My Pistol Is Off

By Dylan Kenneson, Instructor, SIG SAUER Academy


EXETER, NH –-( How many of us have ever experienced a range session were no matter how hard we try it seems the target moves out of the way of the bullet a millisecond before the shot impacts?

We spend a lot of our hard earned money on expensive pistols that never seem to hold up to their end of the deal and do their job, which is hit the target they are aimed at!

Dylan Kenneson - Instructor - Sig Sauer Academy
Dylan Kenneson - Instructor - Sig Sauer Academy

Unfortunately for a shooter nowadays the excuse that a modern manufactured, out of the box handgun is “off” is generally not the case.

Subjects that are often overlooked or misinterpreted when dealing with handguns and precision should be looked at before the equipment is blamed.

There are only two things needed to make a successful shot, Stabilizing the Muzzle on the target (referenced by the sights) and Pressing the Trigger to the rear without adding extra movement to the muzzle. Directly related to the fit of the pistol to the shooters hand it is often neglected when a handgun purchase is made.

Would you by a pair of shoes that aren’t comfortable? Trigger Finger Placement on the trigger is important. If the index finger lands on the side of the trigger because of improper fit the possibility for unwanted movement taking place as the trigger is pressed can cause a miss down range.

With this statement being made the other subject is sights. Sight Picture, or how the sights are viewed on the target when the front and rear sights are aligned is a topic sometimes misunderstood by the shooter.

It is important to know where the bullet will impact in relation to your sights. Sights are often broken down into two types, point of aim/point of impact (commonly called “combat” sights) and traditional target sights (or six o’clock hold). Mixing a target hold with combat style sights will generally result in shots impacting low, and vice versa.

Keep these subjects in mind next time you find yourself cursing at your gun for not hitting the target!

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