Senator Lautenberg’s Facebook Page Overrun By Second Amendment Supporters

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg's Facebook Page Overrun By Second Amendment Supporters

Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D) NJ facebook page
Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D) NJ facebook page the target of frustrated constituents.
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Manasquan, NJ –-( It seems that the speed and reach of social media is biting the 87 year old anti gun Senator on, shall we say .. the rear.

Lautenberg's Facebook page is filled with 100's of Wall post from Facebook members complaining about everything from the Senators lack of reply to constituents request for meetings and information, to his support for New York chronie Mayor Bloomberg and his gunban front group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, to folks questioning how he stays true to his Oath of Office and the Constitution in the face of his repeated attacks on the Second Amendment.

Lautenberg, an unabashed supporter of more gun control, seems to have sprung a leak on his stodgy image as a man of the people and we would venture to guess that the intern that is assigned to edit the Senator's Facebook Wall is likely to get a tongue lashing from the Aging Senator's staff as they go back and delete the many frank posts calling the Senator to the carpet.

Lautenberg's home state of New Jersey is behind the front lines of the battle against State Sponsored attacks on Gun Rights and NJ is about to face many challenges as it tries to wriggle its way through multiple Lawsuits over Gun Owner Rights and Concealed Carry.

Other headaches on the horizon for NJ could include the HR822 – National CHL Reciprocity, a bill that would end up allowing out of state concealed carry license holders to roam the streets of NJ while state residents are denied any form of Concealed Carry Permits.

Maybe you agree or disagree with the Senator, if so why not join in and speak your mind before the PC police show up and clean house.  Visit: Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Facebook Page

  • 13 thoughts on “Senator Lautenberg’s Facebook Page Overrun By Second Amendment Supporters

    1. First I would like to commend all the 2A supporters and their post here! This is a totally ridiculous “law”! Lose your rights for spitting at a cheating girlfriend – Come on!!! I guess his Shetytl jewish mentality appeals to all the refugees he’s welcoming into this country with foodstamps tax free $ and BMW’s (etc.)! take a wild guess who these people will support/vote for..Thats right Frankie and his (D) cronies! What is 88 years old now and still isn’t satified with his 88million$$$!? Must have something to do with his “religion”. This will be repealed once we get a (R) in the presidency and this KOOK’s days are numbered!

    2. I was also caught up in the Frank Lautenberg “do good” amendment. Even after 11 years as a peace officer and 14 years in the military. All gone in vain. What was my crime? Handcuffing my ex-wife to a fence post because she attacked me. Frankie knew he didn’t have the merit to pass the law in congress, so like many corrupted politicians, he slipped the bill in as a rider to another bill he knew would pass. Lautenberg is the criminal here, for what he has unjustly done to so many across this nation.

    3. wow! Lautenberg sure does look like “The Crypt Keeper” from the series Tales From the Crypt!!! And you are correct: retirement was the best idea he ever had.

    4. I sure hope that old bastard lautenberg dies soon. Of natural causes of course-would’nt want to give the anti gunners any more ammo!

    5. The right to bear arms and protect ourselves from lawlessness and government tyranny was given to us in the constitution. It is as fundamentally important as the right to free speech.The only government that does not want you armed is one that wishes to control you.Get involved and stand up for your rights. This is not a party affiliated issue it is a freedom issue.

    6. So Frank Lautenberg, the gun-hating “senator” from New Jersey who was brought back from retirement and illegally installed in office by his liberal anti-gun Democrat cronies without a public vote; the Frank Lautenberg who replaced that other liberal Democrat gun-hating luminary, Robert “The Torch” Torricelli, who was recalled and thrown out of office for official misconduct and corruption; the same Frank Lautenberg who forced on peaceable New Jersey citizens the illegal One Gun A Month rationing scheme that punishes only the law abiding. This Frank Lautenberg now wants to dictate even more to We The People what Constitutional Rights that We may exercise and in particular, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? Just like all the rest of Lautenberg’s criminal Democrat colleagues from New Jersey who routinely violate their solemn Oath of Office, disregard the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights with impunity, and suppress people’s rights without so much as batting an eyelash? I don’t think so! We The People, including this U. S. Navy veteran, will clear out the phony in the White House in November of next year. And shortly thereafter, it’ll be Frank’s turn.

    7. It’s about time people start getting their dander up!!!

      People like Lautenberg don’t care about this country their only concerned about themselves.

      We need to stop playing this game of appearing to be reasonable and start demanding our rights be fully restored and recognized by the Government that serves we the people!

      “Shall Not Be Infringed” MEANS “Shall Not Be Infringed” Lautenberg and traitors like him have attempted to undermine our God given Rights as Sovereigns and it’s got to stop.

      Demand the NRA and ALL gun groups work for the repeal of the 1968 GCA and state laws like the Illinois FOID card, or tell them NO more money.

      The only people that shouldn’t have guns are those in prison, in a mental hospital or immigrants. Citizenship has its privileges and its responsibilities

    8. I am a retired LEO,with all the layoffs and crime on the rise WHY cant a Licenced person carry a firearm even if they are from a different state? Does New Jersey have the ONLY HONEST INTELENGENT Politicans in the U.S. that haven’t been inditited YET

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