Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags – Frank Talk About Guns

Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags – Frank Talk About Guns

Bug Out Bag
Ammunition and Bug-Out-Bags - Frank Talk About Guns
Frank Brownell
Frank Brownell -

Des Moines, Iowa – -( WOW!! It has been busy around here.

WE ARE NOW CARRYING AMMUNITION! And, we’ve nailed the price. You’ll find us to be priced at some of the lowest in the industry.

Full lines of all the good stuff from the best-known makers. This is a major jump into the market for us, and we’re determined to make Brownells a great place for you to shop for ammo. You asked and we listened. See it all at

Service, Selection and Satisfaction, is what you can always expect from Brownells at all times. For ammo, we have Winchester, Hornady, Remington, Federal, CCI and a whole lot more brands in all kinds of calibers – 2,200 different items to be exact at this writing – and that offering is growing daily. You can expect the same down-home help you have always received from Brownells with a human being you can trust at the other end of the phone. And, ordering on the web is amazingly easy.

Plus, we offer you something no other supplier in the industry offers. With us, our no hassle, 100% satisfaction – forever guarantee applies to ammo, too – you can return it and get a refund or credit toward another purchase. This is totally unique to Brownells – and is a genuine service to you, our customer. You cannot do this with any other supplier in the marketplace. With everybody else, once you’ve bought it, baby, you cannot return it – even if you’ve ordered the wrong one. With Brownells, you can just return it!!

In addition, we will be charging you “flat rate” shipping. This means your ammo purchases from us will cost you cheaper shipping than from the other guys, and you can mix ammo with all kinds of other products from all three of our companies without getting billed a separate price for shipping the ammo.

Next, we have a really unique and mighty useful “Ammo Advisor“. Just click on the Ammunition bar on the top of the home page, and the “Advisor” comes up. Start by identifying gun choice, then cartridge, application and brand, and you will get the family group which includes the ammo you want. Locate the specific one you need within the group and place your order. If you want faster searching – or narrower filtering, click on the “more filter options” and you’ll have 9 more criteria you can select from pull down menus. Makes getting to the very specific ammo you want extremely fast.

In stock, great pricing, great selection, GREAT service. Give us a shout or a look us up on when you need ammo.

Last month I included a couple of articles on preparing a grab-it bag – or a “Bug-Out-Bag”. I got some really useful additions to the list from some of our readers, and I wanted you to know about them, too.

From Benn Scherzer: Comments from the Hurricane Zone in Eastern FL

“A chest freezer holds cold better than an upright. An upright will lose its cold air (which is replaced with ambient, hot and muggy air) when you open the door to chuck in some dry ice – you will feel it cascade out the bottom on your feet. Watch for sales on the larger ‘group’ size picnic/camping coolers on sale. Fill with ice if time allows and transfer 1 to 1.5 days cooling-required food to it so you can leave the fridge & freezer door closed. If you have time, set up a second cooler for day 1.5 to 3. Add dry ice (wrapped in paper or on a piece of Styrofoam to avoid freezer burn) if possible to the freezer and ice chests.

“The main power disconnect is necessary to prevent Flicker & Flash from applying power to your area and destroying your generator and house electronics. It also prevents your generator from electrocuting the Flicker and Flash repair party (possibly from out of state) trying to get you back on line.

“You bought boots for yourself to try to keep the nails from your feet; doesn’t your dog deserve the same?

“Light sticks, white, many each. With the white ones you can see what you’re looking at. The green ones don’t show up the leaking water from the ridge vent until your foot goes squish. Red light sticks can mark danger areas.

“If you have maintenance meds and get 3 months supply at one time, move a couple of week’s worth to other PROPERLY LABELED containers and keep the rest in the original containers in a Ziploc Freezer Bag so you only have one thing to grab.

“There are good monoculars out there for a smaller footprint than a set of binox.”

From Dan Coloccia

“Two things you might add to Roy’s list is an extra flashlight BULB and a few ‘Space Blankets’.
(My Response…)

From: Robert Guzauskas

“My first thought upon seeing this article was that they would tell people about how to store your guns in case of a storm. But there is not one word about that. That really surprised me. How many weapons are lying around on the ground? Hundreds? It does supply good information but misses that particular bit that its readers could certainly use.”
(My Response…)

I’d like to hear from those of you with other things for the Bug-Out Bag list. We had a small tornado go through our next neighboring town just last week, and huge lightening and hail storm with several inches of rain this week. Looks like the need for the bag still exists out here in the heart-land!

As you go forward this summer, we’d really appreciate you checking out our ammo offerings – and tell us what we’re doing wrong and what you’d like to see and – if you’re of a mind to – what we’re doing right, too.

At Brownells Everything is Guaranteed period! Forever, 100%, with no restocking fees. Brownells is the world’s largest supplier of firearm parts, gunsmithing tools, reloading equipment and accessories. Stocking more than 30,000 items, the company supplies armorers, gunsmiths, and shooters worldwide. All of their products are backed by a 100% satisfaction, unconditional, lifetime guarantee. For more information, or to place an order, call 800-741-0015 or visit

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