Cops Need To Back Up Military Base..?

Cops Need To Back Up Military Base..?

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

9/17/11, Airbase is put on lock down in scare TUCSON – For six hours on Friday, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base was locked down while authorities from multiple agencies scoured the sprawling base for a gunman.

After conducting a search “floor by floor, room by room,” said Col. John Cherrey, commander of the base, “no gunman or weapon was found,” and said the base was locked down following an unconfirmed report of a gunman who had entered a building. Authorities from the FBI, the Tucson Police Department and the Tucson Fire Department joined base officials in the search, which also involved multiple SWAT teams. A military official told the Associated Press and NBC News that a man was holed up in a building on the base. The discrepancy was not explained.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Of all the unmitigated outrageous insults that have been forced upon this nation, requiring the police to protect the military may be the absolute worst. The idea that a lone maniac (“gunman” cited three times in just two sentences), is grounds for incapacitating an entire U.S. military base is preposterous. Requiring police to search an Air Force base for a (non-existent in this case) villain is the height of emasculation. The reporter failed to note that the military is a heavily armed force capable of toppling nations.

You’re Americans, you should remember this: If anyone attacks our military, the attackers have signed their death warrants, and the military is always unconditionally authorized to respond and execute the warrant. Why police and SWAT teams and the FBI and the fire department (the fire department?) were called in was unclear at press time.

In America, we don’t send in police to do the military’s job. C’mon fellas, get real. Someone in the chain of command (the military and the media) should have questioned this bizarre travesty, put a stop to it. Reams of expensive reports are likely to come out of the event.

Miltary leaders: Stand up to this abuse, never let mere police be responsible for your protection, keep them off base and mobilize your troops. Call in cops only when it’s time to remove the trash (dead or alive), and help reverse this insidious attack on America from her domestic enemies.

Cops are good, serve important purposes. This ain’t one of them.

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