e4473 Mobile Firearms Buyers Apps for iPad & iPhone

e4473 Mobile Firearms Buyers Apps for iPad & iPhone by Coloseum Software Corp

Coloseum Software e4473 Mobile App
Coloseum Software e4473 Mobile App
Coloseum Software
Coloseum Software

Mansfield MA –-(Ammoland.com)- Coloseum Software has released to the Apple App store two innovative mobile e4473 products, one for FFL dealers and the other for their customers.

The free e4473 app enables customers of FFL dealers to purchase firearms with unprecedented speed and convenience. In less than three minutes, iPad and iPhone firearms customers can scan a simple bar code displayed at any FFL dealer using AIMI and complete their e4473 application.

The intuitive software prompts users for the required information and alerts them to any problems with their “paperwork” to ensure the greatest accuracy. After filling out the form, the customer simply submits the e4473 application to the FFL dealer for processing. Dealers also can download the e4473 App and use an iPad as a mobile eKiosk or to print reports from AIMI and use the PDF as a mobile Boundbook.

These new apps provide the quickest-possible legal firearms purchase, from start to finish with 99.99% compliancy. The mobility of these products offers an even more convenient alternative to filling out the long, complicated paper applications that Coloseum has already made available with its in-store ekiosks. The groundbreaking technology is a first for the sporting goods industry, and Coloseum is proud to present yet another way to improve the way FFL dealers do business. Android and Blackberry apps will be released this summer.

In addition to these exciting new applications, Coloseum Software has released AIMI eBook II. It offers more than 100 features not previously available with the AIMI system, including the foundation to connect to RMS Point of Sale and QuickBooks Point of Sale. Please visit www.coloseumsoftware.com for more information and to watch the demo of the new version.

AIMI eBook II Free: In an effort to provide advanced technology to all FFL dealers, Coloseum Software is offering a free version of AIMI eBook II Lite. Any FFL dealer looking to utilize the latest industry technology can now download and run the AIMI eBook II free version from www.coloseumsoftware.com.

Aimiebook.net: This mobile eKiosk and social site is for FFL dealers, importers and manufacturers. In less than one year, it has garnered 10,000 members. Join for free at www.aimiebook.net.

About Coloseum Software Corp:
Located in Mansfield, Mass., Coloseum has been developing firearms inventory and compliancy software for more than a decade. The company developed the first e4473, the first automatic FBI background check, the first electronic dealer-to-dealer network, the first in-store eKiosks, the first mobile apps for smartphones and the first eSign for the e4473. Coloseum was founded on a simple principle: Build the best solution for FFL dealers and their customers. AIMI works both sides of the counter because we know that compliancy requires not only advanced technology for the FFL dealer, but also simplicity for the customer.