Competitive Shooting Season is in Full Swing

Competitive Shooting Season is in Full Swing

Team Sig’s Max Michel
Team Sig’s Max Michel

Des Moines, Iowa – -( Just in case you’ve not moved your rock lately and peaked out to take a look at our favorite industry, we’re right in the real heat of COMPETITION SEASON!!

So, if you are of a competitive nature – or just love to shoot – or just want to watch and hang out with a gang of like-minded folks, check out what is going on in your favorite shooting sport.

As I’ve said several times before in these opening comments, I’m a faithful reader of Jim Shepards’s daily emails, The Shooting Wire and The Outdoor Wire  in which he lists a whole lot of places you can go shoot and compete. This is always the first place I go to check out what is coming up around the country. Frankly, I’m always amazed at the sheer number of competitive events that are listed in the two newsletters.

There are also lots of other places to look. Many of the major shooting sports have a magazine written specifically for that venue, or you’ll find that one of the major “gun” magazines may have large sections devoted to a specific shooting venue. I frequently go on Google when I’m looking for info, and find just about anything. So when in doubt you can always search Google for shooting competitions to attend. For instance, I put in 3-gun matches” (be sure to put in quotes or you’ll get everything from nail guns to kitchen matches) and got about 295,000 results (in 0.25 seconds). WOW – that’s lots of results – and lots of events to check out. Try it on your favorite shooting sport – I know you’ll be as amazed as was I.

Then, there are all the popular TV channels and programs that you can take a look at to see how your particular favorite competition is going. The Sportsman Channel” is a major carrier of all kinds of competition coverage . Others include “Versus“, the “Outdoor Channel” – the chocked-full Wednesday night block plus 3-Gun Nation and various hunting shows; the “Discovery Channel− Sons of Guns − about a gun shop that builds weird stuff; the “History Channel− Top Shot – reality/competition w/guns; plus all the hunting shows that pop up on “ESPN”. There are also many regional cable systems that feature local hunting and gun shows, plus the local news shows, and even some “PBS” stations run hunting shows. Keep your eye out for your favorite venue. There will be something about it out there somewhere.

Whatever competition you are shooting, besides the gear specific to that type of shooting, we recommend some core tools/gear for your range bag.

  • Brownells Micro Magna Tip Screwdriver, plus the extra bits you need for the sights or other gun-specific repairs/adjustments.
  • • Hearing Protection Pad Cover to absorb sweat, and keep your ears more comfortable.
  • • Small leather or synthetic mat so you can lay your gun down on a safe, clean surface.
  • Brownells Friction Defense Xtreme Gun Oil to keep your gun running in the heat in which you’ll be shooting.
  • • Brownells Q-tips and Mops for clean up/out plus handy for oil application.
  • • Brownells chamber & bore brushes for cleaning out gunk from hard-to-reach places.

In preparing for your matches, of course, we have all the ammo you may need, all the reloading components. If you need eyes and ears protection, we’re carrying the best the market has available. And once you’re doing your final gear check and you find you’ve got questions on what equipment to buy or how to use it successfully, please give our tech line a call.

We’re here to serve you.

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