Who Is The Fanatic When It Comes to Gun Control?

Who Is The Fanatic When It Comes to Gun Control?
By Charles Heller
Executive Director, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership
Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Colin Goddard, the misguided Virginia Tech shooting victim who has turned to the Brady Center to Promote Gun Violence for solace, said in a recent post about the Oslo Shooting: “Unfortunately, I was soon infuriated by the gun fanatics in America who immediately used this massacre to assert that strong gun laws, like Norway’s, don’t work.”

Well, if you look at the case of Anders Behring Breivik, Norway’s ludicrous “gun control” laws don’t and didn’t work.

So, the first question is: Who, Mr. Goddard, is actually the fanatic in this case? Is it common sense self defense advocates, or emotionally convoluted knee-jerk hysterics?

It is a statistical fact that mass shooters nearly always capitulate to armed resistance.

  • It happened in 2007 with the Arvada Colorado Shooting, when Jeanne Assam confronted and shot a heavily armed attacker. The attacker then shot and killed himself. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeanne_Assam
  • It happened in 2002 at the Appalachian Law School Shooting, when two armed civilians stopped a killer on campus. www.thepriceofliberty.org/04/01/13/lang.htm

Further, when Norwegian Anders Breivik was eventually confronted with deadly force by a SWAT team, he immediately surrendered. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that he would have done any less for a determined armed civilian.

Let me explain why the Brady Center’s poster boy, Mr. Goddard, embraces methods that are fanatical: He advocates for victim disarmament, in the face of irrefutable evidence that said disarmament actually allows for greater harm to innocent people. www.freestudents.blogspot.com/2007/04/when-mass-killers-meet-armed-resistance.html

What he advocates is a decreasing of arms in the civilian population. That’s exactly what gives free reign to evil doers who use guns unlawfully. Is that not the advocacy of a fanatic?

I have met Mr. Goddard at a screening of his “Living For 32” movie at the University of Arizona in Tucson. A number of us from The Arizona Citizens Defense League attended his event.

Mr. Goddard was in the final room that The Virginia Tech Shooter attacked, and was present when Seung-Hui Cho ended the shooting spree by suicide.

Mr. Goddard described to us all in Tucson how his classmates at Virginia Tech heard the noise of the gun shots, and at first thought it was construction noise. They then heard the noise getting louder, and the teacher opened the door to look, suddenly slamming it shut and telling everyone to get on the floor and dial 911, that there was a man with a gun approaching. Mr. Goddard did so, opened his back pack, retrieved his cell phone, and got through to 911 before he was shot four times by Cho.

Just before the screening of his movie in Tucson, I asked Mr. Goddard: “If there had been a police officer, off duty with his gun sitting next to you, do you think he could have drawn and engaged the shooter with that amount of warning?” (Understand also that Mr. Goddard was an ROTC Cadet, familiar with arms and tactics, and experienced on the M-16 rifle.)

Mr. Goddard’s response to me was, “I have war gamed that over and over in my mind, and I just don’t know.”

It simply has to be said: Mr. Goddard, this is a truly pitiful response.

You seem to be under a hypnotic trance. Do you now actually embrace the lie that holds you hostage?

Think about Mr. Goddard’s reply. He does not know if a police officer could neutralize a deadly threat with about 50 seconds of warning? This from cover, with the assailant coming through a known and restricted entry point?

Or does Mr. Goddard KNOW, deep in his heart, that something actually might have been done to stop Cho? Instead of facing this harsh truth, has he slipped into delusional fanaticism? Is he now so hysterically committed to victim disarmament that he cannot admit that a gun in the hand of a righteous man or woman could have saved innocent lives?

Goddard asserts that the “gun lobby” says that the gun laws in Norway “did not work”?

Well, we at JPFO, a twenty-one-year-old civil rights advocate, and proud of it, point out that the gun laws in Norway worked all too well … in lunatic Anders Breivik’s favor. These deluded laws disarmed the victims, and completely enabled the perpetrator. That is what ALL “gun control” laws do.

Mr. Goddard asserts that the “gun lobby” is, in essence, dancing in the blood of the victims. The truth is that’s exactly what he, and his cohorts and handlers at the Brady Center To Promote Gun Violence, are doing. Just like their victim vulture response to the Giffords shooting in Arizona, it’s to their advantage to do so.

The strategy is called “transference,” a defense mechanism in which the user ascribes to his opponent the exact strategy which he, himself, is using.

Unknowing or unthinking readers, taking those statements — blatant lies –– at face value, will believe them, without questioning the framing bias of the person making the statement.

Anders Behring Breivik
Crazy is as crazy does: Breivik posing in a compression garment in a photo released six hours before the attacks. The insignia on his left shoulder reads: "Marxist Hunter - Norway - Multiculti traitor hunting permit".

The fact is that Norwegian gun laws completely enabled Breivik’s agenda. Not one armed adult, moderator, or chaperone, was present with a gun to stop the unlawful violence with deadly force. Had the Norwegian socialist utopians not had their way, and there had been just a single armed protector on that island, that murdering monster might have been dead after getting off only one shot.

As it was, Breivik had NINETY MINUTES to work his blood lust. Now the Norwegian authorities have the gall to actually praise the bumbling efforts of the police? This is utterly upside-down thinking that verges on insanity!

Armed self defense works.

  • It worked in 2008 at Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva, where a part time student and off duty soldier stopped a mass killing with a handgun. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercaz_HaRav_massacre.
  • It worked in 1997 in Pearl, Mississippi when Assistant Principal Joel Myrick used a gun at a school to stop a killer. www.davekopel.com/2a/othwr/principal&gun.htm

We would also like to point out that the clamor for background checks has been heard far and wide. Well, Norway’s Anders Breivik had a very thorough one.

  • So did Jared Loughner, the Tucson madman who shot Congresswoman Giffords and seventeen other people January 8th of this year.
  • So did Seung-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech attacker who put four bullets in Mr. Goddard.

Do we see a pattern here? Background checks don’t work. Madmen and criminals, no matter what gun laws exist, will ALWAYS be able to arm themselves.

We don’t think that Mr. Goddard of Virginia Tech has evil intentions, just wrongful methods. It is perhaps right to remind ourselves of the terrific trauma he suffered from both his wounds and the event itself. It would be absolutely normal for a thinking person to feel misplaced guilt at the horrific impotence of not being able to do anything in such a ghastly situation.

But how he was “turned” by the Brady Bunch, and made their poster boy, befuddles me. One would think that a man contemplating a military career (ROTC), and familiar with firearms, would have come out of that horror completely enraged at the impotence inflicted upon him by idiotic and dangerous “gun control” laws. As he was taken to the hospital, he must have been screaming to himself: “If I’d only had a gun!”

So there remains but one question, Mr. Goddard: Are you going to allow lawful citizens to shoot violent criminal actors, or are you going to continue to bury dead children, gunned down unchallenged because of “gun control”?

A curious world awaits your answer.


Charles Heller
Executive Director, JPFO.

Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership Mission is to destroy “gun control” and to encourage Americans to understand and defend all of the Bill of Rights for everyone. Those are the twin goals of Wisconsin-based Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO). Founded by Jews and initially aimed at educating the Jewish community about the historical evils that Jews have suffered when they have been disarmed, JPFO has always welcomed persons of all religious beliefs who share a common goal of opposing and reversing victim disarmament policies while advancing liberty for all.

JPFO is a non-profit tax-exempt educational civil rights organization, not a lobby. JPFO’s products and programs reach out to as many segments of the American people as possible, using bold tactics without compromise on fundamental principles. Visit www.JPFO.org – Copyright JPFO 2011

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"There is no reason to believe that Breivik would not have surendered to a determined armed civilian." That is just naive. Beivik did not surrender because the police had guns; he surrendered because he had finished what he came for. ha is a sociopath, and would gladly have died for his cause. Aside from that, he had an autimatic rifle, uzi and a hangun, and he also had military training, and had taken severel training couses in Holland. his opponents were kids on a camp for 15-19 year olds. He would be more than qualified to take on some random… Read more »

James R. Floyd

My fellow Hokie, Mr Goddard, is a disappointment. Some folks never learn. I like to think that when I was at VA Tech, 1960-64, we students would have preferred to die on our feet than to die on our knees, or curled up on the floor. Some of us would have died but the shooter would have been torn limb from limb and the body count would have been much lower. Mr Goddard needs to man up. The best story I know of a defensive use of a handgun is told in the book and DVD "Shooting Back" by Charl… Read more »

Charles Heller

No, it was not sent to Mr. Goddard, but it will be, now that you have mentioned it! Thanks for the great idea. I doubt he will respond, but it will be an interesting excercise anyhow.


Mr Heller, great article and response, but I need a clarification. Was this response/rebuttal just listed here by Ammoland, and in the JPFO website, or in fact was this sent to Mr Goddard or to any newspaper or magazine for publication? Because, if this was just posted here to make a point, and a very good point I might add, it does no good, you're talking to the choir. This needs to be read by the many, not the few.

Skip Jack

The gun grabbers eventually want background checks on every gun transaction.

They also to stop “The wrong people” on watchlists from buying guns.

The Left has begun hurling the ‘terrorist’ epithet at the right.

Can anyone tell me where this little ‘Progression’ is headed?


Ditto #1, an excellent response and explanation.


Maybe Mr. Goddard is concerned that the hypothetical officer in the classroom with him would have been a poor marksman, or that he would have purchased ammunition that wasn't deadly. Maybe he was concerned that the officer would flinch at killing someone because he worried about a lawsuit or charges of racism. Maybe he was concerned that the gunman would somehow wrest the hypothetical officer's weapon from him and then turn it on the innocents in the classroom. While these are all variables, I would also guess they are unlikely probable outcomes. I don't know is a truthful answer only… Read more »

Robert Fowler

With almost a minutes warning he "doesn't know" if a trained pro could stop a nutcase? I think being shot cause some severe mental trauma. If I had been in that room I would have been praying for someone to have a gun.


Fantastic article, and an appropriate response to Mr. Goddard's campaign. Keep up the great work.