, and generally erratic weather patterns that caused the range staff to reschedule shooting times for many competitors, Koenig entered his last event in first place. Koenig put together a tremendous showing at the moving target event and, in the end, kept everything in the “10” ring – only dropping five “x’s” to claim a new championship record score and his thirteenth National Action Pistol Championship.

Koenig said that his latest championship was just “as sweet” as any other “Cup.”

“Winning the Bianchi Cup,” said Koenig, “is a very special happening in my life. This is where all my efforts, my sponsor support, and the support of those around me all come together. There is nothing like the moment when I finish first – and I glad that I always have a good chance at first. I have the best equipment you can get.”

Koenig first won the Bianchi Cup in 1990, as a very young competitor. Now, twenty-one years later, Koenig has a 13th “Cup” for the mantle.

Koenig took an entire film crew with him to this year’s championship. Koenig’s new television show, Doug Koenig’s Championship Season, debuts on the Sportsman Channel in one month and match win #13 was recorded for use on the show.

“When you bring a film crew to an event, you don’t know whether you are going to win or lose but you certainly have an ever greater appreciation for the match win when the entire event has been recorded for use on the show,” said Koenig. “This is a very tough match to win and the film crew was taping – no matter whether I won or lost.”

Koenig has won national and world championships in pistol events, shotgun events, and rifle events. A professional shooter, Koenig has dominated competitive pistol shooting for the last fifteen years. Koenig has won seventeen Masters International Championships, three World Speed Shooting Championships, an IPSC World Championship, four World Action Pistol Championships (holds World Record Score), thirteen Sportsman’s Team Challenge Championships, a World All-Around Championship, and thirteen National Action Pistol Championships (Bianchi Cup).


  • Koenig’s gun sponsor is SMITH & WESSON – the largest manufacturer of handguns in the United States.
  • Koenig’s optical sight is from LEUPOLD & STEVENS – optics that are renowned for their unchallenged ruggedness, absolute waterproof integrity, and their vastly superior optical quality.
  • Koenig’s bullet supplier is HORNADY – the maker of the finest bullets available.
  • Koenig’s speed holster is from SAFARILAND – the top name in competitive shooting holster accessories.
  • Koenig’s gun cleaning products are from OTIS – the most advanced gun care systems in the world. .
  • Koenig’s brass is from STARLINE – precision brass for shooters that require the best.
  • Koenig’s air guns are from GAMO – shooters in over 50 countries use Gamo’s high quality air rifles and air pistols.
  • Koenig’s crossbows come from TEN POINT CROSSBOWS – the premiere crossbow brand in the marketplace.

Doug Koenig is represented by Russ Stott of August Sports – a Maryland/Washington, D.C. based sports representation agency that specializes in representing athletes from the outdoor sports. For information about Doug Koenig, please contact the offices of August Sports Promotions at (202) 413-3455 or at [email protected]