RAP4 Israel Training Facility For Israel SWAT

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San Jose, CA –-(Ammoland.com)- RAP4 Israel is proud to be the official training facility for force-on-force drills for Yamam – the Israel SWAT team!

With our extraordinary indoor facility, glassed-in viewing area, assortment of props, and strong ties with training officers in the Israel Defense Forces, RAP4 has created the perfect training environment for this frontline hostage rescue and law enforcement team.

RAP4 provides support in the form of a leading-edge, multi-story training facility, and the gear that reproduces the M4 carbines and sidearms the Yamam carry on duty. Our RAP4 Israel facility boasts multiple rooms, some accessible through theatrically destroyed walls that mimic the damage found after bombings, including a large central hall where bunkers and props can be moved freely! Vehicles are used to simulate traffic stops and searches, actors are moved in with crates and produce to create realistic market scenes, and the room plays host to other custom-created scenes that reproduce authentic environments…right down to live actors!

Members of the Israel Defense Forces are often tapped to play the opposing forces for Yamam drills, where their training puts the SWAT officers to the test! From hostage negotiation, to laying siege to occupied rooms and vehicles, RAP4 Israel is able to create realistic force-on-force training.

Much of that involves the use of RAP4 T68 paintball markers, RAP4 Pistols and Tactical Gear. With RAP4’s impressive attention to detail, these markers point, handle, and even operate identically to the gear the Yamam officers carry on real missions…

…and the array of RIS rails, including RIS handguards and flat top receivers, allows personnel to customize their T68 markers with the exact same optics and accessories they have on their duty arms. That means that their training is as real as it gets!

The opposing forces can also be armed with RAP4 AK and Tacamo AK – pattern markers, which outwardly replicate the AK family of arms. With the same look and feel, profile and aesthetics as the real deal, the Yamam officers must face down identical reproductions of the arms they often face on the job – a level of authenticity that takes training to a whole new level.

To check out an exciting video showing some real training at the RAP4 Israel facility, check out the video on the RAP4 Israel homepage here: www.rap4israel.com

Real Action Paintball – As Real as it Gets!

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